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    Fastway - Say What You Will

    Thanks for the reminder What a rocker that tune was ! Perfect timing when that tune was released at the time of my testosterone charged youth (well . . . it still seems to be happening) Downloading . . .
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    Counting a Sixteenth Shuffle

    COunt doo ba doo ba
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    No Clips From yZe for a little while

    Sucks big time Seems that my software in GB doesn't like my M-Audio firewire 410 anymore, and I am getting these lame intermittent electronic glitchy buzzes Tried nearly every troubleshooting trip that there is I'll see how my friend's tascam USB audio interface works, so I may be up and...
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    Video Clip.............

    we want more ! we want more ! we want more !
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    The English Way

    More good fun love the strat-fatness
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    The Land Of Nod

    Very, Very Fun Listen Killer playing and tone as always Man, that is some clean triplet picking there, Frank You have motivated me to get a credit card again (a prepaid one)
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    Recommend a first sight reading book for a seven year old

    I use mel bay mastering the guitar 1 A no prob for kids under 10 the thing is, I have my own book which supplements and complements so that the kid is not caught like a deer in the headlights as the book progresses, because I have everything on schedule. So if you have a written, organized ...
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    ...I just thought of modes in a totally different way...

    Because, the E aeolian is minor, then you can also sub an Emi pent since B Locrian is a mode of C maj, you can use B mi pent with the natural 5th, which winds up being the #4 of a C Lyd. So alternate etween E mi & Bmi pent over c maj 7 use the associated blues licks/bends with those pent scales
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    yZe's Mental Ass Whippin'

    Yeah, this was a little while ago I was mainly focusing on the time factor, rather than making a musical statement, so it was more of an exercise by intention, so I could get RB's imput on my time awareness His specific assignment to me was to play straight 8th notes, so i was consciously...
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    Stern Groove Backing

    Killer tone and lines, chuck
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    Tungsten Cortez Demo

    Couldn't done it w/out, you and your killer trax! I just edited the first post to give you credit
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    Big Pimpin' Remix Backing

    or the viagra 12 Inch version;)
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    Powerscaling, yes or no?

    Yup, nothin like the power amp OD on Marshall type circuits, and you just won't get it at reasonable volume levels w/o the PS. It's a trip. Since I have been playing primarily power amp OD, my ear almost rejects stuff that is too preampy. I almost can''t play if it's too pedaly or preampy to...
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    Powerscaling, yes or no?

    Yes, get power scaling, if not, you will wind up paying shipping, return shipping, and tech/parts fees to get installed; because you will smack your head and say "why didn't I do dat in da first place". When i played the PS Suhr Badger, everyone at Tampa tonefest was mesmerized at the juicy...
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    Guitar is "peaking" mixwise, but not LED wise on the interface

    okay, I downloaded the mac combo update for my OS, and the new firewire 410 driver seems to work now thanks for the insights, y'ALL
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    Guitar is "peaking" mixwise, but not LED wise on the interface

    Not loud at all In fact, this is the first attempt at "bedroom" levels It used to only peak, when the light would read into the red on the interface (firewire 410); and i would be recording at arena levels
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    Guitar is "peaking" mixwise, but not LED wise on the interface

    Daw??? the peak light doesn't even register on the interface
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    Guitar is "peaking" mixwise, but not LED wise on the interface

    I am getting that mean "buzz" as if I am running into the red, but I have ridiculously low levels, and even am getting it when padded on the Firewire 410 interface into garageband '08 I am mic-ing two 57's on an EVM 12 L 200 W speaker What gives?
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    Decently Priced Clean Amp?

    Hate to sound negative, but your price goal seems unrealistic If it's for a tube amp at that price, it would have to be bought from someone in a trying situation such as back child support, leaving town because of outstanding warrants, wanting to re-up on their dope supply, etc . . .
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    How does the Tweed Deluxe perform in a band?

    The Tungsten Cortez is a to the tee Tweed Deluxe Clone, but with better parts and speakers However, Adam makes a 25 W one with an oversized OT, that can handle the extreme punishment of a Les Paul; and could cut through a band mix no prob
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    Variable Voltage Regulator - Poor Man's Power Scaling ?

    Yup, I'm using Dana's VVR; and your statement confirms my original sentiment: They do the same thing, and I never said that THEY WERE THE SAME; I said that they both skin the same cat; although the title I used may have indicated that, but I was just trying to come up w/something catchy Mr...
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    Variable Voltage Regulator - Poor Man's Power Scaling ?

    well, i have decided to do the VVR on one amp, and the SB-1 on another just to experiment
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    Big Pimpin' Remix Backing

    Is this for the Pimps who can last longer than a minute?
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    Variable Voltage Regulator - Poor Man's Power Scaling ?

    Cool, as far as I understand it, I have the PPIMV for the preamp, and then I can run the VVR across the power section seperately It varies the B+ on the power tubes and actually varies the B+ from about 30 volts to full voltage. That is how I have concluded that it is basically the same thing...
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    Does anyone have experience with the Lee Jackson XLS-1000?

    Thanks alot for getting me in GAS mode :jo