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    Tips wanted: Helping Bandmates to write songs

    This is a really tricky topic. When you're close to the person writing the song, it's way too easy to hear it with a bias one way or the other. If it's a friend I start thinking, "Jeez, how do I tell her it's just a hackneyed I - V - vi - V?" and then remember there's a reason we hear so many I...
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    What is the best 2x12 cab you've owned or heard?

    Mine is a Mojotone 2x12 I bought from Matt O'Ree, and seems to be based on a Marshall 1936. I liked it, but didn't love it until I installed a pair of '70's Blackbacks. I normally use it with a '70's Traynor YBA1 head modded by Billy Penn to be a bit more "Marshally" and to internally...
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    Cover Band Mates Keep Suggesting Unknown Songs

    This is an old, old story... "Hey, you know what? Nobody does obscure great songs that most people have never heard! We'll be known as the only band around who covers this stuff!" Six months later: "Why won't any bookers call us back? And why'd all those people leave in the middle of our one and...
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    ...but it's Japanese

    I'd also add that the lines are blurring between all countries of manufacture... it's not just Japan any more, and this may be a kind of nostalgia for the first really usable imports. But I've played a great Chinese acoustic and recently played a really decent high bang-for-the-buck Strat made...
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    Question to those that gig or play out regularly.

    It's usually in my driveway. (Knock on wood) there's nothing in there that would catch a thief's eye... my PedalTrain case is usually out of sight, and so's the head. Someone looking hard would see the 1x12 cab, black paint on a small wooden cab that's pretty beat up & looks like junk. The rest...
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    New 5.8 GHz Wireless Option - 8hr Battery

    5 ms is probably not even noticeable... audibly, 5 ms is equivalent to stepping 5-1/2 feet further away from your speaker.
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    Fender, uh, mistake?

    As someone said, either way there's a story. Half of me wants to say "fake" but it would seem like a lot of work to fake something with a small niche in the market. Looks like the decal was not placed exactly like the one at Wild West, but would someone really go to the trouble of sanding and...
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    Need recommendations on coated strings, please

    I'd check out Cleartone. I've never used them on electric but I prefer the acoustic sets to Elixirs. As someone mentioned, I've had Elixirs that "flaked" and I think the Cleartones sound a little better to me.
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    Paul Carrack, with John Hiatt and Nick Lowe: Tempted

    Yeah, it's a great song in its own right and I've heard Tillbrook sing the Carrack part, but it needs a real singer no matter what. Love the changes... I recently did it as a duo (I just played guitar, singer just sang) and it works great stripped way down like that, assuming you get the bass...
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    Question to those that gig or play out regularly.

    I always have a usable rig in the car... if I need to sub in at the last minute (it happens), I grab the guitars I need and head out. There's a small 20W head and 1x12 cab in my car, a 906 to mic it with, my vocal mic and stand, and my main pedalboard. If I use a pedal to practice it's usually a...
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    ...but it's Japanese

    @jvin248 nailed it. I was born in the '60's and can remember people asking who in their right mind would ever buy a Japanese car. But in the guitar world, a lot of this came from the fact that American companies were focused on cost-cutting and efficiency, and had been for a while before...
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    Positive Grid Spark Oh Yeah.

    I got my hands on one yesterday, and will be spending some time with it to write a review. But it's already been decided that the opening line will be what I said to my contact: "How do you not just sit here all day and play with this?" This thing is a lot of fun and the play-along feature is a...
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    Phone plug soldering jig?

    Apologies for the low-tech question: I need to make a bunch of cables and was going to hack together a 1/4" soldering jig... just some 1/4" phone jacks and alligator clips in a block of wood or something to hold things in place while I solder. Before I do that, it seems like something that...
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    Decent OnSong Clone for non-iOS?

    I've been using OnSong on a very old iPad for a long time & should upgrade. I'd rather not buy an iPad just for this... for the last couple of years I've been using a Fire HD ($150) as a mixer controller and would gladly buy another for lead sheets and lyrics. Everything I use is either .CHOPRO...
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    Non Single Cut alternatives to Les Pauls

    I saw your guitar... very cool and I can't imagine how much work went into it. Actually, Gibson did something similar whenever the "Johnny A" sig model went from semi-hollow to solid-body (see pic). Originally the Johnny A was a semi-hollow but the with the back & sides routed from mahogany...
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    CAROLE KING - 1971 - Tapestry

    I should add that house might have kept a lot of the talent that rubbed off her. In the '70's as a high school kid he was writing stuff (in that house) that holds up to this day, and wound up as a full-time career musician. His most visible gig was as a sideman on a couple Meatloaf tours, but he...
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    How many is too many?

    The answer is, "two more than I have right now" by pure deductive logic. The amount of guitars you need is always the same... "just one more than I have". So one more than that is too many. Q.E.D.
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    Humbuckers: when we have tone controls, what benefit is a cover?

    I think covers first started coming off in the '70's, when the only way to get gain was from the pickup and amp... every fraction of a dB was important, especially in the mids. But at the time, the reasoning behind it was usually, "well, Clapton did it."
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    How important is unplugged electric tone to you?

    Not at all important per se, but my experience is that a solid body that stands out when it's not plugged will almost always sound great when it is. Caveat: I don't use a super high-gain rig and play clean a lot of the time. If you're cranking gain most of the night, it probably doesn't matter...
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    electric 12 string fan club

    Damn... seconds ago I finished posting the sad story of selling mine and how I wish I still had it. The universe is now rubbing my nose in it, I guess. But that was the ultimate electric 12-string; I owned a Rick way back when and played an original Fender XII, so I have reference points, and...
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    WORST experience selling a guitar?

    This is now an old, common story, but I remember driving out to meet a guy who wanted to buy my Hamer 12-string Eclipse for $750. Before you think I'm an idiot, that's about what they went for at the time. But yes, I'm still an idiot for ever selling that one. We agree on a firm price, agree to...
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    Non Single Cut alternatives to Les Pauls

    If your concern with the cutaway is access to the 21st and 22nd frets, I can tell you firsthand that the Hamer gives you better access up there... in fact, going back to a LP after years' worth of Hamers, I still have trouble getting around up there on a Les Paul.
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    CAROLE KING - 1971 - Tapestry

    Great songs. I'm pretty sure I put it in this thread somewhere, but despite the California-ish sound, "Pleasant Valley" here refers to Pleasant Valley Road in West Orange, NJ. A friend grew up in the house she lived in right off that road.
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    What do you folks know about opamps?

    Yes! Definitely check out this site... I did not realize that @amz-fx was Jack O. but he's one of the most pedal-knowledgeable people anywhere.

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