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    One Electric Guitar For Life, Which One Are You Going To Choose?

    hard to beat semi hollowbody for only one guitar
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    Do you really care how you get your tone?

    effects really get annoying for me in a hurry, so I would replace the pups over a treble boost. I have lindy fralins blues specials so a dark pup is a nice option. but I also have several gutiars to chose from
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    MIJ '62RI Strat - Value and any good?

    mine in a sunburst burst 62 ri 96 mij, beautiful, unreliable as hell, soft wood on a photograph, dings and screws falling out, looks good on a stand, really can not make it a main guitar. really would avoid this crap, it looks great, but junk wood makes it useless.
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    Great Band, hate the singer.

    really hard to list just a few, always preferred instrumentals.
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    Replacing speakers - Question about watts/sensitivity

    for two speakers with same impedance the goes to both speaker, whether they are series or parallel, if the speakers were different impedances more power would go the lower impedance speaker, 4 ohms and 8 ohms, its a 1/4 power to the 8 ohm and 3/4 to the 4 ohms, since the sensifivities are the...
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    Guitar suggestions with a $1500 budget

    Fender HSS deluxe, really love the humbucker in the bridge, they run $1500 new.
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    Omega vs Hot Rod Deluxe 3

    my omega modded hot rod deluxe is fantastic, the marshall tone on the drive channel is what I have been searching for, fender clean and marshall drive in ONE FRIGGINGG AMP my hot rod came with a V30, the hot rod III...
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    Another Omega mods question...

    put the Crex in initially after the omega mod, worked fine with the 6L6s when I replace those with my JJs 6V6s had a problem, so went back to the V30 which came with the amp, its a texas red edition deluxe, have not had a problem running 6L6s or my 6v6s
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    If you had 1000 dollars, and wanted a 1x12 combo...

    my fender hot rod deluxe running 6v6s gets 22 watts or so, running stock 6L6s gets 40 watts, omega modded mine is a beast, marshall drive tones with fender cleans best $150 ever spent. Really like the versitlity of the fender hot rod, check out the omega mod thread...
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    To buy or not to buy

    buy a new lp its has a life time warranty, so if you tend to keep your guitars like I do buying new is not a bad idea, also your not dealing with some one elses mistakes, you can create your own. I have always owned lps and strats, think most every one here has that combination, so find one...
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    info about this "LP Special"..

    have owned a couple of the LP specials, $600 is probably a top price for a used special, if its in good shape and you like it fine, needs a hardshell case for that, most specials came new with a gigbag and we owners upgrade to a hard shell case, if its a gigbag $550 would be better price. the...
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    Help Picking Out An SG

    my 71 SG was a baritone, with a thin neck, might find some thing like that, a long necked SG with the high fret access is insane, vibrato out the ass, dive bombs were too much fun with that guitar.
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    Hello from Dallas

    welcome Jaret, live by plano, hopefully you enjoy the site.
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    Looking for reccomendations; buying a semi-hollow!!

    have the epi sheraton II, looks good, though the Ibanez have pups that I prefer over the epis, I was going to replace the pups in the epi sheraton, which is a pain in a semi hollowbody, probably better with the ibanez if you like the pups.
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    New Gibson Model

    thanks for the thread, gives me something to check out.
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    Epi Explorer @ Pawn Shop

    grab it, they were very nice only a couple years of production,
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    Gibson Faded SG pickup suggestions

    humbuckers or P-90s my faded LP has humbuckers, rio grande Texas BBQs without covers they are split coils the rio grande pups tend to work best split coil. the humbucker is a bit midrangy, the single coil is amazing. for split coils the 500K push pull pot, dimarzio or rsguitarworks have used...
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    what do u think of claptons i shot the sheriff to marleys

    really have not heard the marley version that much, 2XiYUYcpsT4 suprised how much clapton kept of the song.
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    Advice For Cleaning Maple Fretboards?

    this, though steelwool if it gets grungy, really don't want any oils added to a maple neck.
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    Kinman or Fralins?

    would not use a youtube video for pickup selection, the amp really effects the tone of a pickup, my fralin blues specials are excellent, the base plate on the bridge pup really gets the tone aggresive, I have a couple strats, so the darker blues tone is great, probably go with the brighter...
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    Strat pickups; Amalfitano or Fralin or ??

    have the fralin blues specials in a strat, nice set of pups they are darker than most pickups which I was looking for, the base plate on the bridge pup really helps, Jerry amalfitatano is local, have several of his humbucker sets and they are all first class pickups. I have had problems with...
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    Leslie West Amputation...

    saw leslie west with mountain in 1977, front row center as a matter of fact, he was so much fun to watch in concert, laughing and joking and have a great time. hopefully he will back soon.
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    Anyone Remember Bloodrock?

    bloodrock was a local band, listened to DOA every night at 9pm on the am radio, it was when the number 1 request was played and DOA was always the number 1 request, had several of the albums, and steve hill the keyboard players brother and I went to same high school, Lee Pickens was always...
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    Most Pretentious Rock Album Ever?

    When I entered the thread tales of topographic oceans was the one I would list, not sure I ever finished the album,