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  1. tonegangster

    What replaced your mxr m300 reverb pedal?

    I replaced mine with a SA Collider. I don't play with a lot of delay and reverb for me is usually at the house only. I will say the M300 sounds really great!!
  2. tonegangster

    What is the best 2x12 cab you've owned or heard?

    Bogner 2X12OS with a V30 and an Anniversary
  3. tonegangster

    New Reb Beach Solo Album

    I've always been a Reb fan and a Winger fan :hide but, this didn't do anything for me at all!! Just sounds like he is noodling.
  4. tonegangster

    What “dethroned” your King of Tone?

    If you seek those tones I would look elsewhere.
  5. tonegangster

    What “dethroned” your King of Tone?

    Slight boost with a bit of grit. Not a special edition
  6. tonegangster

    Coming to grips with selling my amps

    I say sell one of your 5 guitars and keep one amp. They will all sound the same through the Helix anyway... :hide
  7. tonegangster

    Sold Xotic RC Booster V2 $SOLD All In Conus (price drop)

    Xotic RC Booster V2 in great shape. It was on my pedalboard and has scratches. Velcro has been removed. $SOLD Shipped, PayPal'd, and insured Conus. or, will trade for a Turbo Tuner Mini
  8. tonegangster

    want to ship an amp, do i need to remove the tubes

    I always pull tubes, wrap individually, and put them collectively in a zip lock bag. It just takes a minute and is worth it for my piece of mind. No need to ship separately just put them back in the head shell and you are good to go. Receiving an amp with a shattered tube is no fun for the new...
  9. tonegangster

    Gigging Outside in a Cold Climate

    Lots of beer. :beer
  10. tonegangster

    Programmable Switcher in the pedalboard

    I don't use programmable switchers for the following reasons: 1- I don't use very many pedals 2- I want to cut anything unnecessary out of my signal chain (switches and additional cables) 3- I wouldn't want to take my buffered pedals out of the chain 4- They take up too much space on a board...
  11. tonegangster

    Sold J Rockett The Dude V2 in excellent condition $SOLD All In (price drop)

    J Rockett Dude V2 in excellent condition. Comes with original box. $SOLD PayPal'd, shipped, and insured Conus.
  12. tonegangster

    What “dethroned” your King of Tone?

    It's a good pedal just not what I wanted to hear with my gear. I'm currently really liking the Barber Gain Changer SR and a Drybell Ubit67.
  13. tonegangster

    Lonely Is The Night - LLB

    Excellent!!! The bass drum is kicking but, could have used a tad more snare. It kind of seemed to drop out a little.
  14. tonegangster

    Opinions on the Mobius

    I don't use a lot of effects and really wanted it to work for me but, it just doesn't sound as good as individual pedals.
  15. tonegangster

    If you're in a cover band and not using a modeler...

    Not at all. I use a boost, phaser, delay/Reverb, flanger, and trem pedal live and most of the time even that is too much. I play in a country/classic rock band and this setup easily covers 3 hour long sets. Most of my heroes had very few effect pedals.
  16. tonegangster

    Where to put the tremolo pedal

    Last pedal in the loop after reverb just like an old Fender.
  17. tonegangster

    Sold Snouse Black Box V2 Pro Mod $SOLD All In Conus

    Snouse Black Box V2 Pro Mod in great shape with original box, bag, and goodies. Has one blemish on the front right corner. $SOLD Shipped, PayPal'd Conus. Would trade for a Greer Lightspeed.
  18. tonegangster

    New John Petrucci album!

    and complex time signatures
  19. tonegangster

    Sold Kingtone Soloist Custom Red $SOLD All In Conus

    Kingtone Soloist Custom Red in excellent condition. Never mounted to a board. Comes with original box. $SOLD All In Conus