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    As an owner of the older THR10X amp, I’ve been watching and waiting for this gen II version for about a year. On paper, it had a lot of new features that were appealing to me....and they priced it at the top of the market, for what it is. The new one hasn’t been available locally at big box...
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    Hard pass on this amp. I‘ve come close to ordering the THR30 II on multiple occasions and decided to pass, and that’s really saying something, as I am in the prime target market for this product. It seems like Yamaha needs to get their $hit together. It’s 2020 and intelligent consumers don’t...
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    How many is too many?

    I have 22, including electrics, acoustics, a lap-steel and 1 bass. It feels excessive to me at times, but it all comes down to whether you have the money, space and time to accommodate and enjoy them. I currently do, so I don’t fret over it. My wife also encourages me since she loves music as...
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    How to save $30,000 shopping for amps

    what para EQ’s are you referring to?
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    My FIRST YEAR (and a half) of guitar playing. (my story/thoughts)

    You sound great! I wish I’d sounded half that good after playing for a year and a half. Your insights are spot on....while many of us start playing guitar for girls (decades ago) or to be cool or for other specious reasons, the real reward is internal. It can be a creative escape from the stress...
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    Your Prettiest Guitar

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    Kurt Cobain - pretentious?

    While I really enjoy nirvana and Kurt, foo fighters is simply a better band IMO. But Dave has had the benefit of an extra 26 years that Kurt did not Have.
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    Tough day today. Favorite Murder Ballads?

    “I used to love Her”. GnR.
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    FS Source Audio Nemesis, Analogman KOT, Neunaber Immerse Mk II

    Thanks. Yes, an embarrassment of riches in the drive department! Honestly, just spending more time playing the Axe FX3 and acoustic. When I do play electric through an amp, I tend to use fuzz more than anything else.
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    You have to pick 4 electrics guitars for the rest of your life. What do you pick?

    ‘57 R7 Les Paul Ri ’61 ES-335 RI (Warren Haynes model) ’59 WW10 Journeyman Relic Strat ’59 WW10 MB Relic Telecaster ’42 Banner J-45 ok, I need at least 5!!!
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