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    This '62 Brown Deluxe is da @#$@!!!

    Def. on my short list! My Short Short list!!
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    Simply Amazing...Gaga content

    Thank-you!! ..
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    Sheryl Crow/Doyle Bramhall II ... I like it

    Do I remember a quote about Sheryl insisting on a 'low vol' stage.. how does Doyle hang with that? ..
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    Lyle Lovett show tonight - what an encore w/out power! (pics and video inside)

    Planned?? Probably not..jus sayin. The performers from that era know how to carry a show..electricity or not. Bet your glad you went :aok ..
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    Simply Amazing...Gaga content

    I'd go in heartbeat..killer production! ..
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    What we don't like about someones playing, is often what we don't like about our own

    In addition to the other stuff mentioned I listen for gain/overdrive content. If someone is using too much gain for the style or song that gets on my nerves.. It feels more like they're taking the easy way out..I'd like to hear them go weedily weedily with a solid mid-gain tone. As for self...
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    gigs without bass player?

    Thanks for the heads up. We're usually a 4 piece, drum, bass, 2 guitars. Our other guitar player is out for the rest of the year so we're already using a hired gun replacement for his spot. The music is pop/modern country and rock, we definitely need traditional sounding bass lines. I could...
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    gigs without bass player?

    We're in the process of letting our bass player go. We're giving him the option of finishing out the year -maybe 30 more shows. If he decides to opt out of the gigs we may need some bass for a couple/few shows that the hired gun guys aren't able to make. I was thinking of recording my own bass...
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    Ever go to a gig and FORGET to bring your amp?!?!?!??!

    room starts spinning, mind starts racing, running over then throwing out a thousand scenarios all at once...when you realize you've forgotten to bring something very important to a gig... I've had a Tech 21 Para DI pedal get me out of a couple scrapes..but never actually forgot my amp.. ...
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    Putting a four bolt neck on a three bolt body

    Haha yep the bolt patterns don't line up. Guess I'll live with the small wire for now till I get around to ordering a new neck. Who do you guys like for necks beside warmoth? ...
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    Putting a four bolt neck on a three bolt body

    I just got a used 72 custom tele (RI, MIJ) and I'm not in love with the vintage wire. It has the period correct three bolt neck plate, I happen to have a 4 bolt tele neck from a US standard. Can I use the 4 bolt neck with the 3 bolt plate? The four bolt neck will now have 5 screw holes...
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    Steve Martin's Tour Rider Revealed!!!

    Thanks for the post..funny read!
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    Band/Gigging Rant - See if you can follow this...

    +1 Yup, go where the gigs are until one of the projects youd rather do takes shape. ...
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    Esperanza Spalding

    listening now, thanks for the link! Those legs could give Tina a run for her money :aok ...
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    6L6 to 6V6?

    +1 JJ6v6's sound small compared to el34's too, I did the same route -6v6's at home..not so much in the context of a band.. ...
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    ZZ-Top concert spoiler

    Mostly saw the Black billy-bo and the futura. Billy's tone was juicy and crunchy all at the same time. Any more distortion/gain and it would have gotten muddy but it was the classic current Gibbons tone. Makes me want to re-install that set of TV Jones Magnatrons I have in a box somewhere. The...
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    You know the best thing VAi ever did was in the last 15 of Crossroads right?

    +1000 Thnks for putting my thoughts into a well written post :aok ...
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    Earplugs during rehearsal?

    Yep, +100 toilet paper..I'm the lead singer in my band, and lead a memeber of TGP I am also a tone freak. I've used IEM's for about 18months -I refuse to play if I can't have them. Took me all of 45 seconds to dial in my mic placement for the guitar -I don't understand players...
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    ZZ-Top concert spoiler

    Thanks, I was gonna keep an eye on that song anyway, my band just started covering it a couple months ago after watching a Joe Bonamassa version. Bump for knowledge :aok ...
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    ZZ-Top concert spoiler

    Scored some floor seats to the ZZ-Top concert tomorrow (thurs) Anyone have a spoiler songlist? Cool/rare gear to watch for? Muchas gracias amigos :aok ...
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    Why so little Sampson love??

    I can 100% agree with the statements about the amps being voice to sit in and cut in a live setting!! I get alot of compliments on my live sound ( I use one meat and potatoes sound most of the night). I think alot of it has to do with people being able to really hear the amp without it being too...
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    Why so little Sampson love??

    I had an early Hotcat 30 right before I got the Gainstar. Loved it, in fact I prefered the gain side of the hotcat to the Gainstar.. If the hotcat would've been a combo I'd probably still have it. ...
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    Why so little Sampson love??

    I see alot of builders getting props around here but Marks name seems to be left out. Is it the former business pratices and legal bickering? I've had a love affair with his amps since I played then bought my first Clubman..eye opener! I've been through a bunch of matchless and badcat amps...
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    New Amp Day!!

    Rock! I had one I put in a white cab..schweet! Dimed with humbuckers it was a mini Marshall :aok ...
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    Small all-tube combo that ROCKS?

    +100 lol I just recommended this amp on another thread :aok ...