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  1. HipKitty

    Just realised I'm a mid-hump guy

    Nice! I too am a fan of the mids. I came to this many moons ago when teching for pros. One in particular schooled me on how the guitar is primarily a mid focused instrument and in live settings with a band it fits nicely in a mix when the mids are present.
  2. HipKitty

    Quiet p90s- Mojotone vs Seymour Duncan

    I am waiting to try the Dimarzio Fantom P90's as well...once the Covid19 restrictions are lifted.
  3. HipKitty

    What are your top three strat pickups? Go!

    1. Dimarzio HS-2's wired single coil 2. Planet Tone 56/57 Classics 3. Fender Fat 50's
  4. HipKitty

    Planet Tone pups

    I have had experience with two sets so far and a third set on order. The first set was a neck and middle 56-57 Classic pair for a shop Strat (humbucker bridge). What a great pair of pickups! I was so impressed with these that I recommended a set of 59 Overwounds for a client. We both loved...
  5. HipKitty

    Pickups that have surprised you

    Slick Brand pickups. On a whim, I ordered a Slick Rocker humbucker for the bridge slot for one of my Les Pauls. I was blown away along with many of my clients. Being that impressed, I ordered a set of Slick Bakersfield pickups for a Tele of mine and was equally blown away. They surpassed the...
  6. HipKitty

    Dimarzio 36th Anniversary Paf's......

    20190624_102419 by HipKitty posted Jan 28, 2020 at 2:35 PM I have a 36th Anniversary Bridge in the bridge slot of my SG and love it! I love mids and hate harsh highs. The 36th was a perfect fit. It matches well with the Duncan 59 Neck that has an A2 magnet.
  7. HipKitty

    Show us your Gibson SG !

    20190624_102419 by HipKitty posted Jan 28, 2020 at 2:35 PM My SG, modified to add the flowerpot inlay and changed out truss rod cover and plastics. A Duncan 59 Neck and Dimarzio 36th Anniversary Bridge with 50's wiring.
  8. 20190624_102419


    Gibson SG
  9. HipKitty

    which noisless single coils should i get for my strat?

    Coming in old school here, I have a set of Dimarzio HS2's wired as true single coils in my #1 Strat that have yet to beat by anything else. I bought and put them into this Strat back in '92. Wired this way, they aren't truly "noiseless", but it doesn't matter; they sound great.
  10. HipKitty

    Are Boutique Builders Going Out of bussiness alarmingly fast!

    Let me put this out from a "Boutique" company perspective as this is my story in a nutshell, sorta.... I started HipKitty back in late '87 on my kitchen table, which moved to a spare bedroom due to word of mouth and requests for my (one) pedal, amp repair and mod services. When I retired as a...
  11. HipKitty

    New 2020 Epiphone Casino made in USA!

    The market did agree during the era that Epi was considered better. Now, your question places it into current tense. Currently with new changes included, no, or so it appears. Why would they charge more for an Epi than it's comparable Gibson? Epi has put more guitars into hands in the last 20...
  12. HipKitty

    New 2020 Epiphone Casino made in USA!

    There was a time when Epiphone was considered the "better"instrument over Gibson. Then Gibson bought Epi. Maybe the new management cares to see the Epi brand rise above the 2nd class rep that Henry dictated it should be, including the clipped wing headstock design.
  13. HipKitty

    Seymour Duncan vs. Dimarzio (medium humbuckers for HSS)

    You could look into the Duncan Custom Custom. I picked one up for my SG, but I didn't like it as I thought I would. I put it into a Strat which is inherently bright to begin with. Sounded great, but it lacked the vocal mids that I love in my guitars. To make a long story short, I ended up...
  14. HipKitty

    In Praise of Dimarzio PAF & Super Distortion pups

    After years of shifting through PAF's in my primary Les Paul, I dropped a Super Distortion in the bridge. What a killer sound! Needless to say, it's staying there. I can say that it fits me. I was one of those guys that had one in my LP Custom back in the early days of Dimarzio. To me, it was...
  15. HipKitty

    Mick Jones' Rig (Foreigner)

    This is an old thread, however, the HeadKnocker is stock with EL34's. His touring rig Marshalls are JCM900's with EL34's. From my last interaction with Mick and his tech, Chris, the HeadKnocker gets used for different songs within the setlist, and the 900's do the rest.
  16. HipKitty

    Who knows about KittyHawk amps?

    Get in touch with Mercury Magnetics. I believe the M1 schematics are on the internet. They used to be.
  17. HipKitty

    newly assembled partscaster. floyd wont return to pitch when pulling up

    There is a balance point between spring tension (which includes number of springs, quality of the springs, and claw location) and the string tension.
  18. HipKitty

    Squier Guitars?

    Is it worth upgrading? IMHO, yes! Start with getting it set up properly, this includes fret leveling/polishing. The stock tuners may be able to stay if they are tightened at the button (screw) and no slippage occurs under proper string tension. Consider changing the trem block and springs out...
  19. HipKitty

    What's up with kramer?

    Mincer, the problem back in my day, at least, were the trem quality. We struggled getting good ones imported in. Then, Gibson cracked open a container box sitting behind the main plant (one of several containers) and manna from heaven was found... necks, bodies and trems from Jersey. Somewhere...
  20. HipKitty

    What's up with kramer?

    Hill and Guitar Mill (now Mario Martin). There was a third that I have forgotten, but they never passed quality. Gibson even took over a shop in Arkansas, but theirs were the worst and was sold for scrap. Hill struggled with finish flaws at the start but got it together pretty quick. Mario's...
  21. HipKitty

    What's up with kramer?

    For those that are curious, the original pickups in the '84, Jersey Star and the very few Nightswans we made here in the USA were actually Gibson,made copies of the Duncan JB, all coil tappable. The overseas units had quality South Korean pickups...from the same factory that Stew Mac and other...
  22. HipKitty

    What's up with kramer?

    Ok, I'm going to throw my two cents in.... Not all of the Gibson Kramers are crap. Nor are they Suhr quality. Some fit in one or the other quality types. I can say that with 100% confidence, I was one of three Gibson employees assigned to the Kramer and Steinberger lines when Gibson started the...
  23. HipKitty

    DiMarzio Super Distortion: what do you like in the neck?

    I have a Duncan 59 Neck that I changed out the magnet to an alnico II in the neck position of my Les Paul that has a Dimarzio SD in the bridge. To me, they are a perfect match.
  24. HipKitty

    All my strats have hummers in the bridge

    Have you tried balancing the pickup heighths starting with the bridge unit?
  25. HipKitty

    65 Bassman through 16 ohm cab

    In short, it's bad. BAD. It effects tube biasing, and depending how it's biased and the quality of life the output tubes have, it could cause blown tube(s) which then can take out other parts, including a transformer.