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  1. rockstarzusa

    I'm going Solid State! Need a bit of guidance! Unbiased please...

    Definitely more expensive than a Bandit, but the Sansamp TradeMark amps sound very nice, there are some great demo's on youtube last I saw....
  2. rockstarzusa

    From stock to boutique for under $600- Fender content

    I had some emails about the second Fender amp pictured, but not mentioned in the review. It is the HotRod cab. I swapped out the stock speaker, it now has a Celestion G12H30 speaker that wonderfully compliments the Celestion Gold. Cheers!
  3. rockstarzusa

    From stock to boutique for under $600- Fender content

    Hey gang, thought I would share an article (with pics) I wrote about modding my studio amp to be a boutique monster! There is hope to enjoy boutique tone on a budget!! :)
  4. rockstarzusa

    Strymon Timeline available for pre-order right now!

    #10018 shipped, arriving November 30th.....
  5. rockstarzusa

    Bagging Cakewalk Sonar, Need SIMPLE

    We run a professional studio with high end software, mastering capabilities plugins etc... but I have to be honest and say GarageBand is pretty darn awesome. I once relegated it to a simple 'thinkpad' but as time goes on, with the right front end (mic pre, compressor etc) it can easily produce...
  6. rockstarzusa

    Any Black Friday Pedal Sales?

    MusiciansFriend sent our a big promo for Black Friday deals.... that seemed to be pretty much the regular price. Quite amusing to read all the ppl ripping them on their Facebook wall over it :)
  7. rockstarzusa

    Ernie Ball John Petrucci JP100 Series are AMAZING!

    I play a huge variety of the import guitars in the studio, with students bringing in all range of instruments, & after being unable to find one reviewed anywhere, I ordered it and decided it was really just a $20 test-as that would have been the return shipping cost. I'm very glad to have done...
  8. rockstarzusa

    Ernie Ball John Petrucci JP100 Series are AMAZING!

    Hey gang, just thought with Black Friday coming up this week I could recommend a ridiculously nice guitar that I wasn't able to pull up anything on in the search area. Perhaps you'll find this review beneficial if you are looking for a new guitar in the $500-$600 range at the usual music stores...
  9. rockstarzusa

    Specific flavor Speaker suggestion for Blues Deluxe Reissue

    Thanks for the reply. That's really amazing timing, I just saw this the day before the post here, and posted a pic of this on a friends FB wall because I thought the name was hilarious... I'll have to do some research on this. Thanks Any other suggestions folks?
  10. rockstarzusa

    Specific flavor Speaker suggestion for Blues Deluxe Reissue

    Hi gang, I run two Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue combo's both sporting their respective extension cabinets in one of the studios at my complex. My main one has a Celestion Gold/G12H30 retrofitted in them, the 2nd one, currently stock, I'm about to swap over. Both BDRI have large pedalboards...
  11. rockstarzusa

    Best bargains still available for the guitarist today

    I'm going to be writing an article for our musician students at our studios, and wanted to do a piece on the best bargains still available for them today. I wanted to keep the list in the cheaper range-along the lines of stuff they could afford, or their parents may buy them for Christmas coming...
  12. rockstarzusa

    I know pretty much nothing about amps...

    +1 Peavey Classic 30. Great amp, great tone, small and compact, wide variety of tones too... Easily found for $325 used. I would have zero hesitation using it for a gig if it was offered, and I've played 21 years full time.
  13. rockstarzusa

    Diezel Amps

    Just by way of qualifying my comments above, I have included a link to a pic in one of my studio's where I kept my Diezel, so no one thinks I'm blowing smoke..... [/url]CIMG1217 by rockstarzusa, on Flickr[/IMG]
  14. rockstarzusa

    Diezel Amps

    Owned the Herbert-actually owned 2 Herberts.... 3 words sum it all up real easily (at least as of 12 months ago) QUALITY CONTROL ISSUES 1. My Herbert/s died 3 times... weird unusual issues as well. 2. The Blue LED's blow... a lot! Just go over to rigtalk and read the issues under the Diezel...
  15. rockstarzusa

    Differences between Mesa Stiletto Ace and Duece?

    You know I was just out visiting Mesa Boogie's Hollywood store a few days ago with this similar thought, I ran into their Ace and was super impressed with it. I used to use the road King, Road King II Triaxius etc but am just mellowing out from the ultra heavy sound now. The tone of the Ace was...
  16. rockstarzusa

    Ever hear a signature sound you just can't dial in?

    True words right there. I got the EXACT same feeling when I heard his tech hit a handful of chords, I just about wet myself, it was massive thick, clean, andf huuuge!! Here's the kicker, Jerry uses a cabinet simulator for this tour, a Palmer PG-05 IIRC. In the studio for the DIRT sessions he...
  17. rockstarzusa

    Can't decide on final pedal

    Hmmm, not an 'fx' pedal, but a buffer would be a good idea with all those pedals? Just a thought.
  18. rockstarzusa

    Ever hear a signature sound you just can't dial in?

    Showing my musical era here but I've always loved the dialed tone Jerry Cantrell achieved on the Alice In Chains 'dirt' CD. I know the CDs engineer Dave Jerdan recorded Jerry's guitar with 3 different mics at the same time one mic capturing the lows, another for the mids, the third mic fir the...
  19. rockstarzusa

    problem with a pedal/adapter

    Is the barrel size 2.1 or 2.5 that could make a difference if I recall correctly?
  20. rockstarzusa

    Best affordable delay pedal that can store presets?

    I was very impressed with the TC Nova delay look around and you can pick one up sub $199 new. The analog/digital dial was pretty effective. Very robust too.
  21. rockstarzusa

    Ernie Ball Volume Jr Alternatives

    I just wanted to say I completely understand what you mean about tone sucking with the EB VP Jr. What I eventually discovered was my placement in the chain was responsible for causing most of that nasty tone. When I placed a toadworks big banana buffer pedal also in the chain it all but removed...
  22. rockstarzusa

    best patch cables?

    Ohh that's just awesome, yeah, steve has done ok as a musician I guess.... :D
  23. rockstarzusa

    Malekko 616

    PMSL.... I was really impressed with the video demo's but that sure didn't translate on my board. I reluctantly sent it back and kept my cheap carbon copy... really surprised that would ever happen. I really wonder if I got one that had something wrong with it-as many ppl do like theirs, but...
  24. rockstarzusa

    Fading/Panning/Dissolving between two effects?

    Go to check out their wet pedal, blends between different effect options....
  25. rockstarzusa

    The El Capistan Craze... Herd Mentality or the Real Deal?

    Another descriptive term that comes to mind is if the 'warmth' of my Memory Lane could be given an update to a 'high definition' version, that would also be where my ears are leading me. Though it's digital it has that certain chewiness that the T-Rex Replica offers (though it too is digital).