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  1. vchizzle

    New Deftones - Ohms

    I like what I hear so far. Can’t wait to hear the vibe of the whole album. I have high hopes with Terry Date at the helm.
  2. vchizzle

    NAD - Bad Cat Trem Cat!

    Awesome tones man. Love bad cats!
  3. vchizzle

    STP perform Core in its entirety

    Oh, and FWIW, I’d totally buy this if they released it in a digital format for permanent purchase or blu-ray. I mean, the most work is all done. Cost for digital release at this point is a drop in the bucket. I also found it interesting Jeff changed the lyrics to ‘I’m “not” the man I used to...
  4. vchizzle

    STP perform Core in its entirety

    I was bummed I couldn’t watch when it aired but was stoked to see I could still get it this morning. The audio was fantastic. Great mix and fantastic playing. Nice work by all!
  5. vchizzle

    The Unofficial THD Flexi, Univalve and Bivalve Thread.

    Yeah, I ran across an Ed D. video with a couple stacked on the side. Wish I still had it.
  6. vchizzle

    The Unofficial THD Flexi, Univalve and Bivalve Thread.

    Yeah, so I found. I realized I probably don’t have any pictures of my old thd rig since it came before the cell phone with decent camera era!
  7. vchizzle

    The Unofficial THD Flexi, Univalve and Bivalve Thread.

    Man... I had a really early Univalve many years back. Must be 18-19 years by now. I got a bunch of single random tubes from a tech friend that sold me the amp at his store back then. Lots of NOS, some valuable, others not. It was such a great learning experience on different tube tones. Lots of...
  8. vchizzle

    Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation Reimagined?

    I’ll give it a listen. Loved that album when it came out. Don’t listen much to it now, but I did listen to it a couple months ago when all the new slo 100 clips started up. Curious to see what they do and how far from the original they go.
  9. vchizzle

    Icons: Jerry Cantrell

    Watching the Iommi one sometime soon too. There were a few times during Jerry’s that I was hoping he’d keep talking on a particular topic. I could’ve watched another 1/2 hour, to be honest.
  10. vchizzle

    Icons: Jerry Cantrell

    That was actually really great. I was prepared to be kind of unimpressed but it was really well done.
  11. vchizzle

    Icons: Jerry Cantrell

    Thanks for the heads up! Jerry’s a big influence on me. I was lucky enough to see AIC with Layne on the Dirt tour, Jerry solo Degredation Trip and the current AIC a handful of times. That first show in the 90’s was an altering experience for me. My first real concert.
  12. vchizzle

    Roger Waters - Us + Them

    On watch list. I went to Chicago show, so I’ll likely buy Blu-ray.
  13. vchizzle

    Do you have a dedicated practice space?

    I have a small music room in my house with guitar and bass amps. No room for a band. Band rents a space.
  14. vchizzle

    *Best* sounding loud gigs you have attended

    Where we were sitting on that Tool tour, Killing Joke actually seemed louder than Tool. More bass in the mix at least. To the point it actually wore on me a little bit. Tool, however, had immaculate sound/mix while still being loud. We were sitting fairly close to Adam’s front corner of the stage.
  15. vchizzle

    Rate the "Big 4" Grunge bands

    Kind of a tough one for me. I’m not gonna debate the use of the grunge label. These are the biggest bands of the era and that’s probably the main point here. That said, I put STP in the grouping as well. I picked AIC because Jerry probably had the most impact on me as a guitar player. STP would...
  16. vchizzle

    What Tube Amp Had The Sweetest Clean Tone You Ever Heard?

    Divided by 13 FTR37 with matching 2x12 cab. My cab has a greenback and a V30. Mostly play thru it with PRS McCarty standard with 57/08 pickups or NF3(both pictured). It has a big, percussive, clear clean tone. I use a little bit of the onboard reverb. Sounds fantastic with humbucker/tapped...
  17. vchizzle

    A sad day.. fellow TGP member and father candid_x passed away today

    My condolences to you and your family.
  18. vchizzle

    Why did Bad Cat Discontinue the Unleash?

    That’s pretty much always the answer unless there’s a parts supply issue that a builder can’t find that replicates the original.
  19. vchizzle

    When do you realistically think we'll be able to play gigs again?

    Problem is that many people won’t do what they should. As we see ourselves moving backwards again after reopening. Too many large groups, not distancing and not wearing masks. We’ve been offered gigs in July and August. Yet to accept anything. Probably will divide the band.
  20. vchizzle

    Road worn Mesa 4 x 12

    Pre pandemic prices of Mesa 4x12’s, $5-600 could get you one in good to mint condition, if you wait it out a bit $600 for mint one. Most of that stock of used gear is gone at this point. In that condition, $400 isn’t way out of bounds. Just cause the cab has road rash means nothing in terms of...
  21. vchizzle

    Your favorite speaker-microphone pairing for recording high gain? SM57 or...

    For sure. It’s sound is also familiar. Millions of well known guitar tracks recorded with that mic.
  22. vchizzle

    Your favorite speaker-microphone pairing for recording high gain? SM57 or...

    I guess it depends on what you’re trying to record for. Just solo guitar or amp demos? Guitars in a mix? Most of the time, guitar in the room sound that you hear sitting 10-15 feet from cabinets doesn’t necessarily work in a mix with many other instruments with high gain rock tones. At least it...
  23. vchizzle

    2020 Soldano Slo-100 Tube Swap! - Metal Tones!

    Like how it tightened the amp up but I liked the girth of the lower mids better in the first clip you did. Looks like the volume is lower and a few other EQ settings, so that could be it too. Either way, I have pretty bad GAS for a new SLO! The updates are important ones to me. I’d have to get...
  24. vchizzle

    Bogner Shiva or Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary

    What makes you say that?
  25. vchizzle

    Bogner Shiva or Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary

    I’ve definitely read that multiple times. I’ve never played a reverb model.