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  1. billm408

    Getting Started With Home Stereo Tube Power Amps

    McIntosh makes a number of great tube power amps for home audio, but they're not cheap. I'd strongly recommend that you go do some side by side comparisons though... the difference between a tube and SS power amp for home audio is not as great as you think. Certainly not like the difference in...
  2. billm408

    anyone collect live music DVDs?

    Michael Schenker's- 30th Anniversary (great playing & tone) Pink- Funhouse (for the pure spectacle and Justin Derrico)
  3. billm408

    Have you ever played in a venue that had strict rules about certain songs?

    Interestingly enough... a dive biker bar in the Santa Cruz area had a standing policy that they'd shut you down if you played Skynyrd. Not sure if it was a bar policy or just the person booking the bands. Never applied to us so it wasn't an issue but I always thought Skynyrd was a mainstay for...
  4. billm408

    Great song titles!

    Tuff Darts- (Your Love is Like) Nuclear Waste UlpW6lCVuSs
  5. billm408

    Cover Bands - Any cons to going 1/2 step down for all songs?

    Been doing this for years and no one has ever noticed. What people do notice is when you're out of tune with each other and when your singer is trying to reach for notes outside of their range. Especially towards the end of the night. Do it and don't look back.
  6. billm408

    Journey Pre-Steve Perry: A Great (But Different) Band

    Love the first three albums and still spin them on the turntable from time to time. I have the Infinity album and still enjoy that as well, but they got way too saccharine for my tastes after that.
  7. billm408

    Best Lead Singer/Lead Guitar Player Covering Both Duties Today...

    I'll add; Dave Meneketti Rik Emmitt (yes Triumph is back at it)
  8. billm408

    Loudness anyone?

    Agree- Devil Soldier and Disillusion were a constant on the turn table back in the day. I preferred them before they tried singing in English. Akira's always been (and still is) a monster, but vocally, they wandered into Scorpions territory.
  9. billm408

    Best place in SF to sell gear on consignment?

    Campbell Ave in Santa Clara. Near the SCU baseball field.
  10. billm408

    Best place in SF to sell gear on consignment?

    Actually his shop is on De La Cruz. For a while, he and Keith Holland were sharing a space in Los Gatos. Not sure Val's ever been in Campbell.
  11. billm408

    Best place in SF to sell gear on consignment?

    You might also try King Amplification in Santa Clara. Val's a great guy and gets a lot of traffic through his shop.
  12. billm408

    NAD! Splawn. I would have never figured.

    I'm with you on this Michael. The first time I played a QR it was the Marshall tone I had been hearing in my head.
  13. billm408

    NAD! Splawn. I would have never figured.

    Glad you're digging it Michael! The orange headshell looks great!
  14. billm408

    The Guitar Lineage Of Dio

    Often forgotten was that Jake E. Lee wrote a lot of the riffs and solos on Holy Diver but left to join Ozzy and Vivian Campbell was brought in afterwards. Apparently, there are still recordings of those early rehearsals, but no one seems to know who has them. Wendy would be my guess. Would love...
  15. billm408

    Pictures of bands before they hit it big.

    Pantera in their hair metal days
  16. billm408

    Are you "that guy" in the band?

    I've always been that guy. By no stretch the most talented player or the one with the most theory knowledge/background. But I'm the one that is most likely to stop the song during rehearsal when something's not right, try to get the others to tighten up performances and do the stuff that no one...
  17. billm408

    Cover bands with "Band Leaders" - I don't get it

    By default, I have been the band leader in my cover band. I own the PA & lights and have done almost all of the booking over the years. The democracy lies in song selection- both adding and dropping- with the singer having veto power. During stretches of time when work & family kept me busy, the...
  18. billm408

    Auditions, how many will you go to for a band

    Depends...I have a pretty high tolerance for things I really want. A friend of mine auditioned 6 months for a big name band. That included weeks of practices and a soft west coast tour before they offered him the gig. Of course, there was a per diem along the way and they never did make him a...
  19. billm408

    Ever have an auditioning player who was clueless?

    Over the last few years, we've had a number of people answer ads suggesting a social get-together first (coffee, beer, etc.) to discuss the band and audition process. I'm not looking for a date, I just want to know if you can play! Last year we were looking for a new bass player and this one...
  20. billm408

    Is Splawn really that awesome???

    For the stuff I play (hard rock/classic metal) the Splawn QR is the best amp I've owned. And I've owned a bunch- SLO (twice), PT100, Bogner XTC/20th Anni XTC & Shiva, Friedman modded Reinhardt and JCM800. It's hands down the best hot rodded Marshall sound out there for me. It's a tight amp...
  21. billm408

    Band rules... what are yours??

    1. Show up prepared (practice or gigs) 2. No shorts, sandals or Hawaiian shirts on stage (drummer excluded from shorts rule) 3. No music stands
  22. billm408

    San Francisco/Bay Area music scene

    I'm in San Jose and much of the scene depends on the kind of music you play. And how far you're willing to travel for gigs. Bar gigs for cover bands is dwindling with more & more going towards a karaoke format. We used to have a regular rotation of six bars and today, only one of those is...
  23. billm408

    Ever have an auditioning player who was clueless?

    That's classic! We had a similar situation where a guy answered our CL add for a bass player and provided a YT link to a song from one of our recent shows as an example of his playing! I actually had fun answering that email.
  24. billm408

    Following up the "audition" thread, what was YOUR worst audition?

    My younger brother was part of that RHCP cattle call too with similar thoughts. Total waste of time but glad he did it. He was living in LA at the time and had some great stories just from hanging out in line
  25. billm408

    Ever have an auditioning player who was clueless?

    I always love these threads. Singers are my favorite. We've had singers show up drunk and had one that needed to fix before he could sing. Had screamers show up for melodic rock and an opera singer for metal. Even had a country crooner show up for a Dio tribute band audition. For some reason...