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  1. Wesman61

    Bare Knuckle, made easy: New Boot Camp range

    I like the idea and the price but the lack of info is a deal breaker. I care about more than just the output of pickups. It seems hard to find very many reviews on these.
  2. Wesman61

    Fender American Professional series to be discontinued...?

    Really am curious about this. I love my AM Pro SSS. Love the neck because it just plays so well. I'm looking to get an HSS and The AM Pro would be perfect but with humbuckers I prefer wider frets. If they kept the neck carve but went back to medium jumbo frets that would be perfect.
  3. Wesman61

    NGD; PRS SE 35th

    I’ve owned 4 regular SE’s, The Paul’s guitar and now the 35th. The Paul’s and 35th are much nicer. Lighter weight, nicer looking woods and they sound better to my ears.
  4. Wesman61

    NGD; PRS SE 35th

    My guitar room is a disaster but here’s a pic.
  5. Wesman61

    NGD; PRS SE 35th

    I love it. It just feels like a quality guitar. Sounds great and has a vintage tone in humbucker mode. The 35th seems to have more bass response.
  6. Wesman61

    NGD; PRS SE 35th

    I've been jonesing for one of these since buying a an SE Paul's guitar a few months ago. What I liked about the Paul's guitar is that it was significantly lighter than my SE 24 and the frets are taller. I just wanted the same features but with a trem. I didn't want to go mail order since I...
  7. Wesman61

    What Would You Do With This Setup?

    I'm thinking of getting another board and setting one up for clean and bluesy tones with my Fendery amp and another to use with my Jet City for everything from classic rock to metal. With the ability to get some classic rock from the Fendery setup. I would most likely be selling some pedals and...
  8. Wesman61

    DOD/Digitech: inexplicably not popular?

    I have a Bad Monkey, HW Tube OD, Nautila, Ventura Vibe and a Carcosa. I like them all.
  9. Wesman61

    Gigs you attended, so loud it sounded like white noise and songs hard to identify ?

    Ted Nugent in the mids 70's and Black Label Society a few years back. BLS was painfully loud.
  10. Wesman61

    Guitar Center has reopened

    There's a local small chain here near Boise, ID that is open. They sanitize guitars after they've been played. They have a better selection than GC. I get the best deals from GC and I love their return policy but I might be giving the locals more consideration after this.
  11. Wesman61

    Bought a Brand New Bad Monkey Today.

    I called because my son asked me the same question. The guy said I got the last one. And man, it sounds as good as I remember.
  12. Wesman61

    Bought a Brand New Bad Monkey Today.

    My son told me he saw a Bad Monkey at a local music store chain. It's the type of store whose showroom is half or more pianos and organs. They have a few effects pedals and quite a few guitars as well. I went over and sure enough, they had a brand new BM for $49. It was like a trip back in time...
  13. Wesman61

    Line 6 Helix - Dialing In Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover

    Old thread lol. I ended up sending it back. It had a non original bridge and had been rewired quite a bit. I hated the neck on it. I don’t mind big necks but the EJ Strat had way more meat on the treble side of the back of the neck than I wanted. Plus the nitro finish wasn’t for me.
  14. Wesman61

    Gibson Forcing Workers To Work During Co-Vid19

    Oh yeah, and if we come to work sick we’ll be sent home. Attendance policy will still be enforced. Nothing like encouraging employees to participate in spreading the virus.
  15. Wesman61

    Gibson Forcing Workers To Work During Co-Vid19

    The factory where I work sent out an email saying that the current attendance policy (which is very strict) will be enforced as is. So if I get covid-19 and miss 3 days or more I will need to apply for FMLA or be fired. For employees taking off work because of childcare the same applies. And the...
  16. Wesman61

    Goodbye S-Gear

    I bought S-Gear a few years back with the understanding that it would be expanded. Used it for maybe 3 or 4 years so I guess I can say I got my $129 worth of use out of it. Like a few other folks I was a bit disappointed about having to pay for an “upgrade” that didn’t add any new models. So I...
  17. Wesman61

    Bad experience in a guitar store...

    No offense but I don't think you understand how business works. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on gear the last 20 years. Any business savvy person will tell you how important repeat business is. Since that visit I've bought an amp, 2 PRS SE's, numerous pedals including Suhr, Wampler...
  18. Wesman61

    Bad experience in a guitar store...

    Last year I went into a music store in Meridian, ID to check out a wah. When I told the guy I’d be back in a couple of weeks to pick it up when I got back from vacation, he got really agitated and refused to talk to me. He even cut me off to talk to another customer across the store that was...
  19. Wesman61

    I refused to buy a guitar because he was "thinning the herd"

    What annoys me is when they say “I’ll post some pictures later on.” No! You’re just hoping someone will buy it before you have to work.
  20. Wesman61

    NPD x2 Wamplers

    Got the Reflection reverb on SDOTD recently and it arrived yesterday. I was majorly disappointed at first. I plugged it in the fx loop on my Bad Cat Classic Pro and it seemed the reverb effect was way too subtle. Went back awhile later and put it front of the amp. That’s more like it! I like...
  21. Wesman61

    My beef with pedals that are "designed to use with a cranked amp"

    I'm an extreme cynic but I always suspected that "designed to enhance a cranked amp" was a gimmick. Code for "just another TS variant."
  22. Wesman61

    David Lee Roth: "Ed's not doing well"

    I’m Jim Dandy and I approve this message.
  23. Wesman61

    Introducing The American Ultra Series | Fender

    I doubt I'd spend $2k on any guitar but I don't hate these. The only color that interests me is the cobra blue. It'd be great if Fender was forgoing the gimmicks and focusing on quality. If my American Professional is any indication of the current quality standards then I think Fender is doing a...
  24. Wesman61

    6v6 vs 6l6

    I have a Bad Cat Classic Pro. It comes with 6V6's but can take 6L6's. I've ran both and feel the 6L6's seem a little bit scooped in the mids. With 6V6's the amp sounds better with dirt pedals. I like the cleans better when using 6L6's.
  25. Wesman61

    EarthQuaker Devices “Plumes” OD

    I got one about a month ago and don't hear the pop some have mentioned.