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  1. imguitardan

    NPD: Menatone Menawatt

    Finally got one off Reverb. Haven’t gotten it yet but I’m stoked. I have a Lumpy’s Leeds Boost. Looking forward to comparing.
  2. imguitardan

    HB-sized alnico pole P90

    Wolfetone used to and he makes the best P90s I've heard. I'd jump on these (no relation to the seller)
  3. imguitardan

    Big Thief

    Love them! They must be gear nerds - they play Collings and cool amps.
  4. imguitardan

    Favourite cymbals?

    Vintage Zildjian A's (can be around $100 second hand).
  5. imguitardan

    NPD. smallsound/bigsound mini

    How do you compare the two. I have a F-ck and love it!
  6. imguitardan

    Which Rat clone for lower gain sounds?

    That’s funny. I used to do that then realized that I’ll end up spending the $$$ eventually anyway so now I do the opposite then try to find a affordable way to cop the same tones. In most cases, it’s not really worth it (hype pedals- the only notable exception is my BJFe Honey Bee - which is...
  7. imguitardan

    Which Rat clone for lower gain sounds?

    I don’t believe the Current Rat 2 in the slanted enclosure has the quality of the 90’s flat box versions. The ones I’ve heard were thin and harsh. I think the You Dirty is supposed to be good though.
  8. imguitardan

    Which Rat clone for lower gain sounds?

    I’m a Rat FREAK. I have a tone knob version, white face, black face and Kelley modded big box. I, like the OP, set my Rat to where the gain “just” engages. I’ve been looking for over a decade for what you describe, OP. Pedals that come close- Hot Cake Klon(e) Skreddy Screwdriver...
  9. imguitardan

    Fanes in a Deluxe Reverb?

    My plan is to run it until it dies (hopefully it won’t) then replace it with a better/proper transformer. I’m still totally loving it.
  10. imguitardan

    Lumpy's Leeds Boost,

    You might get em in 6 months. Paypal dispute worked to get mine. I’m happy to have it.
  11. imguitardan

    Lumpy's Leeds Boost,

    I had to open a Paypal dispute for the Leeds to come. I got it today. I’m stoked and can’t wait to run it through it’s paces. (I also just got a RAH- definitely takes some tweaking. Still not in love with it. I hope the Leeds suits me better).
  12. imguitardan

    Fanes in a Deluxe Reverb?

    Cool. Yeah. I thought the stock speaker turned out to sound pretty good after many swaps.
  13. imguitardan

    Fanes in a Deluxe Reverb?

    Here’s what my tech said- Tubes have impedance just like speakers, and the OT with an 8 ohm speaker is optimized for 6V6s. 6l6s have 1/2 the impedance of a 6V6, so you want to half the impedance of the speaker to match it up ideally. 6l6s with play fine with an 8 ohm speaker though, they’ll...
  14. imguitardan

    Fanes in a Deluxe Reverb?

    Done! Had my buddy re-bias, swap out the rectifier for a SS and put a 4 Ohm speaker in - went with a Weber Ceramic Silver (because I had one) - May go for a higher wattage alnico later. Initial report is the bass has tightened up considerably. It’s much more like my Pro in a small package...
  15. imguitardan

    Fanes in a Deluxe Reverb?

    Thanks all. I’ve been comparing the DCR with the Pro for the past two days. I can get them in the ballpark (mostly by using the Custom channel even though it’s got a softer bass response). Sounds pretty great with single coils (with the GA-SC59 speaker). I think maybe the next thought would be...
  16. imguitardan

    Fanes in a Deluxe Reverb?

    I HATED it. I was really trying not to...
  17. imguitardan

    Fanes in a Deluxe Reverb?

    Yeah. My Pro is the older model. Sounds killer. Had a few mods though- trem can be pulled out of the circuit and I don’t use the normal channel (so I’ve pulled V1). Also, I had a vintage JBL (forget the model - one of the old Alnicos though), it was super harsh.
  18. imguitardan

    Fanes in a Deluxe Reverb?

    I know YET ANOTHER DRRI speaker thread. I’ve read most of the others. I’ve yet to see one about putting a Fane in there. I’m looking to tighten up the lows. I have a early 70s Pro Reverb (non-MV) tight sounds great and super tight in the lows (2x12 ceramic speakers). I really want THAT at a...
  19. imguitardan

    Lumpy's Leeds Boost,

    I paid in full. I was waiting to see if mine went out June 30th. Nothing yet. Gonna open a paypal dispute I guess.
  20. imguitardan

    Who makes a Semi Hollow Baritone?

    Most Danelectros are semi hollow.
  21. imguitardan

    Recommend me speakers for my Bassman 2x12

    I have a ‘59 RI Bassman w a 212 baffle. I wanted a bluesbreaker vide but I put A weber Blue and Silver (both ceramic) in and it sounds pretty great - full, open, chimey. If I had to do it again, I’d try Greenbacks first.
  22. imguitardan

    help me choose a good pedal

    A Klon(e) is surely thick and uncompressed.
  23. imguitardan

    Let’s talk Filtertron replacements

    Before you replace the pups, try turning the vol pot on the guitar down a notch then boost the amp. It tightens everything up quite nicely.