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  1. Miles

    I want to buy a solid state high gain head....

    I totally agree. The Katana sounds great and is super fun to play. Definitely giggable. The CR120 sounds like an actual amp and a tube amp at that. The dynamics, harmonics, and midrange don't leave me wanting at all for a tube amp.
  2. Miles

    do any of you guitar players that gig pretty regular use a solid state amp?

    I've owned over 30 tube amps. I now ONLY use solid state amps for gigging and recording. I sold all my tube amps a few years ago. No regrets. I use the Orange CR120 head and a 4x12 cab. I record with a Boss Katana Artist and the CR120 depending on the project. I literally have no use for...
  3. Miles

    Appropriate cabinets for the Orange Crush

    I use a Mesa straight recto 4x12 standard. Good spread and those UK V30s compliment the Crush Pro nicely. Decent amp through great cab = stellar results Decent amp through ok or subpar cab = subpar results
  4. Miles

    Any experience with the Orange Solid State Pro Amps?

    Lots of experience here. Running CR120 heads exclusively going on 5 years. Used tube amps exclusively prior to that for 15 years. Does everything I liked about tubes. Sweet buttery cleans, marvelous warm crunch and mid-gain, searing fat lead tones. No maintenance. So, I've been tube...
  5. Miles

    $500 Gigging Amp Challenge:

    I second this. No maintenance. Total range. Nice buttery cleans to insane gain and lots of friendly voicing in between. The thing sounds like a friggin' tube amp!
  6. Miles

    Doom/stoner/sludge rig decision!?!? (guitar)

    Agreed that the CR120 sounds as good as a tube amp. The response, tone, and harmonics are all there. It really is that good. Disagree that you need G12T-75s. Those speakers have too much sizzle and a mid drop that I'm not crazy about. I've had better luck with Vintage 30s as they add the...
  7. Miles

    Non-metal players with high gain amps – what are you playing & why?

    Exactly. Not exactly a metal player here either. I use a CR120 to cover blues, alternative, indie, grunge, and stoner rock/metal.
  8. Miles

    Played an Orange CR120 today

    No doubt. After defeating the Dual Terror, OR50, and TH30, I actually bought a used Rockerverb at GC knowing I'd have 30 days... For the life of me I could not get enough of a difference to actually prefer the RV over the CR120. At certain settings, the harmonics were a tad richer. That...
  9. Miles

    Played an Orange CR120 today

    I use one as backup and keep it at home. I keep the other at the rehearsal space and for the gigs. I run the EQ pretty neutral. I use a 4x12 Mesa with V30s. Gain at 1:00 Bass at 1:00 Mids at noon Treble at noon Channel volume at 3:00 Master volume at 10-11:00 depending on how much muscle I...
  10. Miles

    Played an Orange CR120 today

    Been using a CR120 exclusively now going on 4 years. At the time of purchase, I bought it to toss in my truck as a backup to my OR50 or Dual Terror as I'd use the tube amp for the gig. As soon as I powered it up, I was incredibly impressed with the tone. I then plugged my OR50 and Dual...
  11. Miles

    SS amps. Do You agree?

    I'm a TGPer and I prefer solid state. I typically shop at music go round looking for good deals on cabs or the occasional great sounding SS amp. So, that list might have some accuracy for me.
  12. Miles

    Orange Bax Bangeetar

    I'm a CR120 user exclusively. I'll only run that head through Vintage 30s. Emphasizes good cut and gives the amp fat at the same time. I'll use a Mesa Recto Straight 4x12 closed back w/ 4 V30s or an Orange PPC212 open back if I need something less dominant. Yes, my cabs costed me more than...
  13. Miles

    Two new production Solid State heavy weights...can you give me any experienced opinions on them?

    Thanks, man! I do the vox and supporting rhythm guitar. It's been a learning curve to play that stuff and write melodies and phrasing that I can sing and play simultaneously. I appreciate the feedback! The CR120 fits this band very well in that it supports the other guitarists 5150 and has...
  14. Miles

    Two new production Solid State heavy weights...can you give me any experienced opinions on them?

