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  1. Guitar Dave T

    Looking for better modeling amp

    For all the "get a tube amp" recommendations, I say this with nothing but love in my heart for tube amps: If I were looking for a low-volume, home-only amp solution, short of a tweed Champ, I wouldn't hesitate to bypass the tubes and go straight to today's modelers. And I reiterate, I LOVE...
  2. Guitar Dave T

    Sound difference: '59 Bassman Reissue vs Bassman LTD?

    I've only played the LTD in music stores, but did not care for the Jensens vs the Emi blue frames in my 90's, which was almost as much fun to play as an original 1959 I should have never sold. I do appreciate the LTD's solid pine construction though, in both its lighter weight and livelier...
  3. Guitar Dave T

    Anyone try these spades for speakers?

    Add #2 1/2: Brush flux on lug.
  4. Guitar Dave T

    Anyone try these spades for speakers?

    Ever since having standard clips fall off at a gig years ago, I've always soldered speaker cables directly to the lugs,
  5. Guitar Dave T

    Does anyone actually like or at least not mind Master Volume distortion?

    You really need to qualify the whole "do you like master volume?" question. I love it for what I find it's best for. That is cranking the master on a 35 - 50 watt tube amp in a band situation about 3/4 of the way full open. This usually gets my volume to a won't-get-me-fired range without...
  6. Guitar Dave T

    WGS Veteran 30. You like it?

    So glad to hear you reference the Vet 30 that way - my same opinion on it. Will have to take a hard look at a Retro 30.
  7. Guitar Dave T

    I despise the Vintage 30

    I don't have the patience for their extended breakin period any more. Last cab I had that came with 'em, I couldn't get them out fast enough. And yet I still have a pair that I personally broke in over years of steady club abuse, and instead of that horribly nasal midrange they initialy came...
  8. Guitar Dave T

    Which has more clean headroom? Hot Rod (deluxe/deville) or Blues (deluxe/deville)?

    For gigging I prefer the Blues Deluxe over the Hot Rod Deluxe, at least in medium to small venues. Sure it doesn't have quite the headroom of the Hot Rod Deluxe, but it still has enough to take pedals well. Plus, just plugging into the clean channel of the Blues Deluxe allows you to crank it...
  9. Guitar Dave T

    Need a British Circuit Amp with Beautiful Overdrive

    If you're going to gig with it, here's what works for me: 50 watt plexi I put in a Mojo 1x12 combo cab originally designed for an 18 watt Marshall 1974. My chassis is an early 2000's Voodoo Amps V-Plex 50, so it came stock with a dual stack pot Rich Mod II PPIMV, original PPIMV design by Ken...
  10. Guitar Dave T

    Venue: "Please re-book... with a different drummer."

    There is another thread in the Lounge re: defining what it means to be a hack. I disagreed with the thread because it seems we were all hacks at one time or another. But your post reminds me there IS a difference between those who are professionals and those who are hacks, and sometimes...
  11. Guitar Dave T

    Discovered a Secret with Road Worn Fenders

    Could very well be they're less about keeping people from passing off the bodies as vintage, and more about something else. Still, definitely a dumb place to put them.
  12. Guitar Dave T

    Discovered a Secret with Road Worn Fenders

    Sorry you couldn't hear. I was at a level i would consider a decent mix considering. Had an audiologist check your ears for all frequencies? I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I was at an audible level in a band that was an ensemble, where my job is to support much of the time.
  13. Guitar Dave T

    What amp is the Blues Jr. supposed to sound like?

    I could never get the 4x10 Blues or Hotrod Devilles to work for me. Ironic because I used blackface Super Reverbs from '76 to around '93, with a couple 4x10 tweed Bassmans thrown in here and there. I did have a 2x12 Blues Deville with a V30 and CL80 that was a magnificent pedal platform.
  14. Guitar Dave T

    What amp is the Blues Jr. supposed to sound like?

    Now it's my turn: Have you ever really played a Blues Deluxe, one of the series you're referring to as having "tweezy mosquito noises"? I've steadily gigged a couple over a 20 year period, and still today If I see one as provided backline at a jam or multi-band show, I know the set is going to...
  15. Guitar Dave T

    Venue: "Please re-book... with a different drummer."

    "Gently ask"? I played biker bars in the 70's and it doesn't work that way. First off, the musician's job is to entertain, not enforce. The only time a musician needs to challenge someone in the crowd is when they are directly challenged first. Especially so with bikers, who will only...
  16. Guitar Dave T

    Discovered a Secret with Road Worn Fenders

    That is. Really dumb place to route a hole in terms of transmitting neck-to-body sustain. Home Depot sells maple dowel rods that fit in it snugly. Measure depth, cut rod and glue it in with Tite Bond II. Sustain and overall tone improves noticeably.
  17. Guitar Dave T

    Page Vs Blackmore

    What a disappointing thread. I thought we were going to have an actual fist fight between the two. Or maybe mixed martial arts. Wussies.
  18. Guitar Dave T

    What Makes a Player a Hack?

    Odds are real good we were all hacks at one time so go easy on these guys. Humility carries the day and they need to learn that from someone if they haven't yet.
  19. Guitar Dave T

    Venue: "Please re-book... with a different drummer."

    Sounds like you've already got things figured out, but as far as members being solid guys, I'm sure they are, but when a group decides the rule of law does not apply to them, especially in a family oriented venue, dude, that makes them outlaws. There are plenty of other venues that cater to...
  20. Guitar Dave T

    What amp is the Blues Jr. supposed to sound like?

    Uh, YEAH. '54 wide panel Pro. Great amp, but not my favorite tweed, even after freshening up filter caps and rolling through different tubes. Maybe it was the 15. Original Jensen HAD been reconed what looked like decades ago but it sounded pretty close to my memory of retrofitting an old...
  21. Guitar Dave T

    Is my amp hand wired or PCB?

    You've been lucky. I've had pots and jacks go out on PCB amps, ON THE GIG. BTW disuse is a bigger factor in pot failure. Now that Covid has me sidelined, I've had two pots go bad to where tuner cleaner won't fix the drop spots on two of my regular gigging amps. Fortunately they're both...
  22. Guitar Dave T

    Discovered a Secret with Road Worn Fenders

    Video in the post right before you. It's not still pics, but it's, well, video
  23. Guitar Dave T

    Time for a new build!

    Sounds exactly like what I'd expect and hope it would sound like. Some dumb questions? 1. What kind of Uni-Vibe? 2. Speakers? 3. Any dirt/drive pedals or just the cranked amp? Sounds killer!
  24. Guitar Dave T

    1970s Marshall Cab with Celestion Blackbacks — What should I expect?

    Dude. In my book, and many others, the black backs are the holy grails. Grainy, but in an exceptionally good way, woody, killer high end, touch sensitive, ballsy. Amazing speakers. Test them all for cone rub, then make sure all fasteners are snug. If you end up with a blown one or one...
  25. Guitar Dave T

    Is my amp hand wired or PCB?

    PCB's are completely serviceable, sure. But in some cases, they are much more labor intensive, such as in replacing a single bad pot on a DRRI where you have to unwrench each pot from the chassis in order to desolder one from the common pot PCB. And then you have the whole issue with the...