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    Transporting An Amp Into The USA

    I doubt there are any fee's for that. I could be wrong but the few things I bought that way didn't cost anything.
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    UPS destroyed amp that I bought off ebay. Seller didn't properly packed the amp.

    Can you spot the amp in the picture? I was at FedEx yesterday and the guy there showed me this picture and said, "Personally I wouldnt use them for expensive amps or guitars."
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    Armageddon It - Lexington Lab Band

    I went through everything on your website, easily this is right on par with the rest.. Really like you guys!
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    Customs Invoice?

    I could be wrong on this, but it was my understanding that the "Customs Fee" is charged by shipper and does not go to the US Customs service. The money goes to the shipping company as payment for filing the proper documentation. (From Elsewhere to USA) Each company charges a different amount...
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    That's not a tube amp, THIS is a tube amp:

    I think the 23 square feet is actually a typo. Or likely when the side doors are opened it requires that. See page 4 of manual LOL
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    That's not a tube amp, THIS is a tube amp:

    If you REALLY REALLY need loud and clean, 10,000 watts would be the ultimate fix 0nly $25,000 & NOS?? Westinghouse type FG-10 Audio Amplifier - 10 kw. Accepts 600 ohm input signal, 10 mW maximum and produces 10 kw output at...
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    Edcor Output Transformer

    I never use those taps, if its the ones with the spade connectors, I just put heat shrink on them for aditional safety. I special ordered a bunch of the XSE15-8-5K with leads instead of the spades years ago, they still put the screen taps on them,, something about the way they build them was...
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    Just your average mid day pizza shop act

    Been Following Mike for a long time. He has really taken this a long way from the Pizza Shop gigs thanks to exposure on Youtube. His Latest Live stuff,, Touring London & elsewhere. I really liked the stuff with Long time friend Sterling Cottam,, Those guys really seemed to mess especially well.
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    Fanged Elevator Bolts

    +1 Bonus,, they ship REALLY fast and do not inflate the shipping cost.
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    5V4 rectifier in a Victoria Ivy League-5F10?

    425 on the plates? I doubt the rectifier was the only reason it was approximately 75 volts over on the B+
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    5V4 rectifier in a Victoria Ivy League-5F10?

    It may require resetting the bias since it is a fixed bias circuit.
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    Post your favorite Beatles cover.

    For some of the early stuff the Smithereens did a pretty good cover album.
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    Is nos sylvania the brightest 6v6 tube?

    I agree. I had a sleeve of GE 6V6GTA clear tops that were extremely bright. They may have actually been something else re-labeled but for sure they were crisp.
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    There is no reason for someone to NOT own a digital multimeter...

    That is the same brand & style meter Harbor Freight always has in stock. You can get them Free with coupon. Watch local newspapers and clipper coupon mailers. I bet I have at least 25 of those laying around. Every time the battery dies I just bust out a new meter.
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    Michael Clarke amps

    #1, I was not referring to you specifically as this was not my intent. The thing overlooked here is " Why were they heavier? " If you take a common 5E3 with a Celestion Blue and compare it to a common 5E3 with a Jensen C12N there will be a significant difference. Same applies with most any...
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    Michael Clarke amps

    Its Apples & Oranges when it comes to actual amp weight. The majority of weight in any amp is fixed weight. Transformers, chassis & speakers being very significant portion of that. When you weigh an amp with an Alnico speaker and compare it to one with a Neo, or a Ceramic, its going to be all...
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    Cranking a Couple 100 Watters in the House

    (2) 100 watt Marshall Stacks cranked in the house = Manly Anything else = Not so much Sounds Great!!! Nice playing!! :aok
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    Need old Ampeg parts, where do I look?

    There is nothing shock mount about that part,, it was often common to put rubber tubing over those to prevent nearby wire chaffing Those are garden variety male/female standoffs,, likely 1/2 in length McMaster Carr, Fastest shipper on the planet...
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    Sherwood hi-fi amp quesiton on odd multisection cap can

    If its one of the old vintage Tube amps ,,My buddies Grandfather was a founder of Sherwood back when those were made. Can you get a few detailed pictures of the part?
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    New TAD 6v6's - matched pair doesn't match

    I had a similar experience in one of my EL84 SE HiFi amps. Put in a matched pair, one red-plated almost immediately. Swapped sockets and the same socket red-plated. A couple swipes with some deoxit, a quick re-tension and problem solved. That said, I bought some recently matched Tung-Sol...
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    NAD: Tencount 35W 5E3 Tweed Deluxe

    Super 5D4 schematic minus the extra pre-amp tube/channel? Maybe dropped the 5D4 negative feedback as well? Set it up with the standard 5E3 v1 pre-amp.
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    Jensen Nighthawk or Jensen Blackbird + Celestion Vintage 30?

    I have never been fond of mixing an Alnico with a Ceramic in any situation. Nighthawk is a great speaker, I think the Lightning might be another good choice. The lightning is a pretty fat sounding speaker. YMMV
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    Tweed restoration question...

    Man,, this is a tough call. Me, I lean towards a light mist coat of clear, de-fuzz it lightly with one of thoss 3M scotch brite pads. Be careful to get really transparent clear,, you don't want to upset the color any further. Gnarly, dirty, fuzzed up original cabs do have a ton of MoJo,, it...