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    Hey guys any idea how to get this effects

    A properly set stereo tremolo will provide a ping-pong panning effect (if the effect is on a mono channel, you must convert the signal to stereo). Some tremolo plugins have mono=>stereo signal conversion available. You can apply the effect to a single channel, bus, or stereo mix depending on...
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    Need some gear suggestions.

    I would agree that Logic Express would be a great upgrade for you. After that, I would think about buying another mic or two (I would probably go with a good ribbon, but your tastes may vary). One thing I would strongly recommend is some decent monitoring and acoustic treatment for your...
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    Micing the cab....or right into the mixer?

    How close are you placing the mic to the amp? If you are close miking within an inch of the grill, you might try backing it off one to two feet. It can help to give the sound some space to develop and bloom before hitting the mic.
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    acoustic mics?

    What kind of budget are you looking at? There are good acoustic microphones all across the board, so it really depends on how much you are looking to spend. If you are prepared to spend a good chunk of change, I would strongly recommend taking a look at the Royer 122 or the Neumann KM84. They...
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    A question about my recording...

    Send me a copy as well (I'll PM you my email address). Chances are, the raw tracks are probably okay. A lot of problems with "oomph" as you say can arise without proper mixing and mastering. A little bit of extra processing can go a long way.
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    low budget, just want recordings mixed well enough for myspace page.

    What program are you using to record and mix? Most programs will have some basic plugin options that can benefit your mix greatly. There may even be master presets available that will help bring your mix up front.
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    before getting something mastered....?

    Bingo. As good as you may be able to make the mix sound using plugins, these guys are professionals and know what they are doing. It's fine to give them an idea of what you want, but let them take care of EQ, compression, and other processing. It's what you are paying them for.
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    Tools to do your job in the studio

    I would have to go with a 1961 Fender Telecaster and a 1956 Fender Deluxe. It's not the most versatile rig, but to me, it just doesn't get any better than that.
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    PC or Mac

    +1 for Mac. I'll never go back!! -- Wheels
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    Just got a Mac... now how do I record?

    +1. Great interface with high quality preamps and A/D conversion.
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    how loud should I play when micing an amp?

    As others have stated, it depends on a number of different variables. Assuming your mic can handle it, your best bet is to put the amp where its giving you the tones you are looking for. Use the preamp to attenuate the signal so you don't clip the input stage of your recording interface. If...
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    Good Way to Get Started w/ RECORDING?

    There are lots of options out there. What's you budget like? If you can afford to spend some money and you have a Mac, I would get an Apogee Ensemble and run it with logic. It has 8 channels, but only 4 of them are line-in only so you would need a 4 channel preamp (there are some decent cheap...
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    Tube Preamp?

    In the $700 range you could pick up a used Blue Robbie tube preamp. I use it almost exclusively for acoustic guitar and vocals and it really sounds stellar. It is silky smooth with exceptional depth and clarity. Paired with a good ribbon mic, it really sounds great. -- Wheels
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    16bit to 1/4 in 15ips tape mix ?

    It really depends who you ask. It will obviously give the sound some of that classic analog warmth, which you might notice is lacking from an mp3 (I assume you mean an mp3 that was mixed ITB). The average listener will probably not notice a difference, but if you listen with critical ears you...
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    How loud do you need to record a guitar amp?

    There's a lot of really good information here. Thanks to those who pointed out the error of my thinking that guitar should be recorded as loud as possible. I only recently switched to a DAW and I still have much to learn!! -- Wheels
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    what's a good LEAVE IT ON...

    Farndurk Sunshine Compressor. It adds a subtle sweetness to the tone of a guitar/amp rig. Plus, it looks cool as hell. Pictures to come...
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    What's your favorite OD for a Strat

    Analogman Maxon OD9/808 Silver. The best TS out there. It's clear and more transparent than stock, but it maintains the essential character of a TS. Sounds great with a decent Strat.
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    Good affordable mic for micing guitar amps?

    For my money, I would go for a 57 any day of the week. It's not the prettiest pony in the stable, but it's definitely a workhorse.
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    Vox AC15H1TV vs XITS X10

    I've got a Vox AC15H1TV and I absolutely love it. It sounds clean, crisp and jangly, and stays tight when cranked.
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    Best High End Les Paul JR.

    For my money, I would go with a vintage LP Jr. They sound and look awesome, and you are more likely to have greater return on your investment. Vintage guitars are not as susceptible to devaluation like new instruments are. If you are looking for modern boutique hardware and electronics, you...
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    Looking for the name of a female guitarist...

    Thanks for the quick responses guys!! The female guitarist turns out to be KT Turnstall. I especially like her live rendition of "Black Horse And The Cherry Tree." Damn does she rock!
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    Looking for the name of a female guitarist...

    I watched a clip of an incredible female performing artist a couple months ago and her name now escapes me. She plays extensively with a loop pedal live, overtracking acoustic guitar parts and vocal harmonies. If you have an idea of the woman I am describing, please let me. Thanks!!
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    Recommend me a vocal mic

    +1 for the 58. 57 works great also.