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  1. ecbluesman54

    Possibly trading my Divided by 13 FTR 37 for a Bad Cat Hot Cat 30

    Another fan of the Hot Cat 30R here. Mine is a 2014. It is loud though! Last gig i had it miked, and had to put it on half power setting. Its a loud, but awesome 30 watts!
  2. ecbluesman54

    removing nash guitar logo (2014~2015)

    My 2006 Nash Esquire doesn't have a logo, just the signature and date on the back of the headstock, my 2014 does have the logo though.
  3. ecbluesman54

    Does such an amp exist?

    It does. Channel one is a great sounding/edge of breakup tone, and channel two can get very heavy especially with humbuckers.
  4. ecbluesman54

    Does such an amp exist?

    Used Bad Cat Hot Cat? Bogner Shiva?
  5. ecbluesman54

    Do you gig your R9?

    Play it, that's what it's for. Certainly take care of it, and be cautious of it, but definitely okay and enjoy it!
  6. ecbluesman54

    NAD:Swart AST MKII Master combo and Gibson Murphy aged Duane Allman #32

    Swet setup! Love my Swart AST master too, awesome amp!
  7. ecbluesman54

    Tele owners: Tell me which pup to use

    Never heard of this before, but might be trying it out. I've found that pickup height on a Tele is much more important than on any other guitar I've played. It becomes crucial on a Tele to get the tone your looking for. That and using the vol and tone controls. Thanks for sharing the tip!
  8. ecbluesman54

    First gig with Trussart Steelcaster! NICE!!

    Love the look of that! Awesome!
  9. ecbluesman54

    Swart Amps

    I haven't run a Humbucker through it yet, been infatuated with the tone of my Tele. Soon though. I'll try my Lp and 335.
  10. ecbluesman54

    Going to sell 2, buy 1

    Would love a Lazy J, but not readily available, and not cheap.
  11. ecbluesman54

    Swart Amps

    I got mine with a Gold. I've only had it a couple days, so I'm pretty much in the honeymoon phase, but previous experience with the Gold has been great.
  12. ecbluesman54

    Need a 5w amp wither tweedlike breakup with some bass response.

    Love my Swart STR, but have never played it with a drummer. Great sounding 5w, and a ton of fun to play. Definitely a Rock an Roll machine.
  13. ecbluesman54

    Swart Amps

    Well the Swart performed awesome at the gig last night. Cut through the mix perfectly, felt great playing. I'm extremely happy with it!
  14. ecbluesman54

    Fly Date Pedalboard

    Very nice Dan!
  15. ecbluesman54

    Remodeling the Timmy (pictures)

    I like it, very cool, nice job!
  16. ecbluesman54

    Swart Amps

    Thanks! I got mine from Humbucker, one of the best to work with!
  17. ecbluesman54

    Carr Sportsman

    I bought mine without every trying one, and if your coming from a Princeton, you'll love the sportsman. After I received mine,I compared it to a popular boutique Princeton clone, and the Carr won hands down. I played it last night in a band situation and it was perfect. Hopefully your happy...
  18. ecbluesman54

    Swart Amps

    I just received my AST Master today, and absolutely agree with ruger9 above! I got home, plugged it in, put my Nash Tele into it, strummed an E chord, and it just sounded right. It's perfect. Reverb is usable throughout the dial, Trem is awesome, single tone knob (no messing with a EQ), master...
  19. ecbluesman54

    What will be your main guitar to play this weekend?

    It'll be my current favorite for Friday night... TC-63 Nash Tele
  20. ecbluesman54

    I swore I'd never own a Strat, but alas, NGD...

    Big fan of Nash guitars, love the new Strat! Congrats!
  21. ecbluesman54

    Louis electric KR12 experience?

    Thanks for the tips saltydogg. Th Classic lead 80 has always sounded stiff to me, and has a weird sizzle (if that makes any sense). I'm definitely going to mess around with the Gain Input 1 today. Have an opening gig tonight, and will be trying it out in a band setting. Cobra fangs, Alan was a...
  22. ecbluesman54

    Louis electric KR12 experience?

    So it finally arrived, and I got a chance to play through it for about an hour. Sounds great! Definitely can be tweaked, and need to find what input will work best for me. So far I have been in channel one, and used my pedalboard for extra OD. Mine came with the Classic Lead 80, and my through...