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    FS 1958 Stratocaster - original not reissue

    This 1958 Stratocaster is all original except for pro refret done a couple of years ago by Mike Lull. The new frets are similar to vintage style but are slightly taller. This is a super clean guitar -- other than the newer frets it is 100% correct. $25,000 << deal pending >> Photo gallery...
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    FSOT High-end Partscaster - 24.75" scale USACG, Hipshot, Mojotone, Nitro etc

    Now parting out this guitar --
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    FS Parting out a high-end partscaster

    Hi, the pics are too large for email so I'll post them here -- you can click on them for a higher-res photo.
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    FS Parting out a high-end partscaster

    Custom shop quality Strat type partscaster, vintage spec except for the shorter scale neck - will sell complete guitar or parts. See pics here: Feel free to make...
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    WTB Short scale Tele

    I have a shortscale partscaster in the emporium which is a strat build, I might be willing to part it out if you were interested in the neck. The conversion neck is very nice, made by USACG.
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    FSOT High-end Partscaster - 24.75" scale USACG, Hipshot, Mojotone, Nitro etc

    Custom shop quality partscaster, vintage spec USACG body, finished in nitro Charcoal Frost. Has a few minor dings and scrapes but nothing major, see pics. Consider it very lightly reliced. USACG 24.75 scale "chunky" conversion neck - .90" at the first fret but stays pretty much the same as you...
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    Guild Starfire III: Vintage vs. Reissue

    I played some of the Newark St Guilds in a shop a few months ago and was super impressed with them. I'm an old guy and I never cared for vintage Guilds back in the day, honestly, but I like the new ones. I played a Starfire III and V. The V was my favorite, the Bigsby stayed in tune really well...
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    JHS Colour Box as Cloudlifter alternative for passive ribbon mic

    If you have some $ to spend, I have a high-end Phoenix Audio mic-pre with EQ listed in the recording gear emporium. It's a killer piece of kit & would make your ribbon mic sound great.
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    Who says you can't wear shorts on stage...

    B.B. King, mid-50s.
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    Any other guys like me here? 35 and I basically don’t listen to anything made after 1979.

    When you are coming into your teens and 20s and begin to think for yourself, music has a huge emotional impact during those years. So that stuff will stay with you forever... some people never get past that nostalgia. Being an old guy, it's only in the last few years that I can even stand to...
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    Any other guys like me here? 35 and I basically don’t listen to anything made after 1979.

    I'm 68 - I find the music of the 20th century pretty hard to top. I mostly listen to music from the 1920s-1990s -- not so much classic rock, but a lot of jazz, ragtime, blues, country, folk, reggae, soul/R&B, funk etc. I guess mostly what they now call "Americana".
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    Search for THE blues cable

    This is a joke, right? What did Muddy use? Some off the shelf junky cord.
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    How do you justify having duplicate guitars?

    If it's one thing Americans are good at, it's accumulating a bunch of crap that they don't really need. That's why they call us consumers. Musical instruments as fetish objects. During the most successful time in my musical career when I was touring etc I owned two guitars - a vintage...
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    Sold 1964 Fender Showman - $825 pp/shipped

    So crazy that a Princeton costs twice as much as a Showman.
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    el capistan delay in a LIVE situation

    I had the El Capistan for a few years but now use the Source Audio Nemesis - not only does it sound better, it remembers 4 presets which you can step through with one of the footswitches. Sold the Strymon and haven't looked back.
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    Vintage sounds better?? No.

    How expensive were the new violins that were deemed equal to the Strads, I wonder? For me the golden age was when I could buy real 50s or 60s Fender Strats and Teles for under $400. :)
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    Is this a good price? Gibson Custom Shop Jr Doublecut

    $1000 would be more like it.
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    Less talked about iconic strats

    Eldon let me look at his guitar back in the late 70s when we opened for Merle Haggard & he was in the band. Very cool. He had that back cover on it then too.
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    The BEST sounding Fender amp?

    No question, the late 50s tweed Fender Bassman with the Jensen P10Q speakers is the best amp Fender ever made, period.
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    The best acoustic you've ever played? What's your fav brand?

    I've owned many 1920s and 30s Martins and Gibsons. One guitar I didn't own was probably the best I have ever played or heard was a 1938 Gibson Advanced Jumbo. Just a killer box that I could not stop playing -- fingerpicking, flatpicking, it did it all with a beautifully balanced, powerful sound...
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    Why do 95% of current production guitars have thin necks?

    I hate it that it is difficult to find cheaper guitars with a larger neck. I've played so many new guitars that I liked the sound and look of, but the skinny necks are always a deal breaker for me. The neck doesn't have to be huge, just substantial enough so that I don't get hand cramps when...
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    $500 Gigging Amp Challenge:

    I' I've been gigging for quite a few years now with a modified Vox Night Train, the original NT15H. You can pick them up used for around $300 or less, and then get it modded for $150 or less. (It's against my religion to pay retail.) The mods make it less peaky and shrill sounding compared to...