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  1. 84Bravo

    Just a cool picture

    I’ll take the ‘59, please.
  2. 84Bravo

    Happy Birthday Garth Hudson

    It was Levon who said when Garth joined the band they finally got a leg up.
  3. 84Bravo

    Which tone do you like better? Collings vs Gibson

    Transfer of energy.
  4. 84Bravo

    Which tone do you like better? Collings vs Gibson

    Five years from now the Collings will sound exactly the same; the J45 will have opened up. Bolt neck vs dovetail. I’ve owned five Collings in the past.
  5. 84Bravo

    Honey Bee OD

    I own Bearfoot Honey Bee #57. Not going anywhere, ended a lot of searching over decades.
  6. 84Bravo

    Why do people like Fender Guitars?

    A Gibson acoustic and a Fender electric = all the bases.
  7. 84Bravo

    Your best "rare car found in a barn"-type amp story

    About 20 years ago a buddy called me at work to say he saw an ad listing a 1954 Strat for sale about 80 miles away. I called, spoke to a nice older woman who said it was her late husband’s. I drove out in a snowstorm to see her, and indeed, it was an early ‘54 with the serial number on the back...
  8. 84Bravo

    Scumback Speakers (Jims Birthday bash)

    Happy Birthday!
  9. 84Bravo

    Eminence Speaker Company...

    DRRI. Volume on 4. High E string on 3rd and 15th fret = the note followed by whooosh! Cone cry, ghost note, whatever you wish to call it, it’s unacceptable. I’ve been playing almost 50 years. I’ve only ever experienced this in a Celestion speaker. This speaker is made like a Celestion. I don’t...
  10. 84Bravo

    Eminence Speaker Company...

    Amazon states it’s not eligible for return.
  11. 84Bravo

    Eminence Speaker Company...

    I know. I don’t understand it.
  12. 84Bravo

    Eminence Speaker Company...

    Anyone here affiliated with Eminence? On Monday, May 18 I received an Amazon order of an Alessandro GA-64 speaker from Amplified Parts. It sounded great at first, but I soon heard cone cry, which made it unusable. I contacted Amplified Parts immediately, and they told me to contact Eminence for...
  13. 84Bravo

    Ceriatone Quality?

    I bought a Tweedle Dee from Nik last May, “Dumblized”Tweed Deluxe. Oh man. No, this isn’t me:
  14. 84Bravo

    Fender 1963 Jazzmaster neck value?

    I believe Eddie Willis, one of the Funk Brothers (Motown) played a Tele with a Jazzmaster neck.
  15. 84Bravo

    Fender 1963 Jazzmaster neck value?

    Yep, and you are right, it didn’t stick around long. Sold quickly.
  16. 84Bravo

    Fender 1963 Jazzmaster neck value?

    It had an entirely new fretboard with 9.5 radius added.
  17. 84Bravo

    How does Ceriatone do it?

    Exactly what I did. And yes, he replies to your emails.
  18. 84Bravo

    Pros Messing Up/Hitting Clams?

    Not sure if anyone posted about the album Chester and Lester. Les complained that it had a few clams, but Chet said they were having fun, put it out.
  19. 84Bravo

    1st Ceriatone ordered. "The wayyayait is the hardest part"

    I got a Tweedle Dee from Nik last year. It’s astounding.