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  1. bluesjuke

    Kingsley Pedal Used Price Watch

    How long is the waiting list now? It was 3 months when I got mine.
  2. bluesjuke

    Kingsley Pedal Used Price Watch

    Looking at prices today- wow! Is the Jester the new Klon?
  3. bluesjuke

    ONLY : ONE overdrive + ONE fuzz + ONE distortion + ONE boost

    Boost- Bad Bob Fuzz- PTD Bone Machine GTX Truth is I can do it all with the GTX and really don't need anything else.
  4. bluesjuke

    Danocasters... Why the serious GASing?

    Dan knows how to make the sum of the parts work. I solved my dinner Caster after having it for 9 years. I did not get rid of it for gear but other needs. I also have the custom shop 52 Tele that is no Caster specs except for the extra lip in the neck pocket. It is one of the best guitars let...
  5. bluesjuke

    How do we remember it all?!

    Sometimes I have a song pop in my head and play it that I haven't played for 40 maybe 50 years. My wife will say "Wow, I never heard you play that before". It wasn't a matter of forgetting how to play it or even the lyrics I just didn't think the play it for that time.
  6. bluesjuke

    Thoughts on Gibson 58 Reissue Les Paul VOS?

    Sitting here with my 2013 R8 in my lap. I am overjoyed with it. Love the Custombuckers and the only thing I did to it was to change the thumbwheels out to a set of Cremetones that are authentic to original in material. I did this as I do not like the steel wheels that Gibson went to otherwise...
  7. R8 Closeup

    R8 Closeup

  8. bluesjuke

    Which Three Pedals Actually Exceeded Your Expectations?

    PTD Bone Machine GTX (IS there anything this pedal can't do???) Kingsley Jester V1 Scarab Deluxe
  9. SOLGW M4 Ergo Z 14.5 A

    SOLGW M4 Ergo Z 14.5 A

  10. M4 Complete 1a

    M4 Complete 1a

  11. M4 Blck

    M4 Blck

  12. bluesjuke

    Sold 2003 Gibson '56 Les Paul Historic

    2003 Gibson '56 Les Paul Historic Custom, Art & Historic case with COA Great condition, frets very good, set up well. SOLD, thanks Martin! Neck is .940 at first fret Wt. 9lbs. Very nice gold, deep & rich '03R65 by bluesjuke posted Mar 25, 2018 at 10:05 AM'03R64 by bluesjuke posted Mar 25...
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  23. bluesjuke

    Fender Custom Shop worth it?

    Been playing since '63 and the two CS Fenders I have are a '56 Strat and a '51 Telecaster. The Tele is all Nocaster spec'd and the only thing different between that and the Nocaster is that I don't have the shelf (overhang) at the neck pocket. A special order from Dave's Guitar Shop. After so...
  24. bluesjuke

    Sold Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe

    Thanks but I'm on a cash raising mission or I would be keeping it. Got to pay another purchase off.
  25. bluesjuke

    New (Another) Gary Clark Jr. Signature SG - WOW!

    First thought I had too.