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    Tell me about the Weber Silver Bell...

    I had a 50w AlNiCo SB with pre-rola dope paired with a 30w AlNiCo Blue Dog(also pre-rola) and I was getting way too much bass, just really heavy heavy bass. That was with a 6G3 clone, not a very bassey amp. I swapped the SB for a 30w ceramic Blue Dog and couldn't be happier. The SB just seemed...
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    Refret in SoCal?

    Thanks a bunch guys! I'm not sure who I'll go with, but I've got a lot of options now.
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    Refret in SoCal?

    I'm looking for a good shop or luthier in Southern California to do a refret on my all maple tele neck. Anybody know of anyone?
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    Les Paul ebay auction: the cake has been taken

    Well, luckily he takes paypal, that'll only be a couple grand in fees...
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    The Doors...pretty cool huh?

    The feedback for some of those "other items" is hilarious.... "dramatic changes in size permanet thank you."
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    I Won the Lottery/Dream Guitar?

    '58 Duo Jet, only year of dynas and thumbnail inlays.
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    If the Fender Vibro-King is the flagship, what's the second best?

    Excluding all the re-issues... Supersonic.
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    Switching out pups on a Grestch Country gent...

    Any further questions you might have could most certainly be answered here:
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    Shielding & Potting...materials?

    How I've potted pickups is to use a double boiler and melt a mix of bees wax and paraffin in a 1:4 ratio, heat to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The tone does seem to change a bit, maybe takes off the high end a little, but it's barely noticeable, if at all. I've never done a tele pickup, I've...
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    looking for advice in the tweed persuasion

    Take a look at some of the stuff from these fine Tweed builders:
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    Influences... with a twist!

    Brian Setzer Dick Dale Jack White
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    Straight to Amp?

    With as much as I play with tubes, speakers, and just flat out buy amps; I would hate to see my account balance if I got into pedals... (at least they'd be easier to store than amps...) I use a tuner(korg pitchblack) that is awesome, and I have a clean boost and fuzz that very rarely get used...
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    Your Silvertone Experience

    Here's a shot of the guts on a 1484:
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    Your Silvertone Experience

    I've got a '66 1484, it needed a little rehab, but mostly I just modernized it. I did a cap job, replaced the blown Jensens with some cheap Webers I had around, and tired power tubes, added jacks on the head and cab, put on a detachable 3-prong cable. The way the head was hardwired to the cab...
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    How about a speaker suggestion?

    Some people here put up some Eminence speakers, however those are American voiced models. If you're looking for a British voiced Celestion type speaker by Eminence, look into the Private Jack, Wizard, and Red Fang. I've had all 3. For what you're looking for, I would recommend the Private Jack...
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    Let's see pics of your "colorful" amps!!

    Here's a pretty odd color...
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    What amp and guitar will make me a great player?

    Man, it's not about what will make you the best guitar player... It's about what will make you LOOK like the best guitar player... Thusly, I recommend a Les Paul and a Marshall with a 4x12 under it. Add about 20ish pedals, get a black leather jacket, and some snake skin boots. Everyone will...
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    Your favorite 15" speakers

    Here you go:
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    Neil Young amp at Filmore '70?

    It does look like a tweed bassman, the vertical 1x15 cab with the JBL in it and Fender head on top is something blonde. Could only be a Bassman, Showman, or Bandmaster? The fact that it's a 1X15 cab make me suspect it's a Showman. Either the 1x15 or tweed Bassman may be being used be the organist.
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    Question re Marshall 1974x Reissue

    I can't speak for that model specifically, but I've had resistors go that way. It just smells like "something" is burning, but there is no visible smoke. Could also be the tubes heating up the surrounding area. If it plays fine and there is no smoke I'd say you're good, although if you're savvy...
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    Best boutique hollowbody pups

    Check out TV Jones, he'll have something for you.
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    Speakers vs. wattage?

    Thanks for the correction guys(re: a 3dB increase does not equate to the doubling of perceived volume). It's actually, as stated earlier, 6-10dB. I edited my other post so as not to spread any misinformation.
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    Speakers vs. wattage?

    Wattage is power handling. Sensitivity is loudness. Sensitivity is measured as how many decibels a speaker produces using 1 watt of energy, the measurement is taken at 1 meter. The higher that number is, the louder that speaker will be. The more power you have behind that speaker, the louder it...
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    Question about amp humm

    Does it sound like 60 cycle hum? Is it there when the there's not a guitar plugged in? Do adjusting any of the controls change it?