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  1. frisco kid

    If it's red- gotta be fiesta ( or Tahitian); am I right?

    Fiesta is very cool but like many others have posted, I’m partial to candy apple...matching headstock is a plus too:
  2. frisco kid

    What 'ya playing lately?

    I’ve been playing this one a lot lately. It is a Swiss knife guitar for sure with these split DATron pickups from TV Jones. Plays so easily that I had to put 11s on just to get a little “fight” out of it.
  3. frisco kid

    Straight bar bridges-intontation issue?

    I was worried at first about a bar bridge not being able to intonate properly on a Gretsch Penguin I was buying online. That fear was not realized as it actually is my most in tune guitar throughout the entire neck.
  4. frisco kid

    Show your teles!

    I only have one at the moment, a Magnificent 7 model with Mastery Bridge and Bigsby.
  5. frisco kid

    Green Thang! Post your green thingamajigger

    Metallic Cadillac Green Gretsch Penguin
  6. frisco kid

    Superficial question - what's your favorite strat color?

    Olympic white but I “settled” for candy apple red.
  7. frisco kid

    Your Prettiest Guitar

    Teye La Perla
  8. frisco kid

    Show your custom-built guitars Thread!

    Only one custom build in the stable currently, GMP Roxie...perhaps the best playing guitar I’ve ever owned:
  9. frisco kid

    Show Us Your Telecaster Deluxes!

    Here’s one I used to own...still can’t remember why I sold it?
  10. frisco kid

    70’s Goodness

    The cat made think of the Tom Hanks “David Pumpkins“ SNL sketch lol...
  11. frisco kid

    Schecter love?

    I had an Ultra III a few years back and thought it was great. Sounded nice and was a quality piece. Ended up selling as it weighed a ton and the volume drop switching from humbucker to single coil was severe. I’d love to give the new foil covered model a go.
  12. frisco kid

    James Trussart Guitars in general

    I’ve had a few, Steelcaster Deluxe and Steeltops but ultimately moved on. I bought them for their looks and sold them because they didn’t have the organic tones I prefer from wood guitars. Lesson that took 3 purchases to learn because they look so damn cool lol.
  13. frisco kid

    NGD: the Unicorn- 2019 60th 1959 Aged with Brazilian- ULTRA RARE

    Perhaps the most beautiful LP I’ve ever seen online.
  14. frisco kid

    NGD: MotorAve BelAire

    I LOVE these the top of my want list.
  15. frisco kid

    Teye Guitars Owners (and Aficionados) Club

    Hi Teye! I upgraded my La Perla to Mojo from Mood a few years ago and I’m still pleased with it. I’m curious if the Juju is even better? I’m open to self installing the circuit but will that entail “messing “ with the black box guts and voiding any Nashville warranty work? Sorry things have...
  16. frisco kid

    Anyone Own Celebrity or Rockstar Owned/Played Instruments?

    I had a Trussart that was once owned by Brian Ray (Paul McCartney guitarist).
  17. frisco kid

    Has anyone tried both the Mood circuit & the Mojo in a direct comparison on Teye Guitars?

    Hi Teye! I had my La Perla upgraded to the Mojo and I’m very pleased with the results. I am open to a self install circuit that’s even better however, I’m concerned that would void any warranty? Would the install involve “messing around” with the black box?
  18. frisco kid

    What's the most expensive guitar brand that you know of?

    Top end Teyes at $25k plus seem downright affordable compared to the prices listed on this post!
  19. frisco kid

    2020 Epiphone Les Paul Modern, what do you think?

    In my experience, I’ve spent (wasted) a lot of money on guitars that were “just as good as a Gibson” or “Les Paul slayers”....nothing fully scratched that itch until I got a proper Gibson Les Paul. Do yourself a favor and save up to get the real thing. You’ll be chasing your tail until you do...
  20. frisco kid

    Which Gretsch guitars are solid body (non-chambered)?

    I’m sure there are others but the only one that comes to mind is the Corvette which is/was not part of the Japanese pro line.
  21. frisco kid

    An electric guitar you never should have sold.

    My response is always the same in these threads. Gibson Johnny A. #82, part of the Roadworn Auction (branded into the back headstock). Loaded it with Wolfetone Dr. V pickups. Biggest guitar regret ever:
  22. frisco kid

    Is there an affordable non-reverse Firebird in existence that isn't a Gibson?

    Eastwood Stormbird?
  23. frisco kid

    What is the most fantastic electric you have ever owned?

    Gibson Johnny A. #82 is the best guitar I’ve ever owned: The best guitar I own currently is almost there:
  24. frisco kid

    Telecaster inventory day

    Some beauties posted! Alas, I only have one:
  25. frisco kid

    25/25.5 scale mahogany body/maple top guitars?

    I’m a big fan of GMP Roxies and Teye for 25.5 scale, mahogany/maple with humbuckers.