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    Steve Vais new look? (Cut his hair, and grew a beard)

    That's because Petrucci uses hair and beard dye from the "Colors Not Found In Nature" collection.
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    Question about reverb return policy

    I once returned a CS Relic Strat because of an undisclosed re-fret with non-vintage spec 6105 wire and non-disclosed Lollar Blondes. Damn I miss that guitar, best Strat I've ever played!
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    Fender, uh, mistake?

    It's a Fender Parallel Universe Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe with TV Jones Classics, from 2018 (limited run) made in America. A year or 2 before the orange there were similar white and black Thinline Tele's with Filtertrons (i.e. White Falcon Telecaster and Black Falcon Telecaster)...
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    Alnico Cream...Can it be repaired?

    You'll probably do permanent damage trying to fix it. Best to leave it alone and use as is.
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    Carlos Santana Explains Why He Left Gibson for PRS Guitars, Believes He Saved the Company With Advice He Gave Paul Reed Smith

    Yeah, that PRS tone's not doing it for me. Moonflower, especially Eruopa, inspired me to play guitar - I started on an SG and bought a Boogie 4 years later. I've wanted to like PRS but I always end up sounding like the attached 1982 Europa and not the 1977 Europa.
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    Big box cali76 limited run

    The TX-L is sweet yet more 'transparent' while the TX adds warmth. For guitar I would go with the TX, for a studio processor I may lean towards the TX-L. The TX is definitely my choice for 'always on' with guitar.
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    Carlos Santana Explains Why He Left Gibson for PRS Guitars, Believes He Saved the Company With Advice He Gave Paul Reed Smith

    From the Ultimate Santana site The tone of Carlos Santana’s Yamaha SG guitar can be heard on a number of landmark recordings, one of the most notable being 1977’s Moonflower. From that record came the studio version of “She’s Not There,” along with live versions of “Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi...
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    Group Buy: Who's in?

    But your cup of tea would look fab-u-lous sitting on top one :aok
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    Big box cali76 limited run

    If you plan on using it in a band context you won't likely notice a difference between the Compact Deluxe and the Big Box TX. For recording and other critical listening (i.e. bedroom) the TX is outstanding and the TX-L is sublime.
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    Something new from Strymon?

    Well, Strymon is in Calif. so I'm betting it's the Smokey Sky Reverb with parameters for coughs and wheezes added to the reverb.
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    16 ohm speaker in an 8 ohm amp

    Less efficient and smaller speaker would help your situation. Weber, and others, sell baffle adapters to put a 10" speaker in a 12" baffle. You can even go down to 8" (Tone Tubby makes the Humbolt which is an an outstanding low wattage alnico available in 8", 10" and 12").
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    If it's red- gotta be fiesta ( or Tahitian); am I right?

    I've regretted passing on a Translucent Fiesta Red MJT for about 8 years.
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    Urinal encounters with famous people

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Dave NEVER takes his orange shoes and polyester pants & shirt off!!!! What's next? You going to claim there's no Santa Claus and no Easter Bunny?
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    Who Likes Clown Core?

    Thanks, that's the first thing of 2020 that makes sense
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    TV Yellow Guitars (and do I want one?)

    TV Yellow is great, one of my favorites. TV White is even better. But if cherry red is what you really want then wait for that. Gibson & Epiphone need to make more TV White guitars.
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    Clean Boost vs Compressor?

    Discovered the DOD BiFet Boost in the early 80's and haven't found anything worth spending more on, except the current version which has a switch for the buffer. Great boost for cleans, dirt, solos, anything.
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    I may have no choice but to go Digital (!)

    Don't underestimate Vox's ability to model a Vox :aok
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    I may have no choice but to go Digital (!)

    I haven't found a modeler that satisfies like a real Vox, unless your going for cranked garage band styles. There are a selection of load box + cab sim devices that work well for clean and edge of breakup (i.e. The Edge) sounds. The UAD OX has Blue 1x12 and Silver 2x12 cabs that excel, Two...
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    I despise the Vintage 30

    I've hated every Celestion V30 I've played! A few years ago I got a good deal on a Suhr 1x12 cabinet with a Warehouse Veteran 30, expecting to replace the speaker IMMEDIATELY. The Veteran 30 sounds great! I tried a couple speakers in the Suhr cab (A-Type, V-Type, Weber Silver, EV12L, etc.)...
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    This pedal actually frightens me... seriously, I'm not kidding.

    Now that pedal's gotta have haunting mids. :noevil
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    What makes U2 a polarizing band?

    It's the mullet: Society gives only 1 pass on bad hairstyles, Patrick Swaze got the pass on mullets. Bono is mullet-cursed forever.
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    I ordered my first PCBs to build some clones

    A cheap 120mm computer fan works great to draw the fumes from soldering away from you and prevent them from wafting up to your face. They can easily be run off a 12 volt adapter. Don't put the fan so close that it's cooling your work too fast, just close enough to draw the smoke and fumes away.
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    Surprised by S-gear

    It's tough to beat the Mesa Boogie models in Amplitube!
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    Hercules Guitar stands Beware!!!!

    I like your version much better... :banana
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    Hercules Guitar stands Beware!!!!

    It's a Brian Poe pine Tele body. I forget who's neck it is, was someone from Los Angeles selling on eBay.