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  1. wingwalker

    New fuzzy goodness from BMf

    i recently got my hands on a pair of limited run (?) BMF fuzzes. The first up is the NKT 275 Ge Spot which is amazing! I’ve got several NKT fuzzes to choose from and honestly after getting this one I’ll be moving a few. Scott knocked it way outta the park with this one. Next up is the RR...
  2. wingwalker

    Your Top 7 Dirt Pedals?

    Its so funny what can change in 5 or 6 years! Most of those are gone or packed away now!!!
  3. wingwalker

    What wah pedal am I looking for?

    Reach out to Scott @ BMF...his stock wah is as simple as it gets, is fuzz friendly and sounds amazing but he also has other options if you have a specific tone in mind.
  4. wingwalker

    Fuzzfaces and amps

    The thing to me about a Fuzz face that makes them so amazing is how dynamic and expressive they are based on how you as a player pick a note, squeeze a note and shake a note not to mention how hard you pickup, how high your pickups are set, string gauge, etc... This is also the same thing that...
  5. wingwalker


    Is Anvil/Calzone the last or only word or are there other options out there that are worth looking into and worth what they cost???
  6. wingwalker

    best new production KT66?

    I am currently running Gold Lion "reissues" and while I love the overall sound of them I will say I'm on my second set as the first ones died...and died quickly! I've picked up a pair of Shuguangs to try as well
  7. wingwalker

    Uni-Vibe suggestions

    If you want a swirly sound that isn't a phaser or a chorus or anything like that then almost any Uni Vibe clone will do the trick...Voodoo Lab, Fulltone, etc... I have tried a bunch of clones and so far the only one that I've really been happy with is the KR Mega Vibe. While they are not truly...
  8. wingwalker

    BMF GB Boost

    Rangemaster type, yes... Rangemaster clone, no... Transistor driven gritty gain boost with volume and tone controls. There is not a single position on either control that isn't usable!
  9. wingwalker

    Historic Gold Top question

    Has Gibson gotten the gold colour "right" yet? If so, what year did the change to a correct 50's gold colour happen?
  10. wingwalker

    My WH-1 got stolen....

    Long story that really doesn't matter...the long and short of it is my old WH-1 Whammy Pedal has been stolen. I am way out of the loop on the Whammy stuff. Is there anything that's a suitable replacement besides another WH-1? I know this is a very hot topic among whammy heads but I am just...
  11. wingwalker

    Most natural OD with soft to moderate compression?

    I had given up on OD pedals completely because everything I'd tried either messed up the tone, ruined my guitar/amp dynamics or was just too unnatural sounding in it's attack and/or decay until I tried the Godfather from BMF. I now run a Godfather II on my board and while the "A" side is a bit...
  12. wingwalker

    Slide Pedal

    I've tried to use compressors for slide but just never love the way it sounds for to hear others do it but can't seem to make it work for me. I just punch the gain up a little bit for more of the amps sustain and to shape the tone a bit...lately that's been from either the BMF GB...
  13. wingwalker

    Should I switch to Jazzmaster pickups in a Squier JMJM?

    The AVRI pickups are damn hard to beat and to me Curtis is THE Jazzmaster guru...
  14. wingwalker

    What is the CLOSEST tape Echoplex delay sound you can buy in a pedal..

    Every Echoplex I've ever owned or even tried chopped off a good bit of top end... In fact I run mine in a looper to keep my tone intact unless I actually want the echo. The magical midrange everybody talks about in the EP preamp is from it lopping off a good bit of your top end.
  15. wingwalker

    What is the CLOSEST tape Echoplex delay sound you can buy in a pedal..

    I guess this has sorta gotten deep... If I had to have one today, right this minute and wasn't going to futz around with the buy, try, sell, buy, try, sell, buy again mess I'd get the Catalinbread Belle Epoch and call it a day.
  16. wingwalker

    Should I switch to Jazzmaster pickups in a Squier JMJM?

    We've had this discussion and the answer was yes!!!
  17. wingwalker

    What is the CLOSEST tape Echoplex delay sound you can buy in a pedal..

    I am just stating my opinion and to me there is no pedal that truly sounds like a good (well maintained, correctly running, etc) tape echo. It's really a very broad topic as everyone in this thread including myself just keeps saying "tape echo" and the fact is that a Copycat, an Echoplex (1, 2...
  18. wingwalker

    What is the CLOSEST tape Echoplex delay sound you can buy in a pedal..

    I haven't heard anything yet thats really even close... What have you tried that to you was in the ballpark?
  19. wingwalker

    Best Uni-Vibe type effect?

    I haven't tried them all but I have tried a bunch... I have yet to found anything I like as much as the KR Mega Vibe
  20. wingwalker

    What is the CLOSEST tape Echoplex delay sound you can buy in a pedal..

    I've yet to hear anything that's even close if you really know what a real tape echo sounds like...
  21. wingwalker

    What's your oldest pedal?

    True "pedal"...I think my old Jen built Sound City Wah Face is a 1970 or 1971 but if you mean effect I have a DeArmond Trem-Trol that is much older...close to 20 years older in fact!
  22. wingwalker

    Treble Booster Discussion & Appreciation Thread

    I've had a love/frustration relationship with Treble Boosters for years and have owned quite a few different ones, often finding the same issues. I landed on an AnalogMan Beano for years as it was the least problematic unit I'd found until I tried the BMF GB Boost!! The GB Boost truly changed...
  23. wingwalker

    Which Univibe?

    I haven't tried them all but I still haven't found anything "better" than the KR Mega Vibe yet. I'm still looking, most recently trying the Castledine but the KR so far is still king... Total crap build quality but it's got the tone.
  24. wingwalker

    Sold Gibson Historic Nickel ABR bridge - $30

    2 messages sent I will take it, just need a paypal address to send payment to.