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    Strange thing with Mu-tron wah pedal

    I was setting up for a gig yesterday and I brought 3 pedals along and placed them in this order. Mutron wah, Bad Monkey, Ibanez Phaser. When I kicked in the Bad Monkey, I noticed that I could hear the clean sound mixed with the distortion. Cool, but not something I want all the time. I start...
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    Is anyone else tired of all the "D" clones?

    Ok before you guys roast me, I don't mean this as a slight to all the great boutique amp makers out there. My issue is that there are too many choices when it comes to "D" clones. I fully understand how great these amps are, but with so many choices, where do you start? Personally I'd...
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    Hiwatt vs. Reeves is there really a big difference?

    That right there is the issue. I've played a few Hiwatts and I know I want that sound. I'd hate to be short changed with the Reeves, even though I'm sure it's a great amp. I got an email from someone regarding a 71 Hiwatt 50 head, but the transformers have been changed and the amp was...
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    Hiwatt vs. Reeves is there really a big difference?

    I'm selling all my amps. that's right all of them!! I gotta have that Hiwatt sound. Ok, here's the problem. Good ones in great shape are hard to find and the new ones are stupid expensive, if you can track one down. I've been looking at Reeves for a while, but never played one. Anyone here...
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    Turning budget guitars into something special

    I do own a couple of vintage guitars, (67 tele, 80 silverburst custom, 79 hamer sunburst), so I figured this would be good for me. I have a couple of other guitars that aren't so old, but IMO are irreplaceable. I'll check into a few more insurance options, but I'm actually excited about what...
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    Turning budget guitars into something special

    Ok, I'm about to go on tour. I have some really nice guitars, but I don't want to worry about them while on the road. After a bit of searching and youtube watching, I've decided to pick up 4 or 5 Hamer XT guitars. Of course I'll be upgrading the pickups and hardware, but I figured it they...
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    Help me with my vintage Mutron wah.....

    Thanks Mike. You're the man. That did the trick. LOVE your pedals BTW!!!!
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    Help me with my vintage Mutron wah.....

    That look pretty interesting, but what about the volume boost issue?
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    Help me with my vintage Mutron wah.....

    I have a Mutron Wah pedal that sounds amazing and is so unique, I can't find an alternative. The problem is the noise and a noticeable increase in over all volume. This pedal has to be at least 15db louder than anything else I have. While I like the way it pushes my other effects, (OD, Dist...
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    Wiring for a Schaller Megaswitch E

    I need help wiring a megaswitch to my ssh guitar. has anyone had experience with this before?? I have a push/pull pot on the tone knob as well. Thanks
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    Best modeling amp for under $500

    My nephew is 16 and looking for an amp that can give him a variety of sounds. I suggested a modeling amp since he has such a small amount of cash and can't get into a nice tube amp and pedals right now. He plays a late 80's Hamer Chapparel (gift from me on his b-day) SSH configuration...
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    What's your favorite Hamer Guitar and why

    I have a USA Chapparel from the late 80's that's been my go to studio and stage guitar. It can hold it's own against any boutique ssh guitar out there. Ugly, worn and with rusted parts. The ultimate relic, except this one has a couple of decades of use. I plan on picking up a few more...
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    The best all tube amp on a budget. (30 watts or more)

    Just curious to know what some of you consider to be the best value for a new, used or vintage tube amp, that has at least 30 watts. Combo or head. Under $1000
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    Diezel VH4 in action.....

    bump for great tone
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    JCM 800 50w Head owners...may I have a word with you???

    I got a 2205 with Drakes and it's one of my fave amps. as a matter of fact, I have a Triptik on the way for a tour and if I don't like it, the 800 and some sort of Fender clean amp is coming with me. Killer amps and they can suit many styles.
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    What do you REALLY think about original JCM800 cabs?

    I've been looking and there seems to be quite a few available and the prices are good too. Almost wish I hadn't ordered 4 Creambacks for my empty Hiwatt cab. I may try and find one in a couple weeks when I have more disposable income.
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    Diezel VH4 in action.....

    Here is a clip of my good friend, Alan Scott playing his Diezel through 2 Bogner cubes and one of his many Tom Anderson guitars. He has more amps than should be legally allowed, but the Diezel seems to be his go to for live performances. I can see why. Enjoy...
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    What do you REALLY think about original JCM800 cabs?

    Lately, I've been really digging a friend of mine's old 800 cab. well, not so much for clean, but damn does it kill for crunchy OD. It seems that after all these years, the 75's in the cab have broken in nicely. Any of you agree?
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    Carol Ann Triptik.....what speakers/cab??

    I really liked the clean sound. The tele had a nice spank, but also low end that I love. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into the dirty tones. I just don't like the way PRS guitars sound (or play). The Orange amp isn't at the top of my list either. I have a Hiwatt cab with original Fanes...
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    best 50 x 2 power amp?

    You really can't go wrong with the VHT/Fryette power amps. They have set the benchmark for years. Mesas always sounded a little stiff to my ears, but are used by many prominent players. Marshall made some good power amps too. If you can find one, the Groove Tubes power amps are very versatile...
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    Carol Ann Triptik.....what speakers/cab??

    I just placed an order for a Quad of 16ohm creambacks. I should have them by the end of the month. If the amp gets here before then, I have the Hiwatt cab and a 1960B with 75's to try with it. Wish me luck.....
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    Carol Ann Triptik.....what speakers/cab??

    I gotta have my 4X12's (It's a stage look thing). I'm not really looking for that smooth, creamy tone. I need over the top, aggressive tones for this tour. Will those speakers deliver?
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    Your favorite/best Marshall cab for Marshall Plexi amps?

    I have played the YJM and own a 1987X and for me the standard 1960 cab with 75's sounded best with the YJM and a Hiwatt with Fanes for the 1987X. Maybe there's better options, but these work great, especially with humbuckers.
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    Carol Ann Triptik.....what speakers/cab??

    I considered EVM12L's, but those in a 4x12 and road case would be unbearable. I think I'm gonna try the Creambacks. I may also do a open back 2X12 or 4X10 for cleans and use a cab switcher. I love aggressive tones, whether they be clean or dirty. I'm still curious as to how it would...