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    Fulltone Clyde Standard vs RMC Picture Wah vs RMC10. Help me decide

    Can't go wrong with the RMC10 or the Picture wah. Both serve up hendrix/clapton era tones, the rest is up to you. You want a more popular opinion, visit Andy Aledort on facebook. Teese is offering up two versions of he RMC10 for the purists.Ask him about them.
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    Will Keeley 30ms do this...

    FWIW,According to Randy, he actually triple tracked many solos, solo center, then doubled l/r..It was his thing..Love to find a box to replicate that.
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    Prince of Tone

    Mike is trying to get them out there.Just checked and they were in stock.
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    Xotic Vs Teese Vs Wilson Wahs

    True That.
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    Vintage Vox Wah: Clyde or V846?

    yes 846, my keyboard is worn out. ;)
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    New pot for a Teese RMC4 Picture Wah..from the UK ?.. RMC10 reviews ?

    FWIW,if you like the way the wah sounds, changing from the rmc pot to an aftermarket pot, is going to change it.Iguess I'm lucky, I have an original RMC Pic and an 07 RMC Pic, and the pots still work like new..Been using them for years..I keep them in a Vox bag.
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    Vintage Vox Wah: Clyde or V846?

    electronics look like 1969 v846.I have the same year wah but in a crybaby case..Send Geoffrey Teese the photos and ask him about the base plate.Good luck
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    Vintage Vox Wah: Clyde or V846?

    can you post a photo of the front badge?/
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    Ibanez TS-10 Tube Screamer (incl. Gary Moore content)

    Google the title in the photo.I don't know how to link vids here.
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    Which currently made Univibe clone sounds as good as a 70s Trower recording?

    And in a few cases the Vibe was added during the final mix.. Trower talked about this in a few interviews years back.
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    Has anything kicked off your KoT from your board?

    Pick up an Analogman Beano boost and use it with the KOT.. It's magic.
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    Joe walsh's new tour board

    That is Joe's RMC10 wah. It's not a dunlop. He has been using RMC wahs for over 10 years.
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    Plugged entire band into one extension cord; pedalboard didn't work

    I'd loved to have been there.;) I would guess maybe a 100ft run with a quad box with two circuits in it..If I would have shown up to a gig like that with one extension cord, I'd have gone home.
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    Plugged entire band into one extension cord; pedalboard didn't work

    Probably more like 10 or 12 volts.Maybe more if the wire is not solid core.Still can't figure out why everything worked but the pedalboard.Maybe Stinkfoot would have a clue...
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    Plugged entire band into one extension cord; pedalboard didn't work

    This is pretty much common knowledge. Just apply that to a band situation and not just a single amp. Scary isn't it? a 10ga 100' extension cord is going to run you $100usd. The extension cord used to supply power to the “amp rack” should have a third wire safety ground to avoid presenting a...
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    Limited Edition RMC3-FL

    Geoffrey Teese just posted over at Facebook about selling 10 Limited Edition RMC3fl's. Details are here, or I guess you can email him. "HERE IT IS EVERYBODY, THE "OH ****, WHAT JUST BROKE" OFFER... That's right, I've got some unexpected home repairs...
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    Vertex Effects

    Brother Man, If you stick your hand in a fire and it burns you, you can forgive the fire because you were dumb to do it, but that won't change the fact that it's still a fire you burned your hand in. Forgive? Sure. Forget? Never.
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    "Haunting mids..."

    Geoffrey was in fact involved with Radio in his younger days. He has a massive Record collection..As far as singing voice, He has a very good one.We have played together many times. as far as who invented the term "Haunting" in regards to music gear, etc, I'd believe it would be centuries old...
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    Teese RMC 10 owners:

    The trimmer is actually for the FFT Circuit"fuzz buffer". It is a user adjustment. The answer above about resonance would be for the RMC's with the toggle switch under the rocker.It is kinda a resonance control RMC10 does not have that..Easy mistake...Hope this helps. By the way Geoffrey Teese...
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    What can you tell me about the older AC powered fulltone deja vibe 2?

    Think they started them in late 1999 or 2000..There is an internal pot and it should be marked where they thought it sounded best. I have one, never had a manual with mine.I use it every once in a while.There should also be a date written inside as well if not on the bottom plate.Here is what...
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    Vintage Wah Pedal - tell me about it [pic heavy?]

    early to mid 70's. Pot has been replaced. same guts as a Crybaby. Great little wahs.
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    Crybaby pedal Model 95-910511 gear stuck

    ycgw0OaluZI Read the bottom section of this page Too. Good Luck
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    Les Paul tuners - new aftermarket series (?)

    You talking about the Grover Vintage? They have been out for a while..I put some on a 335 many years ago...