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    What's your day job?

    I'm unemplyed at the moment ... but Ive mostly worked as a report writer, data/business analyst, and database developer for the past 10 or 12 years. Anyone know of a job in NW Ohio or SE Michigan???
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    Refinish a 2002 R8 .. Yes or No ? (with pics)

    Man, I sure wouldn't refinish it. I think it looks awesome as it is. Just buy another R8 with the finish you want and have TWO of em!! :aok
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    If you were forced down to one guitar - which one would you keep?

    Probably my '02 R8, but it'd be a tough decision.
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    Your number #1 guitar, #1 pedal and #1 amp

    At the present moment, my numero unos are: '02 R8 Les Paul Fulltone OCD Dr. Z Route 66
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    How would YOU honestly rate your guitar abilities ?

    I'd say I'm a fairly competent player. I'm entirely "self-taught", which in my case means I know damned little. LOL I can entertain myself with my own playing some of the time, and some of the time I bore myself into a mild stupor. Wish I was better, but I guess I get the job done.
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    How often do you gig/How many sets?

    My band gigs about an average of 3 times a month. Our gigs are usually 4 hours made up for 4 sets and three breaks. If the crowd is really into it, we'll keep playing and sometimes drop down to 3 sets.
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    My run-in with Matt Schofield

    Agree 100% I got to meet Matt and the rest of his trio when my band played on the same bill with him last summer. They were all gracious and friendly guys, and it was a real pleasure meeting them and getting to see them play live.
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    Giggin' shot of you and your guitar

    Me and my 2002 R8 at a Blues & Jazz festival this summer.
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    Best End of a Relationship Song?

    Late For The Sky - Jackson Browne or Love Needs A Heart - Jackson Browne
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    When you play guitar, how much do you play clean/dirty/really dirty??

    I would say that over the course of a 4 hour gig my percentages would be about: 60% clean 35% moderately dirty 5% dirty
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    Hey lefties! Do you play lefty or righty?

    I'm another lefty who plays righty. I started out playing left handed on a right hand strung guitar, but quickly switched to right handed playing.
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    Les Paul Lovers - Which is your favorite Les Paul burst finish?

    Either vintage burst or ice tea. My R8 is vintage burst ... love it.
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    The story of the wrong Les Paul!

    Good on ya, bro. I would have done the same thing. Enjoy that new LP Trad!
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    So here's a little game for ya ... what amp am I describing?

    Thanks for all the suggestions, folks. Keep em coming! Two amps I had kind of thought of were a JTM45 and a Dr. Rt 66.
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    So here's a little game for ya ... what amp am I describing?

    I'm looking for an amp. Here are the specifics I'm thinking I'd like to have: Head rather than a combo Thick, rich clean tone with a non-flubby low end and smooth highs (not necessarily glassy high end) Low(er) wattage for my gigs in smallish clubs Takes OD pedals well Suited well to humbucker...
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    how many of you guys have got the BIG 3 of guitars?

    Yep, I've got 1 LP, 1 Tele, and 2 Strats.
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    R8 weight?

    Mine's a little under 9 ... like 8.8 or something.
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    NGD! My First On TGP!

    Great looking Les Paul. Congrats!
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    Have You Ever Been Recognized In a General Public Setting?

    The town I live in isn't super huge (about 500K). I occasionally get recognized from gigs. Usually some comment like "Hey! Are you in a band? Can't remember its name ... " ;)
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    What pick do use?

    Dunlop Ultex 1.14 mm
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    What's your Ideal Weight Les Paul ?

    For me the ideal weight would be between 8.5 and 9 lbs.
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    Hi end Telecaster owners, like Custon shop, Nash K-line,Dano, and boutique

    I've got a K-Line Tele that's pretty much the best Tele I've ever owned. I especially like it because it was built to my own specs, like neck carve, frets, pickups, weight, etc.
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    Do You Enjoy Talking to People at Gigs?

    I generally am the person in the band to schmooze with the crowd on breaks. I don't mind it, but I try to leave some time to sit and rest my old feet too. :-)
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    OT: birdsandmoons

    Same thing is happening to me. :waiting
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    "That guitar just doesn't have a bad sound in it."

    Yep, love that guitar/amp combination. Parallel universes, eh? :-)