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    Where to run Klone in the chain?

    I would try lunar module> red snapper> klone and set what sounds you can coax from that setup :)
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    A Big Muff without the fizz...

    I know Skreddy can vouch for me on that a good way to remove fizz is to have the right transistors..
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    Skreddy Ernie and ? Lady

    Sweet and FWIW IIRC, the Ernie and ?Lady use the same value components (Ram's Head Muff circuit-esque) but with different transistors.
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    "When I was 17...." Post Your Rig.

    When I was 17 was before June of this year... I think my rig went: 57 AVRI Strat, Pigboost, DD-5, into 1973 Univox Head, Marshall 2x12. Since June I was very fortunate in getting a 1963 SG Special
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    BJFe Honey Bee clone pedal

    Heres one of those other HBs
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    BJFe Honey Bee clone pedal

    Hi, That was one of the earlier HBs I built, out of 4 or 5 of them. If I remember it's not 100 percent accurate of the actual HB circuits, but that was corrected about the 3rd one and still sounds pretty great. Although it could be a later one.
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    honky les paul

    Try all A500k pots, 50's/60's style wiring for a more clear sound
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    How does an LP compare to an SG in terms of sound?

    For the most part SGs sound more raw and nasty to me, while LPs sound more polite and well-rounded.
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    just bought a 1962 gibson les paul SG for 600 bucks

    awesome. how does it sound acoustically un-plugged? I just scored a 1963 sg special for $1000. It had a heel repair, but everything is original down to the finish except the p-90s.
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    How do you guys learn songs? By ear? Tabs?

    I use tabs for the outline of a song, and then listen really closely by ear to get all the tiny inflections right. Sometimes the same notes on riffs are played on different strings and comes out to sound different. Chords and notes turn out to be way different. Alot of tabs have the right idea...
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    Vague question alert! Brazilian Rosewood Boards on 60s Gibsons

    The grain looks a lot like my Braz board, but the color looks Indian. Does it look darker in person?
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    Vague question alert! Brazilian Rosewood Boards on 60s Gibsons

    Some say they discontinued Braz in '66, '67, '68, '69 or even early '70. What is the nut width on your guitar? If its 1 11/16th, it is more likely a '65. Later 60's had the thinner 1 9/16th width.
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    Gibson 498T Pickup - thoughts?

    the 498t is a really hot pickup, I would get one with vintage style output as its probably the sound we all fell in love with. lower output will deffinately help with volume/tone control dynamics.
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    EJ pickups

    Did you re-measure them a couple of times? They might read different once in the guitar, or their might just be tolerance issues. I was measuring a P-90 the other day and it varied from about 8.5-8.7k
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    Neck differences on SG '61 RI and SG Classic?

    Most 61s have a thin, almost flat neck. The standards have a chunky 50's neck, and to me the "Classic" falls somewhere between the two in terms of thickness. They're all great for different things.
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    Your Dream Amp...

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    Vibrato arm for my Flying V???

    I only like the look of the short vibrolas-
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    Eric Johnson's 62 Strat for sale

    Haha he tends to do that, one lucky bastard though. I wonder if the '62 was used on the recording of "Trademark"? Anyways Lemme know when Eric decides to sell his '64 SG Standard..
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    SG Lust....

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    Knopfler - Bros in Arms Tone

    IIRC one setup was a 1958 or 1959 Gibson Les Paul into a JTM-45.
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    V or SG?

    I've had both, and much preferred the SG in every way