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    Overdrive for an EL84 amp?

    Screwdriver from Skreddy is just amazingly versatile, and loves EL84 amps. Gaspedals Carb is another nice option.
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    Great with Filtertrons and Mini-humbuckers as well!
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    Deluxe version takes it from super versatile to holy cow super duper versatile. If you are looking for a "set it and forget it" solution, you might as well save money and real estate with the small one. My SD Deluxe is my favorite dirt, drive or boost pedal ever. IMO it does most things better...
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    Pedalboards for M/E Units

    original Pedal Train
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    Line 6 M13: Vol. 3

    Rich, just a quick note to say thanks! All the new models are great, but my favorite thing of all is the Relative knob mode. The M13 really is a game changer. Nearly a year later, I'm still totally in the honeymoon phase.
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    M9/M13 - Jack of all trades, master of none?

    "Good enough" is a phrase that generally scares me too. In some cases, it reflects that someone really doesn't care about quality, or that when push comes to shove, convenience is more important. I like to think of myself as pretty close to uncompromising on tone. But I was an early M13...
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    Best fuzz for bass?

    Strongly recommend the Malekko B:Assmaster. Have had both versions; even though I'm a big fan of Germanium in general this circuit works way better with the standard Silicon transistors IMO. Very versatile device which is also great on guitars and keys.
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    Fuzz gods, please shine your light...and help a brotha out!!!

    Based on what you're saying, I'd wait and find a used ScrewDriver. There was one here on TGP for $180 yesterday or the day before. Can't imagine you wouldn't like this pedal, even if fuzz turns out not to be your thing.
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    Show Me Your Pedalboards With Line 6 M13/s On Them

    My pleasure. The dimensions of the board pictured = 12.5 X 22 inches. Actually my DynaRanger usually lives where the fuzz sits in the picture -- I just put the Fuzz FAce or some other fuzz on the floor to the right of the board with a short lead to the DynaRanger. Revisitng your initial post, I...
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    Show Me Your Pedalboards With Line 6 M13/s On Them

    Here's mine -- I'll have to edit this post later to include dimensions, I'm too lazy to go out to the studio to measure. I can tell you this is an orignal standard-size PedalTrain. FWIW I'm running a Germanium Fuzz Face clone (pictured) and/or Divided By 13 DynaRanger in front of the M13, with a...
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    What have you learned in you tone quest ?

    1. I like TV Jones FilterTrons, and they sound different in every guitar. 2. I like vintage EL-84s and Vox blues. 3. I like Germanium. Actually, I love Germanium. I want to name my next dog Mullard. 4. Most of us don't need a lot of different amps. Or guitars. Lots of amazing and successful...
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    How to price a stupidly rare fuzz?

    Thanks guys-- not trying to spam, but I truly know of no better way to assign a value to this pedal than asking the Gear Page brethren. And Whoismarykelly, it's your beautiful Fuzz Face clone that has me even considering the D/13 sale.
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    How to price a stupidly rare fuzz?

    So five years ago I bought up a bunch of fuzzes with the intention of keeping the best two and selling the rest. This included a dozen or so pedals from big names: Cornish, ProAnalog, etc. The two I ended up keeping were an early green D*A*M Drag-n-Fly (this was just before the D*A*M hysteria...
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    Phasers...What do you guys use?

    I am a big fan of the vintage MXR Phase 45. More "vibe" like than the 90, very versatile (EDIT: actually, not so much versatile as sounds great fast, slow and in between). I haven't searched for Youtube clips but imagine there must be some. FWIW the one I own is a 1978 Block Logo version. they...
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    Looking for a slightly fuzzy TREBLE BOOST sound..

    Love that tone, and that band. You can get that and so much more with the Skreddy Screwdriver. Sounds great with every amp and every guitar I've ever heard it with.
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    Echo czar vs. everything else!?!?

    I owned one. Loved it. Sold it to fund software plugins that were/are essential for producing electronic pop tracks, which is how I feed my family. If I reach the point where money is no object, I'll seek out another. My take: nothing competes for versatility, flexibility or 3-d...
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    help troubleshooting vintage Fuzz Wah please?

    Woo hooooo! Actually went to Radio Shack, the higher parts prices vs. Mouser were offsetby no shipping + instant gratification. Replaced all the electrolytics, it works like a charm! thanks so much...
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    help troubleshooting vintage Fuzz Wah please?

    Wow, thanks. Would those be the three lined up parallel to each other?
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    help troubleshooting vintage Fuzz Wah please?

    I have an old Fender Fuzz Wah that creates some very cool tones, but from the moment I plug a cable into the input jack it takes about 10-15 minutes to function properly. At first, it doesn't pass any signal at all. Gradually, playing a big full chord will get it to sputter; it's as if the...
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    So.. TGP who is your favorite wah player???

    Aside from J. Page, I've always loved Roger Hodgson's work on the early Supertramp albums, most notably Crime Of The Century.
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    Picture of your "Vintage sounds" oriented pedalboard

    I've owned a bunch of analog pedals and a couple of vintage tape delays, but these days get every bit as much vintage tone out of this - an M13 with a Germanium Fuzz Face clone in front and a Skreddy Screw Driver in the FX loop. Sometimes I swap out the FF clone for a Divided By 13 DynaRanger, a...
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    Mini Humbuckers.......your favs?

    Ha...when I saw your thread title, I knew I just had to chime in and suggest you hunt down a pair of mini's out of a...uh...70s Deluxe. I guess if you really need higher output, maybe it makes sense to change. But IMO almost nothing beats the sound of a great *old* minibucker. My favorite...
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    AC 30 owners, what od pedals?

    my favorites: Skreddy Screw Driver (extra super flexible) Gaspedals Carb (sold mine when I got the Screw Driver, need to get another at some point) Germanium Fuzz Face clone w/ gtr volume rolled back (many shades in these as well)
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    Pedal order: Where does a treble booster fit.

    I prefer 'em before. Much better response to guitar volume tweaks in my experience. good luck!
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    The Skreddy Screwdriver...

    This is absolutely correct. :aok