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  1. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    Gut shots of the CCV for anyone interested. 577326F1-30A7-4824-B716-02DBD0966CCA by fuzzbomb posted May 12, 2020 at 1:38 PM9E08C4A5-27B2-48E3-A29E-0AEC63AAF117 by fuzzbomb posted May 12, 2020 at 1:38 PM9E5D7A85-849B-40C8-BD99-DB8531FD9905 by fuzzbomb posted May 12, 2020 at 1:38...
  2. fuzzbomb

    What Case for a Norlin SG?

    I also have a Norlin era SG, a '75, and have found that neither chainsaw cases nor the current production SG cases fit it properly. Shame 'cause I also love the chainsaw cases.
  3. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    @Tisca Do you have any insight on the voicing switch of the 9100? It makes a pretty drastic difference but I haven't found much info on what it does to the circuit.
  4. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    Longer demo of CCV with video. Will try to do another one with a different guitar. I tried to just play similar generic patterns and chords over and over.
  5. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    It's the 9100 that came stock with 5881's. I *just* bought it a few weeks ago, the guy who owned it had it converted to EL-34's. They are just the tiniest bit too tall, and do push the top cover up just a little. But the CCV still fit in the rack above it without any issue.
  6. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    I'm going to do a real playthrough with some different guitars and video of the settings, but I thought I'd post this quick test I did to see how my Zoom sounded. Les Paul Classic w/ Wagner Iron Man in the bridge tuned to drop B Myasnikov CCV Marshall 9100 power amp w/ EL-34's Splawn 4x12 with...
  7. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    The price on the website's price sheet photo was current for the CCV. It was $450 USD plus $50 USD shipping. He happened to have a CCV in stock, and shipped it out the next day. Took about 8 days to arrive here in North Carolina. It was packed well, too.
  8. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    It just arrived today and I'll gladly do some clips, but it'll likely be this weekend 'til I have a chance.
  9. fuzzbomb

    Choosing a rack case

    $300-$350ish I would think.
  10. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    Ordered a CCV. Should be here this week. Very much looking forward to it.
  11. fuzzbomb

    Choosing a rack case

    Dang, that is a HEFTY shipping fee. Out of curiosity where were you buying it from?
  12. fuzzbomb

    Choosing a rack case

    Yeah I was thinking if I could find a rack that 14"-15" from rail to rail, then the covers usually give you another ~2" on each end, that should be enough room for cables and whatnot. It's definitely going to be going to gigs so it needs to be solid.
  13. fuzzbomb

    Choosing a rack case

    It's been many years since I've needed to buy a rack case and I need to mount a Marshall 9100 + preamp and power strip. So maybe 8 or 10 spaces I'm thinking. The 9100 is 13" deep and the manual says you need to support the rear when in a rack. However, the rear doesn't have rack ears it just...
  14. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    One more question for y'all. Did you message Oleg on FB to order, or shoot him an email?
  15. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    Ah okay, I'm planning on using the same pedals that I currently use in the loop of my amp heads. So it sounds like I'd need a mixer.
  16. fuzzbomb

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    For those of you that own a Myasnikov, do any of them have FX loops? If not, how do you run time-based effects that you would normally run in the FX loop? I plan to use a Marshall 9100 power amp.
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    Sold 1985 Laney Pro Tube Lead 100 Head ( JCM 800 Killer)

    Man that looks super clean, don't usually see them without at least a few of the knob inserts missing. :D
  22. fuzzbomb

    Sold Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

    Selling my Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor pedal. In good condition with a few chips, has velcro on the bottom. $50 shipped/paypalled CONUS. Interested in trades (plus cash from me of course): Boss HM-2, fuzz pedals, Mr. Black Gilamondo, Black Arts Toneworks pedals, Keeley BD-2. Possibly other...
  23. fuzzbomb

    Ten Bands You've Shared A Bill With.

    ASG Weedeater Royal Blood Korpiklaani Crobot Royal Thunder Kings Destroy Mobile Deathcamp A Sound of Thunder Wild Throne
  24. fuzzbomb

    Ever pleasantly surprised by your own tone?

    I remember the first gig I played with a Splawn Pro Mod, being in the middle of a song with a lot of palm-muting and realizing that the massive *thump* was my guitar. Almost forgot what I was playing for a second.
  25. fuzzbomb

    My concert going days are over.......

    Here in Charlotte, NC we have a good local venue that always got the big touring acts that weren't arena bands. I guess its about an 1800 capacity place. Saw Flogging Molly, The Roots, King's X, In Flames, Digital Underground, Clutch...quite a variety. My band opened for George Lynch's band...