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  1. getbent

    Is there a point where you concede you're skill set has peaked?

    who did you steal it from? string tension is not the issue... you can do it... perspiration leads to inspiration.
  2. getbent

    Glenn Frey - Founder of Eagles is Dead

    sending good thoughts to Cindy and the kids. MOST of the people who knew him loved him. He was a really good guy to a lot of people and he is gone too soon, he still had lots of great music and wonderful living to do. RIP Teen King!
  3. getbent

    Muscle Shoals vis a vis The Wrecking Crew

    when I found out that there was no santa, I looked at my parents and thought, man, what awesome selfless cool people they are. same data, different conclusion.
  4. getbent

    Muscle Shoals vis a vis The Wrecking Crew

    class struggle introduced into this? wow. I think the key to both is that music finds its way. It really doesn't matter what is in your pocket so long as you can play in the pocket. My buddy did an article for the smithsonian years ago on muscle shoals and spent a good amount of time with Jimmy...
  5. getbent

    Roger Linn Adrenalinn III Question

    yep. they are cool. I've had mine for a long time. I really love Roger's whole manner of being... he is a righteous cat and makes cool stuff.... you will laugh at how many presets you've heard on recordings.
  6. getbent

    So what is all the hoop-lah over Dumble amps?

    yes. never.
  7. getbent

    A History of Phone Calls with Dr. Yusef Lateef.

    nubian lady... I found that record when I was 14 and it changed everything...
  8. getbent

    Just bought a Morley JD 10 from Reverb

    used one for about 5 years or so as my backup... and as a drive on my board. They are well built and reliable. I owned it about 10 years... 5 of which it rode in the trailer waiting to be pressed in to service if amp failed. The amp survived. A year or so ago I sold it when we went to all...
  9. getbent

    Girlfriends at jam sessions/band practice

    either bring some other people in so she can hang out with them OR give her a job to do (tambourine or egg shaker) or reverb analyst... people need work, give them work.
  10. getbent

    Fans of Blitzen Trapper?

    dug the tune they did on Fargo. Had not heard of them before that.... now I have a couple of their cds and then I found this band white buffalo that I like too that did some tunes on Sons of Anarchy. Who knew this is how I'd find music!
  11. getbent

    Guess the modeller??

    line6 Pod 2.0 YOU RASCAL!
  12. getbent

    Ever wanted to kick the crap out of your drummer?

    everybody gets nervous. even drummers. you were nervous, he was too. people loved it. no killing needed.
  13. getbent

    China Grove

    even more proof of his complete genius and mastery!
  14. getbent

    China Grove

    I saw Tiran friday night. He is playing bass with a cover band in Santa Cruz. Still plays and sings real well. he wrote this with leiber and stoller and ed sanford... the players on this are A team guys and all studio rats like MM. Pretty good blue eyed soul if you ask me.
  15. getbent

    China Grove

    I was being serious!
  16. getbent

    China Grove

    that would be awesome... to be known as 'the other guy, the fingerpicker.' that is awesome.
  17. getbent

    A Guitar Tone That Knocks You Out...Let's Hear It

    jon leventhal in pretty much everything he does, but this is lush and beautiful and poignant and the perfect bed for Shawn.
  18. getbent

    Your favorite (fulltime)rock keyboardist?

    Andrew Gold don grolnick spooner oldham david paich don fagen another for billy payne another for rockaday johnnie brent Mydland bruce hornsby mike mcdonald
  19. getbent

    China Grove

    Irony--> when the opposite of what would be expected occurs. The song "Deacon Blues" has Mike M. ALL over it... you seem like you like that song (enough to adopt it as your moniker) and yet you disparage one of the main voices on the song? That is ironic. Mike M. ALSO had many great, non disco...
  20. getbent

    China Grove

    funny that 'deaconblues' dogs Mike McDonald... McDonald MAKES that song! Mike and Jeff really saved the Doobs when they came aboard. Tom was in bad physical shape and needed the break that he got so he could heal. There was no competition between Tom and MM... Mike made some great Doob music and...
  21. getbent

    Don Henley on Stern

    sooooo, the humor got lost.. dang!
  22. getbent

    Tell Me All About Fender Mustang Amps

    sold off a bunch of my old tube amps when I dialed in the mustang III. It cuts on stage, it is light, it is replaceable and I can plug my laptop into it and have all my patches in in about a minute. I use the 4 button switch and the 2 and I'm done. Fender got this right. It is good gear.