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    New Rocketfire Strat!

    Killer guitar. Nick built me an s-type back in '07ish and it is STILL my main axe. Through all my TGP turnover, it has remained. It's still #1. It just gets better.
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    Thinline Tele with Rosewood FB ques

    Rosewood for me...
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    Show Us Your Pedaltrain Mini Pt.3

    The acoustic board.
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    Anyone know Rogue guitar shop?

    Great business! Easy transaction, fast shipping, clear communication! I'll definitely be doing business again with RGS!
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    Show off your HEAVY RELIC!!!! (love thread ONLY!)

    Not sure I've even contributed to this thread I started! Wow. Anywho, I have a couple relics that are my pride and joy... Here's one of them. My Rocketfire S-Type. Nick made this for me about 8 years ago and it's been my main guitar ever since. It used to be black... but I stripped it a year or...
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    Anyone else get a lot of thrill from a few bucks on a Big Baby?

    Love the K&K Pure Mini. Its what I have in my 514-CE and LG-0. I have a friend selling a BBT and now I'm thinking about snagging it... Dang you, Nick.
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    Can anyone recommend the best acoustic guitar pickup ?

    I use the mini on all my acoustics. Its a 3-plate transducer thats pretty easy to install. THe classic is 4-plate and for nylon string guitars. My buddy uses the Trinity, which is the 3-plate plus an internal microphone that chills under the sound hole. He loves it.
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    Can anyone recommend the best acoustic guitar pickup ?

    Another vote for K&K System.
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    Show off your HEAVY RELIC!!!! (love thread ONLY!)

    Still loving this thread! Keep em coming!
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    Show your Mark Jenny axes!!

    New body is killer.
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    Show your Mark Jenny axes!!

    Some REALLY great deals can be had via their ebay auctions. Just snagged this killer 3lb 10oz alder body for a ridiculously great price.
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    Advice on a Rocketfire Strat - pre 2011

    I have an early Rocketfire.. 2006 I believe. Commissioned from Nick back in the day. Of ALL the guitars I've gone through, its never left my side. Its STILL my main axe. Such a killer guitar.
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    Anybody play a taylor mcgrath guitar?

    I would be interested in knowing this as well.
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    Just finished THE FIRST Rocketfire in house Bass!

    Love it man! Looks soooo great, and I bet it plays like a dream! Kudos!
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    John Mayer - Live on Letterman tonight

    THanks. Downloaded.
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    replacing the expression system in my 514CE... Any thoughts?

    Just a little update. the rattling hasnt stopped, and as it turns out, I've traced it to the battery compartment. The wiring and the battery both vibrate. Only solution is to remove it.... So, that said, I am. I have a K&K pure mini being delivered that will replace the Expression System, and...
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    replacing the expression system in my 514CE... Any thoughts?

    The Expression System is causing a weird buzzing... It has to be the system. No loose braces/nut/bridge... Its really annoying. And the volume pot is going out so I use a volume pedal. I play acoustic on a daily basis with my job. Looking into the K&K Trinity, but wondered if anyone else had...
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    No love for MJT around here?
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    PSA: Great price on the '85 Whiteface RAT ReIssue...

    $99 and free shipping? Done.
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    Show Us Your Pedalboard #35

    Yeah it is. I absolutely LOVE the sweep. Its kinda big, but it feels more comfortable under my foot than my EB.
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    Changed up my Rocketfire S-Type... from black to bare...

    man I just love this guitar.... that is all.
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    Show Us Your Pedalboard #35

    An incredible pedal from Walrus Audio, based out of Norman, OK. Called the Janus. Its a fuzz and trem dual pedal. SUPER musical and a TON of options and sounds, thanks to the joysticks.
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    Show Us Your Pedalboard #35

    I love the Janus. Very musical and usable. So many unique tones to be had in that box.