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  1. jaydawg76

    Wanna make an amp - getting Tweed Champ parts

    Small parts kit and chassis from Mojotone and ClassicTone transformers. If you want to get real crazy, use a 12 inch speaker in a Tweed Deluxe size cab and you've got a killer amp.
  2. jaydawg76

    Pulling frets with Hosco puller + SM Chip Stoppers

    Just take a regular set of end nips, like the ones pictured above, to the bench grinder and grind the ends flush. Voila! Fret pullers!
  3. jaydawg76

    what were 60's Fender cabinet backs and baffles made from?

    3/4" pine box (finger jointed) with 1/2" particle board baffle and 1/4" masonite back panels.
  4. jaydawg76

    Recommended Reading - Semi Hollow Construction

    Making a Laminated HollowBody Electric Guitar Paperback – February 4, 2005 by James English I'd also recommend Benedetto's book. If you carve the top and back out of solid wood then you don't need to tool up for the laminated top. When you carve the inside of the arch, leave the material...
  5. jaydawg76

    Sold Kay 136 Clone

    Bump with a price drop!!!
  6. jaydawg76

    Sold Kay 136 Clone

    I'm selling my K 136 clone. It's been a wall hanger in my music room and has seen very little use. Great blues guitar. I built it to the original specs and derived the body shape from a tracing off an original. The neck is mahogany and rosewood and the body is poplar. The scale is 26" and 1 5/8"...
  7. jaydawg76

    H 44 Harmony build (1st build)

    I don't think you'll even need a hand saw. There's only a few degrees of angle there. Making sure you leave the shelf for the nut flat will be the biggest thing to watch out for. Use the edge of a ruler to check for flatness as you work.
  8. jaydawg76

    H 44 Harmony build (1st build)

    Mark the nut location on the top and side of the neck blank. Draw the taper on the side front of the headstock and use a block plane to take it down to your lines. The angle was very shallow on the h44. It shouldn't take much time to do it by hand.
  9. jaydawg76

    Jason Hilbourne Custom Silvertone Build has commenced!!!!

    Here's a preview of the body color. :)
  10. jaydawg76

    paint and f-holes

    Maybe add the f-hole as a black silhouette during finishing?
  11. jaydawg76

    CNC guitar services

    Do you have a website or pics of your work? Thanks
  12. jaydawg76

    Help ID'ing this Hammond Conversion amp

    Yup, that looks like a ghia. Look at how the tone control is wired.
  13. jaydawg76

    Telecaster humbucker question

    +1 That's the way to do it.
  14. jaydawg76

    Wood tone question for builders

    Wounderful post! For anyone interested in reading more about what Helldunkel has mentioned should check out this book. It's REAL facts about wood, not the marketing talk we've all become accustomed to...
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    Yup, that came from a sheet of bamboo counter top material.
  16. jaydawg76


    Here is a bamboo body I did for a buddy at work. Bamboo Tele 2 by scottclyatt, on Flickr
  17. jaydawg76

    When relicing is not relicing

    FTW :rotflmao
  18. jaydawg76

    Is CNC the way to go ?

    Sorry, but you're waayyyyyyy off base with your time estimates. If it takes someone 2 hours to draw up, program and cut 2 humbucker routes then they are simply not very proficient with the machine or software.
  19. jaydawg76

    Do any of you luthiers make leopard tortoise pickguards?

    Did you use Acetone to bind the sheets or and adhesive of some sort?
  20. jaydawg76

    Do any of you luthiers make leopard tortoise pickguards?

    That stuff is half the thickness of a normal pickguard. It really needs to be glued to whatever surface it's mounted on.
  21. jaydawg76

    3 Saddle Tele Bridge - No pickup mount

    There are a bunch of folks making them.