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    65Amps Colour Boost?

    Reverse polarity I believe. It works fine for me with 9v from an isolated power supply but can't daisy chain with standard pedals.
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    What are my Tone Bender mk1 options?

    Thanks stonecabin. That's exactly the info I needed. I actually like the rougher nastier side of the MKI circuit best. Sounds like the De Sade is the one for me.
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    What are my Tone Bender mk1 options?

    Does one get spittier and more chaotic than the other?
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    What are my Tone Bender mk1 options?

    I'm literally deciding between those 2 right now. Any chance you could compare and contrast?
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    Reverbs before or after amp in Helix?

    I'm with you on liking it first. I want dirty chaos not pretty softening from my reverb.
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    Amp Head switcher

    I have literally the exact same question (even with the Fryette PS-2). Theoretically it seems like it'd be fine but I don't want to try before being certain.
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    Show your Brian Monty guitars

    I can't wait to see that screen cap. And ya I forgot how wild I used to get on stage in those days. Still do today, just forgot about then. That guitar can take anything, but always gives back more. Ended up replacing it down the line with a '69 SG Special that had a '61 and a '63 P90 in it but...
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    Show your Brian Monty guitars

    That's definitely the one I had to give up years back. I can recognize it by the ding at the edge of the headstock where my brother let the neck drop like an idiot and fortunately did nothing other than finish damage and a tiny bit of compressed wood in the corner. It's also the one Monty used...
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    Overdrives and Distortion for Hiwatt cleans.

    Anything based on the Coloursound Overdriver is great too. It worked for David Gilmour, and my style couldn't be further from his and it still works great for me.
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    We're giving away some Empress Tremolos on TGP

    I've got some empty space in my Bass VI rig
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    SPL Reducer (new attenuator)

    Thanks BE. It was actually your videos that got me very interested and curious.
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    SPL Reducer (new attenuator)

    Any new reviews on this one? Specifically comparing with the Rockcrusher or Alex?
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    FS: WMD Geiger Counter

    ON HOLD. PROBABLY TRADED. Will delete when deal is done. This is a very cool pedal but more complex than the usual 1-3 knob jobs I love. If trading, I'm only looking to trade for recording gear. As new with box and instructions (which unfortunately includes that corner paint dent that was how...
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    1980's Tokai Goldstar ST60

    If it has the soft V neck and E series pickups I'd go up to $700 CDN and hope for as low as $450. I've had 2 1984 ST60s with the soft V and Es and they were some of the best strats I've ever played. (assuming with your handle that you're Canadian, hence the pricing).
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    New Catalinbread Pedals

    No knobs. A hard switch. A soft switch. A spring on the side that might be for an even smaller switch. Hmm ...maybe a looper?
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    Stuff Packaged For Guitarists Versus Regular Hardware Store Stuff

    I used to get this stuff from Radio Shack under their brand and just called "Precision Oiler" - Great stuff for lubricating nuts, bridges and tuners -
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    "Organic, chewy" med-gain ODs. Ideas?

    I just sold an Empress Germ Drive and that describes it perfectly. It's like a Tweed Deluxe with more gain range and way more EQ control.
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    FS: Retro Sonic Analog Delay / Empress Germ Drive (want WMD+EQD)

    Last chance for a discount on the Retrosonic delay.
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    FS: Retro Sonic Analog Delay / Empress Germ Drive (want WMD+EQD)

    Germ Drive sold. Heading to the post office tomorrow to ship. Try me with an offer on the Analog Delay before I go and I can knock a few bucks off to do it in one trip.
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    FS: Retro Sonic Analog Delay / Empress Germ Drive (want WMD+EQD)

    ALL SOLD. WILL DELETE WHEN SHIPPED Both pedals come with everything as shipped new. Retro-Sonic Analog Delay - SOLD Shipped and PayPalled in USA/Canada (will ship anywhere for actual cost) Basically a perfect Boss DM-2 copy, with added flexibility and delay time. Brilliant analog delay...
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    Are all my Gibson pots 300k??

    John Phillips explained how to do it for me a few years back. Read the second post here -
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    Early marshall tone, fender reliability, and under $600 used. Doe such a thing exist?

    Traynor YGM-3 hits all of your criteria. Great vintage amp. Incredibly reliable. Great Marshall growl when pushed. Around $500 used for the 1x12 all day.
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    Can I just replace a V30 with an EVM 12L in my mesa 2x12?

    I played that combo of speakers in a Mesa Rectifier 2x12 for years. PHENOMENAL! They balance so well and just sounds huge. Detailed while still being warm. Cuts through while still being full frequency. if you're doing a vertical cab, put the EV on the bottom. Mine was a horizontal cab, but I'd...
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    Lightning Bolt Wrap Around

    Usually that style of wraparound bridge is set at an angle to help get the intonation in the ballpark. The lightning bolt bridge is designed to be mounted without an angle.