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    Marshall Mode 4 Tall MF400 Cab

    G12K100 speakers are really good they have more of an even eq like EVL would but still sound like celestion they're not too much like the 75s i use G12K100 in an avatar contemporary 2x12
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    Won $1200, want to get something fun and functional...

    You have a good set up as is i have the V22 as well - its a great amp my suggestion: a closed cab 2x12 for the V22 the V22 is awesome by itself but can be a total monster with a bigger cabinet (specifically a closed back cabinet) that's how i've used mine for the last several years you can...
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    Can anyone help a tgp bro out?

    is this a WTB: issue of GW with John Mayer on the cover thread? ..should be moved to Buy/Sell accessories
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    2x12 cabinet comparison / shootout video (V30s)

    remember: these are ALL OPEN BACK CABS i think we would have way different results if they were all closed back the Vintage does sound like a million bucks. -hard to believe the only difference is the box
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    How good is the AC15c head?

    I'm looking to get a new vox head I've never played an AC15 i had the AC30cc2x years ago and it was awesome (but combo = too heavy) NOT looking to get another combo i was thinking of getting the AC30c head but it's $900 and i'm not sure i need that power if i get the AC15, it would mainly be...
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    When buying a new Vox AC15, is the Blue Speaker worth the extra $?

    sounds like you need both experiment I really liked the blues in vox but I never tried greenbacks in them (I wish I had)
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    RadioShack and Homedepot will have cheaper soldering irons that work fine just for pickup changes That's how EVERYBODY gets started -a cheap soldering iron the majority of my work has been with cheap equipment sitting on my floor (not even a workbench) watch some videos on youtube on how to...
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    The Boss Metal Zone is a lot better than I remember it

    the metal zone sounds great people bash it because it's "trendy" to bash it on TGP people say it sounds like s#it but i can make it sound like a million bucks -what does that say about me and you (TGP)?
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    Tubes and speakers for a Budda Superdrive 30

    I had an SD18 head and I had the same experience as the OP I thought it was supposed to be a rockin' amp but it was totally lame The guy that bought it from me called complaining about the same thing: "I thought these amps were supposed to rock?" I used that money for an American 6505+ now...
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    0.12 Gauge+1Step Down

    ive been using 12-54 w/ a plain 3rd and it's been working out pretty good in D standard I like 12-56 better but the 3rd is wound and I can't bend it like a plain string you can use whatever but if you like string tension, then go big if not, then maybe 11-49 should work for mere mortals with...
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    new CTS pot behaving weird - maybe you can help?

    i recently rebuilt an LTD EC-1000 deluxe they come stock with EMGs which i didn't like and the gold hardware fades fast so i put in all new chrome hardware, passive pickups, new pots, toggle, jack, everything ..i even had to pull the bridge stud out to get it grounded (active guitars don't come...
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    VERY Speculative, yet intriguing FB post regarding the Cobain death

    I can confirm that Johnnys House of Guitars was a real place on Seminole Blvd and that Florida is hot and muggy place. This leads me to believe that the entire story is 100% true! ...or not I don't know
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    How to sort a few thousand resistors?

    hire a mexican with a DMM? ..or a millennial apparently they're broke and are entitled to some money
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    Kurt or Courtney - who was the more important musician ?

    I've always liked Hole Live Through This is great
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    Female artists you overlooked at the time...but now think are badass...

    there are lots of extremely good female artists and lots of terrible ones too (beyonce!) I love Karen Carpenter Natalie Merchant Sheryl Crow Aimee Mann Karen O YYY Metric Helen Marnie/Ladytron the Sounds
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    Dinosaur Jr. Rig Rundown (J Mascis & Lou Barlow)

    i saw dinosaur jr in st pete last week wore the much needed earplugs the entire time INSANELY LOUD void of all logic
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    Poll: What color should I paint my partscaster?

    Reranch? Smoke Green is a real nice color I painted a warmoth strat Gorilla Vanilla it turned out great some colors will be easier to work with than others do your homework if you want to get it right and be VERY patient protect yourself from the nitro spray and avoid humidity
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    V22 infinium Power Tube Swap

    No JJ EL84s are usually the good ones I've been through a whole bunch of pairs in my V22 Change your preamp tubes something nice in the first position, at least
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    High Gain Amp Dilemma

    I had a Superdrive18 head that I thought would be a good sounding high gain head wasn't the guy who bought it from me thought the same thing ..and we used good closed back cabs with good speakers it really didn't deliver like TGP fans and the descriptions say it would I would honestly...
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    All hail the mighty 5150/6505 !!

    the 6505 is now made in china (not that there's a whole lot wrong with that) if one is on your radar, I'd get a used American one I have to attenuate mine pretty hard but it sounds great (rockcrusher)
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    Whats the word on the Maxon OD808X?

    I have one it has more bass and more highs than the regular, so the EQ is kind of flat vs mid hump I think it has barely more gain it's a good od and boost I use it to boost 6505+ and mesa mini rec I guess it's fairly new and everyone already has an OD808, which is probably why they're not as...
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    The Iron Maiden/ Ghost tour.. who's going?

    I have general admission floor access to Tampa show (presale)
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    Best Cab for Mini Rectifier

    i have a mini rec and i use an Avatar CONTEMPORARY 2x12 w/ G12K100s this cab is super gnarly i thought my other cab was the best till i got this key word "CONTEMPORARY" recommended
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    Bad repair at shop and got a damaged guitar. HELP!

    this is exactly why I now do EVERYTHING myself if I can't do it, i'll learn how to do it and spend as much money and time as I need to get it right pickups, pots, wiring, setups, nuts, frets, paint, tuners, amp parts, tubes, bias, replacement parts, everything I trust nobody because everyone's...

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