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    Hello from the gutter! (not yet Killed by Death)

    bass drivers & guitar drivers don't vary that much when it comes to top-end Man-O-War Guitar driver: Eminence Basslite: I compared the Rumble 40 & 100 side-by-side at the local Fender dealer. I wanted the Effects Loop of the 100, but the 12"...
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    Hello from the gutter! (not yet Killed by Death)

    I thought I'd update this with a G.A.S.-defeat success story. This is my current rig & has been for two years: I have zero desire to buy anymore Music gear, & never have been a pedals user, unless you count the Digitech Drop I previously used, but haven't for a year. The flipside is that...
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    What Makes a Player a Hack?

    If they can't spell rhythm, that's a dead giveaway!
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    My Vintage Edgar Winter Group Photos 1972

    11-Aug-73 EWG releases Free Ride:
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    KISS makes it to the R-n-R Hall of Fame

    11-Aug-99 KISS get their star on the Walk of Fame:
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    Go-go's appreciation

    11-Aug-11 The Go-Go's get their star on the Walk of Fame: Its location is directly in front of the address of the old Masque club, where the band performed in their early days. The Masque was the first venue in L.A. to have Punk acts! Interesting that they'd try to use Louisiana as a...
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    Steve Vai. He writes some pretty weird s**t.

    Steve inspired a LOT of people to practice guitar, a LOT! Even in my local circles I can think of a few guys who love Vai, & the local luthier plays a Vai Prestige (MIJ) model at gigs. One guy buys various Ibanez RGs & turns them into Vai models, making the hand-hold cut-out & vines on the...
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    Steve Vai. He writes some pretty weird s**t.

    Well, he learned from the Master of Weird:
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    Heavy Metal (film & soundtrack)

    The first times Heavy Metal was uttered in song was about Motors: Steppenwolf: Heavy Metal Thunder Led Zeppelin: Heavy Metal underneath the hood
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    EVH hacking it up out of key "Sound of Silence"

    the Sound of Cylons would be more welcome:
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    locking tuners and flatwounds

    I always wrap at least once around the machine-head capstan, that will solve your problem. It allows the capstan to distribute the tension.
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    R.I.P. Martin Birch

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    MTV Unplugged

    09-Aug-95 KISS perform w/o makeup with the original members for the first time since their Unmasked era (1980), to record Unplugged:
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    Gene Simmons on KISS and capitalism

    It always is however, the envy is just too great for so so many. If you still want to watch there are a few episodes available on A&E-TV: There are also many clips available on A&E's YT channel.
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    Metallica: Whiplash (Live at The Metro - 1983)

    08-Aug-83 Whiplash is released as a single:
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    08-Aug-80 Xanadu is released:
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    Heavy Metal (film & soundtrack)

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    Boogie Nights soundtrack

    Zero-Dark-Thirty, can't sleep, guess what's on Showtime? The last hour of this film is Brutal, only bad things happen, LMAO! Did anyone else notice that John Doe (from the band X) is Julianne Moore's ex-husband? The Sister Christian scene is coming on right now! BTW, the real Nina Hartley...
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    Gene Simmons on KISS and capitalism

    07-Aug-06 premier of Family Jewels:
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    Guitar Center: how much discount?!!

    IME with NEW stuff, 10% is the best they'll do, but TBH I've only bought NEW (big-ticket) from them once
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    Black Sabbath - Born Again

    When cashiers tell me the total is blah-blah, OH, blah-blah: I repeat the number but with a ZERO & then start singing that song. It's a huge hit, because the looks on their faces is priceless!
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    DEF Leppard.. any fans?

    05-Aug-79 Def Leppard are signed to Phonogram records: previous DL thread: >>Def Leppard Rocks<<
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    The Runaways - released 40 years ago today!

    05-Aug-75 Kim Fowley puts together The Runaways: Joan (Jett) Larkin Micki Steele (born Susan Thomas) Sandy (West) Pesavento Soon they'd add lead guitarist Lita Ford & vocalist Cherie Currie (both their actual names). Lita & Cherie have both written autobiographies, but AFAIK none of the others...
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    Your favorite album by The Stooges?

    05-Aug-69 The Stooges self-titled debut is released: