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  1. Ken I

    Led Zeppelin - The rain song - Fingerpicking

    Very nice...beautifully played!
  2. Ken I

    New from NC

    Welcome aboard!
  3. Ken I

    Walk Away Renee - acoustic cover

    Very nice Dale! One of my all time favorite songs!
  4. Ken I

    Sold 1989 Fender Strat Plus Deluxe Crimson Transparent Red

    SOLD!!! Great playing sounding guitar in excellent condition with a great setup. These are some of the best guitars that Fender made and getting harder to find in this condition. All original including case. Has Fender Lace Sensors, Red bridge, Silver middle, Blue neck. TBX tone control...
  5. Ken I

    Hello, from Albany NY!

    Welcome aboard!
  6. Ken I

    New Member - Hello All

    Welcome aboard!
  7. Ken I

    VEGAS boomer

    Welcome aboard!
  8. Ken I

    2Cellos does Led Zep

    Very cool...enjoyed that!
  9. Ken I

    Cheers from VT!

    Benedetto archtop
  10. Ken I

    Cheers from VT!

    Welcome aboard!
  11. Ken I

    I'm new here.

    Welcome aboard!
  12. Ken I

    Hi from changeis

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  13. Ken I

    Sold Carr Sportsman 1x12 upgraded Fawn Slub

    SOLD!!! Brand New Carr Sportsman in upgraded Fawn Slub custom covering with 12" Eminence Red White & Blue speaker. Great clean tones with a fantastic reverb and a very useful headroom control that make this amp extremely versatile. This is a great sounding amp with the top notch build quality...
  14. Ken I


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  15. Ken I

    39 and still buying

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  16. Ken I

    Hello to all....

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  17. Ken I

    Hello from CA!

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  18. Ken I

    hi form England

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  19. Ken I

    It Just Occured To Me...

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  20. Ken I

    Hey from California

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  21. Ken I

    Lick my love pump

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  22. Ken I

    Hello from Doodah...

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  23. Ken I

    nelsonfromnelson, mother****ers!

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  24. Ken I

    Hello from Grand Rapids

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  25. Ken I


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