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  1. Gasp100

    Mesa Fillmore 50 - underpowered?

    Just took delivery of a Mesa Fillmore 50 (after having a great Fillmore 25 for a short while) and man, this thing sounds very quiet (as in volume) even compared to the 25? I will A/B vs. my Synergy 30 (30 watt) but I'm quiet certain the SYN-30 is WAY, WAY louder. This is not necessarily a bad...
  2. Gasp100

    What cheap/decent power amp to use with Helix to power speaker cab? ****UPDATE!!!****

    If I did the modeling + solid state power amp + cab again I would probably shoot straight for the BlugGuitar Amp1.
  3. Gasp100

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    This is kind of cool actually. A real look behind the scenes at things we may never even consider as purchasers.
  4. Gasp100

    Synergy modular thread

    The DI out on the SYN-1 is pretty darn good. I tested it quite a bit going into FRFR (ie. PA speakers) vs. digital modeling and was impressed. The DI out on the SYN-30 is great because it introduces the power amp section of the rig as well. Right now I'm testing it against a Torpedo Captor X...
  5. Gasp100

    New Amp on the way! Marshall SV20C

    I had the SV20 head on a Marshall Jubilee 2x12 with NEO creambacks... man, killer tone! I have seen some decent deals on the combo but I'm always concerned about the 10" speaker, cab creek/tube rattle, etc. It sound like y'all with the combos are really impressed! I always complain about...
  6. Gasp100

    Synergy modular thread

    Yes, you would run the SYN-1 (with no cab simulation out of the 1/4" out) into power amp + cab. Then run the XLR out (with cab simulation) to FOH/PA/IEM, etc. I was looking to do this with the SYN-1 + Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 (cool, small form factor SS power amp) + cabinet. But after...
  7. Gasp100

    Tube amps loaded down

    I should mention I'm not ditching modeling completely. Considering the NUX mighty plug, seems cool and sounds on par with a lot of the other more expensive solutions.
  8. Gasp100

    Tube amps loaded down

    I use IEMS and I know I break the cardinal rule, but I'm extremely careful to set my volumes such with one ear in, one out. The IEMs are basically for vocal monitoring first and foremost, then just a bit of band mix. Sometimes I'll just forgo IEMS altogether unless I'm singing lead and sometimes...
  9. Gasp100

    Tube amps loaded down

    Hi, yes clean is the SYN-30 built in clean. Like I said, super quick configuration (the SYN-30 XLR out has a button to disable/enable cab sims so just ran that into my audio interface / DAW. Then Reaper and SGear loaded on each track to apply the IR and FX (if used). The reason I sold the Suhr...
  10. Gasp100

    high wattage tube amps users in apartment setting?

    Great advice! My volume ranges are almost exactly the same as yours, maybe a little higher if it's midday and my wife (or myself) don't have any conference calls. 95-100db @1 meter is actually pretty loud and seems to be getting to gig levels for me actually. I'm doing the tube amp reamp thing...
  11. Gasp100

    Synergy modular thread

    I had the SYN-1 and BE module and used the cab simulated DI out exclusively. That was just a gateway drug and now I'm using the SYN-30 for everything (live gigging, DI out into FOH, DI out for silent playing and now DI out cab sims off with IRs). To answer your original question I think the BE...
  12. Gasp100

    Looking for recommendations for a Cab builder. Oversized 1x12 Combo Bluesbreaker Style.

    J Design is great as well. I only ever buy his oversized 1x12's which he sells for a great deal on Reverb. But I'm sure he could build what you want, I think he does Fargen amps and maybe others?
  13. Gasp100

    Tube amps loaded down

    I know I've been going off on the tube amp + reactive load tangent and it really is wild that it took me this long to try out stuff like the Suhr RL-IR. Right now before I pull the trigger on the Captor X (or something even more expensive like the Boss TAE or OX) I'm testing Synergy SYN-30 (with...
  14. Gasp100

    Amp1 & Helix/Fractal/Kemper users...

    I guess technically you might be able to use the Amp 1 + FM3 in 4 cable method as well?
  15. Gasp100

    Coming to grips with selling my amps

    Good luck getting your Helix (or III of Kemper for that matter) sounding like this DI, in realtime with the same feel... NOT HAPPENING!!!
  16. Gasp100

    Suhr RL-IR users

    Bolded and underlined are SO IMPORTANT at this point in life with gear. I completely agree on the Suhr RL-IR. I was happy with the SYN-30 out which will be perfect for live gigs, but it's not as good/realistic as the Suhr RL-IR. Of course then I sold something else and a Mesa Fillmore 50...
  17. Gasp100

    Mesa Fillmore 25?

    Did a partial trade with the Fillmore 25 to get back to the SYN-30 for great DI silent play and gigging. Miss it already so much I found a good deal on the Fillmore 50 combo which will be here tomorrow! I can't wait to check this bigger brother out and compare / contrast with the SYN-30. I can...
  18. Gasp100

    Captor X setup question.

    Getting one as well. F@@@ this digital noise :)
  19. Gasp100

    WTB Torpedo Captor X

    Looking for a MINT Torpedo Captor X. Also assuming any type of required licensing (for cab sims?) is transferrable.
  20. Gasp100

    Coming to grips with selling my amps

    Yes, and my amazing hearing.
  21. Gasp100

    Who else made questionable COVID purchases they now regret?

    SYN-30 (with Bogner XTC module) is BACK! And yes, even the built in DI is sufficient to make it best in class, REALISTIC DI tones. But, missed my Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 and saw a killer deal on a Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 and pulled the trigger last night. Now, I could really use that Suhr RL-IR...
  22. Gasp100

    Coming to grips with selling my amps

    I've had the SV20 into Marshall Silver Jube cabinet (with Celestion NEO creambacks). KILLER amp, SUPER loud even at 5 watts IF you are jumping channels and going for any sort of Plexi "goodness". That being said, definitely able to get really sweet cleans out of the amp at safe volumes and it...
  23. Gasp100

    If only the Bogner Shiva wasn't so heavy...

    I now have the SYN-30 combo which has a great internal clean channel. Maybe a bit sterile to some, but I dig it quite a bit. I'm running it with the Bogner XTC module and it's KILLER. I have not bought anything from Salvation mods but they look and sound VERY interesting. I might actually give...
  24. Gasp100

    Coming to grips with selling my amps

    I just bought another tube amp -- oh well, different strokes. I'm getting the best "DI" tones I have ever had as well.