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  1. wyatt

    Merren JMP 50 PT wiring

    It is just one continuous coil of wire, since we connect the sleeve to ground well, the entire secondary is connected to ground.
  2. wyatt

    Merren JMP 50 PT wiring

    As I guess you should. I assume there is a center tap and it is connected the ground? That should show continuity to ground for anything connected to the high tension secondary. Each secondary is just one continuous wind of wire.
  3. wyatt

    Convert 16 Ohm cab to 8 Ohm's

    The resistors will attenuate half your amps output power. The Z-matcher uses a transformer to change the load without significant signal lose.
  4. wyatt

    1X12 combo has two outs, 4 and 8 ohms: pros & cons to installing a 4 v. 8 ohm speaker

    No. Not for tube amps. Tube amps do not act directly inverse to speaker load like solid-state amps do. The OT uses the speaker load to create the plate load. If you mismatch the speaker load, then you mismatch the plate impedance and the tubes efficiency ...and output... goes down. That's why...
  5. wyatt

    Are these Evm12L ?

    I agree with this. The EVM12L and 12S have a 7.5 diameter magnet. This magnet appears to be ~1" smaller in diameter. Just look at the profile from the OP...
  6. wyatt

    Where can I find a Gibson Tweed Vintage Amp Back Panel

    You'll have to have it made custom, there isn't any off-the-shelf replacement like you can get for Fender. But you'll never find a match for the covering.
  7. wyatt

    79 Deluxe Reverb bias pot?

    Lots of the molded caps (coupling caps and tone stack) and many of the resistors are replaced, as well as all the electrolytic caps. On my work computer I can only few the thumbnail pics or the massive full-size one, someone here may have better opportunity to scale and compare.
  8. wyatt

    Alternative to .02 yellow Jupiter Caps

    Go with the Sozo Blue or Synergy Royal Blue. Personally, I'm a Mallory M150 fan, because they are polyester, axial, affordable, and easy to source. Anything else falls somewhere between diminished returns and snake oil for me. But when we are only talking two caps, buy whatever you like.
  9. wyatt

    Fender twin into 8 ohms?

    100-watt RMS Twin into a 65-watt speaker? The mismatch is the least of your worries.
  10. wyatt

    Brownface style customized Amp advice (vibrolux vs super vs vibroverb...)

    Once you eliminate the very different tremolo, the Brown amps and the Blackface amps are far more similar then people think. It all comes down to the tapped Treble pot...the difference in the preamp between a Brown Super/Concert/Pro and a BF Super Reverb's Normal channel are two parts (the...
  11. wyatt

    5e3 volume pot question....

    Vintage '50s and '60s Fenders used a 30/70 CTS pot. Fender still uses 30/70 pots for Volume on some reissues, it's what they used in the original '57 RI. My guess is they switched to the 10% audio taper for the Edge model. The 5E3 big jump is partly related to their linked, interactive channel...
  12. wyatt

    ‘78 Superlead faceplate?

    No guarantee it does or that it will even fit a real, vitange chassis. Chassis and faceplates vary to a degree and even the pot holes may not line up, that's why many suppliers only guarantee their facepaltes to fit their chassis. Even a real vintage Marshall faceplate from a different run may...
  13. wyatt

    Question about Ohm and speaker cabs.

    No. It doesn't work that way, you can't put a "single" load parallel to itself.
  14. wyatt

    ‘78 Superlead faceplate?

    The Mojotone (and all the others I have seen) are plexi, you need a brushed metal faceplate for '70s restoration. Honestly, if you think $50 for two plates is expensive, you may be in for some sticker shock; you're probably looking at an artwork fee and setup fee before the actual production...
  15. wyatt

    Gibson/Mark: “Come at me, Bro!”

    Yes. Louis Vuitton and others have sued over the products being used unless they are compensated. "All Rights Reserved" is a powerful phrase, private sales does not include the rights to use the trademarks for commercial use. Other issues? Companies can and will sue if they don't like the way...
  16. wyatt

    Round AC Convenience Outlet for amp back panel

    The grounded ones are actually rarer now, but Surplus Sales has them for $30 as well. I stocked up on the grounded ones a while back when ebay had them for $15 each, I use them when converting vintage Fenders amps to 3-prong.
  17. wyatt

    So who's the go to for turretboards now?

    Hoffman offers his own layouts plus all the conventional ones in either eyelet or turret, on G10 (no fiberboard). He doesn't have a 5F4 listed on the turret page — it is offered as #101 and #102 on the eyelet page ($22) — but I'm pretty sure he makes them to order anyway.
  18. wyatt

    Is a Speaker with Higher DB Sensitivity Always Louder?

    Yes. It's louder all the time. That's why we recommend a more efficient speaker to people who are looking for get more headroom out of their amp...because it makes everything louder at every Volume setting. Sensitivity: XX decibels @ 1 meter @ 1 watt
  19. wyatt

    Custom steel cage and chassis for lunchbox amp?

    Hammond 1441 series chassis and 1451 series cover. Built similar to what Dynaco and others used in the '60s. Come in a variety of sizes (all cages are 5.2 inches tall) and are sold by Mouser, Antique Elec Supply, Angela and plenty of others.Only in grey or black, but you could probably have it...
  20. wyatt

    Help me identify this speaker.

    Your EIA number is 2858622 285 = Rola 86 = 1986 22 = 22nd week of the year That's about as much as I can deduce.
  21. wyatt

    Allen Accomplice Jr, purchased used, is this normal?

    Master Volumes are subtractive. You always have to dime MVs for maximum headroom; their sole purpose is to reduce clean headroom. Real Fenders don't have a MV, which is the same as having one dimed. But I think you may have bought too small an amp, the Accomplice Jr is closest to a Deluxe...
  22. wyatt

    Allen Accomplice Jr, purchased used, is this normal?

    Allens are sort of a "Neo Blackface". Everything that makes BF Fenders more desirable (than SF) for blues and rock overdrive was emphasized. Some differences between the Allen and AB763 Allen doesn't have the optical trem that loads the circuit, this means a hotter signal driving the PI Allen...
  23. wyatt

    Switching amp outs

    Ah, I assumed the Laney Studio was a preamp only. Same basic idea just swap the amps in my example. Since the micro dark is SS power amp, it doesn't need a speaker load.
  24. wyatt

    Switching amp outs

    A-B looper. You can buy one for $60-70 on Reverb/eBay. Plug the guitar into IN A SND to Micro Dark Input Micro Dark FX Send to A RTN B SND to Laney Input Laney Output to B RTN Run OUT to Micro Dark FX Return A is Micro Dark preamp...B is Laney preamp, both go to the Micro Dark power amp
  25. wyatt

    Deluxe Reverb... is it possible to add an effects loop or at least a return input?

    A simple interrupt loop might work for "Poweramp In", but it won't for a full FX loop. The Fender BF-style preamp output is too hot, and needs buffering to compensate. This is why the loops in Fender-derived circuits (Mesa Mark, the Dumbleator) usually have a cathode-follower to impedance match...