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  1. scottlr

    If you're in a cover band and not using a modeler...

    I played in a cover band full time for years. My gear was: G&L Skyhawk Fender Strat Randall RG60 MXR Flanger DOD Analog Delay EHX Micro-Synth Reverb on amp Mostly the pedals were for my satisfaction, because nobody in the crowd knew if I used them or not. I needed delay, something that did the...
  2. scottlr

    John Mayor is on par with John Linen

    :spit Yeah, him and Paul McCarthy.
  3. scottlr

    Jam on Fusion style

    Very nice!
  4. scottlr

    Please, I hate this site/

    You'll fit right in
  5. scottlr

    Def Leppard High n dry tone!

    Agreed, especially on the gain. When you listen to all those great old Marshall sounds, most all of them are way cleaner than most players try to copy them.
  6. scottlr

    Why do people like Fender Guitars?

    I started with RICs in 1967, then moved to Gibsons. I didn't warm up to Strats until the 80s, then 10 years later, my first Tele. I still love and own all of them, but unless I have a distinct urge, I grab this one Tele before trying any of the others for the same job.
  7. scottlr

    Any artistes who can offer some advice on drawing guitars?

    A ruler would help for both strings and frets, and you only have 18 frets, double-dotted at the 10th. Ruler on pups & neck, too. :D
  8. scottlr

    Happy Birthday, Ringo!

    Oh, is he that as well? ;)
  9. scottlr

    Happy Birthday, Ringo!

    80 Years old today!
  10. scottlr

    RIP Charlie Daniels

    R.I.P. Charlie
  11. scottlr

    Not Gibson/Fender/PRS…what is your favorite guitar?

    RIC, Guild, G&L if I have to choose not one of OPs exclusions.
  12. scottlr

    When men were men and real musicians walked this land

    OP, he was probably using a tone bender or a fuzz face. Also possible it was the built-in fuzz on the Kustom amps. Boomer here. Simmer down, Milli.
  13. scottlr

    Is learning songs off of youtube cheating?

    I was playing in full time 6 nights a week top 40 bands for years. While I have a good ear for figuring out a song from a record, I never seemed to have enough time to fine tune it. So, even though I am good at doing it old school, I take full advantage of YT to learn stuff quick. If that's...
  14. scottlr

    What's your most controversial Led Zeppelin opinion?

    Chet I knew of in the 60s, JL & TT, not by name. In those early days of teens, I had very limited funds, and more music that be bought than I could even fathom. There's so much from my own days I never heard until later, if at all. FM radio opened that up around 1970. Still, I couldn't afford it...
  15. scottlr

    What's your most controversial Led Zeppelin opinion?

    More like Mark Warner & John Fogerty. John M & Tommy T? Drawing a blank. :dunno Need sleep, maybe.
  16. scottlr

    You have an audition for a hard rock band. Which of YOUR amplifiers do you bring?

    Mine's the Tweed 4x10 Blues DeVille. I think the 2x12 was the Blues DeLuxe, no?
  17. scottlr

    I dropped my new telecaster

    It was out of tune? Now that shouldn't happen with a Tele.
  18. scottlr

    You have an audition for a hard rock band. Which of YOUR amplifiers do you bring?

    90s Blues DeVille. Heavy as hell, but it sounds great at any volume.
  19. scottlr

    Why on Earth would so many Strat players make these ghastly mistakes?!?

    I do every one of your three points. I also angle the radius of the strings to be a tad higher on the low strings.
  20. scottlr

    Is the Telecaster more similar tone wise to a Les Paul or a Strat?

    You ever melt over all those great LP tones Page got on LZI? I did. They are all on a tele.
  21. scottlr

    Classic Rock Driving Songs

    Drive My Car - Beatles
  22. scottlr

    Who Here Likes Marty Robbins?

    Oh hell yes.
  23. scottlr

    Steve Vai equivalent in country music?

    All three of these guys.