    Sure. I love the CR120 so much that I own two of them. One for the practice space and live shows and one for home. I have three kids - one being only 2 and needs naps. I play the CR120 at home for bedroom volumes - sounds awesome. It stays awesome all the way up the volume spectrum. When...
  15. Miles

    Two new production Solid State heavy weights...can you give me any experienced opinions on them?

    JC120 excels at cleans CR120 excels at dirty, still has pretty good cleans, IMO. I'm a CR120 user almost exclusively now for 3 years. I use the head into a 2x12 or 4x12 cab and I love the results. I don't use that much gain with it as just a tick above noon is a great crunch with sustain...
  16. Miles

    Stoner/Psychedelic guys: Show us your rigs!

    I use a Mesa Recto 4x12 with V30s typically. That's running the head at 8ohms which is full power. So, it's LOUD. I'll sometimes scale down to a 16 ohm Orange open back 2x12 with V30s. I'm able to work the master up a bit and the tone has more chime. After using valves for 15 years...
  17. Miles

    Stoner/Psychedelic guys: Show us your rigs!

    Also - please report back. Would love to hear your take on this beast as another actively gigging musician.
  18. Miles

    Stoner/Psychedelic guys: Show us your rigs!

    I use the Kyle Shutt Railhammers in his signature guitar. The moderate output lends itself well to big stoner gain. I get better note articulation and the P90 on the neck cleans up really well when needed and articulates on big neck pickup gain. Chords ring out a big better than a high output...
  19. Miles

    Stoner/Psychedelic guys: Show us your rigs!

    Wish I had an educated take on this one. I did pit my CR120 directly against my OR50 and it had better cut, more headroom, and better high volume articulation. So, I sold the OR50. That said, the OR50 to my knowledge only shares similarities in voicing to the OR120.
  20. Miles

    Stoner/Psychedelic guys: Show us your rigs!

    Hey! I would agree with your assessment. I've had a lot of Orange tube heads (OR50, Dual Terror, Rocker 30, and TH30). For me, the CR120 punched through better than the OR50 and just sounded better than the Dual Terror or TH30 to my ears. As you said, it's super close to the RV. The RV100...
  21. Miles

    Stoner/Psychedelic guys: Show us your rigs! This rig is used and recorded the project link above. Your feedback is welcome! Only use a Fuzz Factory and Delay on the floor. The rest is big guitar sound into big crunch. The Orange CR120 is a killer stoner metal amp. If I need to get more portable...
  22. Miles

    Anyone playing hard rock with SSS Strat: what’s your approach

    I've used a strat for hard rock. You have to be OK with some 60 cycle hum. I've used high gain amps or pedal-based rigs with it. No, I don't like the strat sound as much as a high output pickup in a tele bridge, but that's a matter of taste. I've had success with more bass and mids and less...
  23. Miles

    Orange Rockerverb MKIII 100 vs Mesa TC-50 - What would you do?

    Just fine! :) Currently have the master of the CR120 at around 10:30. Past 2:00, you run out of actual volume and you're distorting the power amp, so it has plenty of volume on tap to hang with the 5150. Using it with an 8 ohm cab, I get the full 120 watts. You can use the CR120 with a 16ohm...
  24. Miles

    Orange Rockerverb MKIII 100 vs Mesa TC-50 - What would you do?

    I hear you. The Rockerverb is a GREAT amp. That said, I second his opinion. I'd sell it, buy TWO CR120 heads and a new Reverend Sensei and call it good. :) I almost bought a Rockerverb but the idea of having it rebiased and retubed along with the way tube amps are moody when it comes to...
  25. Miles

    Best Solid State Amp?

    Yes! These are the real deal too. Damn stellar tones out of any of the amps in their lineup. If my Orange CR120 wasn't created, I'd be headed for the Quilter camp. Possibly the tone bloc 200 or Mach series. I had the great pleasure of plugging into a stereo rig into an Atlas 6x12 stereo...