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  1. Bikedude

    PRS SE Hollowbody Standard. Made in China?

    And they reverse engineered a Ford F-150 and produce it totally on they're own, with a Chinese emblem as the 'Blue Oval' no less. Nothing more than, I'm trying to buy American Made stuff moving forward " I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin".
  2. Bikedude

    Les Paul/PRS string gauge question

    Ive heard him say it several times.
  3. Bikedude

    "I am not ordering the FM3!"

    I was called for the AX8 on its initial run, but went Helix. I still have my KPA rack and finally got the KR, but the Helix does my heavy lifting the last 3 years.
  4. Bikedude

    "I am not ordering the FM3!"

    Yeah, this isn't FB.
  5. Bikedude

    PRS SE Hollowbody Standard. Made in China?

    I was seriously interested in this guitar, I'll pass on anything coming from China moving forward. Including guitars.
  6. Bikedude

    Incoming NGD: "Extra" Road Worn Telecaster

    Same here. I bought mine the first year they came out. I had Acme Guitar Works do a fret level, and the Fralin Unbucker/Blues with a Tonestyler 5 way. I have a crap load of guitars, and find myself playing the RW at most gigs lately. It's super light and resonant, and that Fralin Blues p/u kicks...
  7. Bikedude

    Les Paul/PRS string gauge question

    Works for Billy G. Why work so hard?
  8. Bikedude

    Mesa California Tweed or Dr. Z Z-Lux?

    I had a Metropolitan and agree, but you couldn't do wrong with either the Mesa, or the Dr. Z as the OP asked.
  9. Bikedude

    What is the best amp you have ever played??

    ++ I had a Metropolitan that was probably the best sounding amp I've ever played.
  10. Bikedude

    Recommend some Tele pickups...don't hate me ;)

    I have a Frailin Unbucker in the neck, and a blues special neck. Tone shaper 5 way which can split the Bucker and change pot values. It kicks. Acme guitarworks did the work years ago, and its the guitar I grab the most. Road Worn Tele just like the one acme demos on YT Tim Lerch
  11. Bikedude

    Who has moved on from the Kemper Profiler and Why?

    I hated updating and loading profiles. I always had problems with the stick, rig manager, etc. I moved on to Helix, which is far easier, IMO, to work with. I'm even afraid I'll never be able to get the new KPA editor to work on mine.
  12. Bikedude

    Mesa Boogie Mark V — 10 years on

    I'm with you on this one. My MV Combo never failed to impress me, but I haven't used it in 5 years. The band I'm in went silent stage to FOH, and I've been using KPA, and Helix since. Also, I can't move that MV around very easily anymore at almost 69 years old. I'm thinking of putting in the...
  13. Bikedude

    crate vintage club 50 head, need the lowdown!!

    I had one also, cream colored tolex with gold hardware. It kicked ass when I had it, but tastes change. I replaced it with a HRD 4X10.
  14. Bikedude

    How many of you have gone all digital?

    Went full digital when the KPA came out. The band I'm in runs all direct to FOH, so this was a huge factor in going this route. I've since switched to the Helix and it fits perfectly to what I'm doing. Sound is consistent Nite after nite, no matter the venue.
  15. Bikedude

    Only Blue guitars!

    IMG_0472 by Bikedude posted Dec 12, 2019 at 11:12 PM My Sonic Blue/Ash Suhr
  16. IMG_0472


    Cherry and my Suhr
  17. Bikedude

    Ludwig Piccalo Snare

    Thanks man.
  18. Bikedude

    Ludwig Piccalo Snare

    IMG_0229 by Bikedude posted Dec 12, 2019 at 11:14 AMIMG_0228 by Bikedude posted Dec 12, 2019 at 11:14 AM
  19. IMG_0228


  20. IMG_0229


  21. Bikedude

    Ludwig Piccalo Snare

    Serial Number on Keystone Badge is #3247361. It's a 6 lug Hammered Brass Piccalo. I'll try to get you a couple of pics
  22. Bikedude

    Ludwig Piccalo Snare

    Im a guitar player with minimal knowledge about drum value etc. I inherited a Hammered Bronze Ludwig Piccalo Snare 13X3, in mint condition. Has the Keystone Badge, serial number shows 1966 vintage. Made I Munroe, NC. I have no idea what it might be worth, and can't find much info on the...
  23. Bikedude

    If you took Lita out of the Runaways would they have crumbled.

    Got close to partying with them at my Holoday Inn gig. I'm coming down elevator to lounge gig, my 72 Goldtop Deluxe over my shoulder, and elevator stops and in Walk Joan, Cherie, Sandy and Lita! Joans digging my axe and asks to play it. Sure baby have a go. Tried to hook up after their shhow but...
  24. Bikedude

    Bring the Funk

    Tower of Power does a great cover of this tune.
  25. Bikedude

    Im gonna have to haul a real Leslie again.

    I hauled a B3 and a Leslie up and down the East Coast to Key West, and all around the Midwest for 6 years in the 70's. That was the keyboard players rig with a Nova Bass Mod. He blew bass thru an Ampeg 300 watt head thru a cab with 2 JBL D140's, and a Kustom Blue Sparkle Head and 6-10 Cab for...

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