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    WTB Shiftee Vibe

    PM me if you have one you’d like to move.
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    Flanger pedal? Boss?

    I owned the Paradox TZF2 for several years and tried as I might, I could never get a musical sound out of it. It seemed like it was capable of it, but the controls were not intuitive and it always just sounded weird.
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    Sold Gibson Custom Shop 1956 Reissue Les Paul R6 Goldtop 2013--LIGHT!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** Killer Gibson Custom Shop R6 Les Paul from 2013. Very little playing time on this one. Just a few very light pick marks on the pickup covers and a few minor marks on the body/neck keep it from being mint. Killer greenish color goldtop...
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    What is the most unique electric guitar you own?

    Looks like some monstrous beast that came out of “The Thing.” Where you kind of recognize all the different parts and pieces, but are left thinking WTF?
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    How did your commissioning of a custom guitar turn out?

    Joe is GREAT. One of the very few people I would trust with a custom build.
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    Recommendations for a "transparent" clean boost

    I've owned lots of them. The one that had the most transparent, uncolored sound was the Creation Audio Labs Mk.4.23. Up to +24db in boost!
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    Sold Foxrox Aquavibe...MINT!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** Killer vibe tones out of this unit! I bought this Foxrox Aquavibe shortly after they came out several years back. I tried it out once or twice, but never actually ended up using it or mounting it to a pedalboard. As such it is in MINT...
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    Sold Metropoulos 10XXX Superbass 100-Watt Head...MINT!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** Go find another! Killer Metropoulos 10XXX series Superbass head with effects loop and master volume. This is an amp that was hand built by George Metropoulos. It sounds just like a Superbass should--glorious! Takes pedals like a charm, and...
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    Sold Morgan AC20 Deluxe...MINT!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** Perfect condition Morgan AC20 Deluxe. Switchable 12AX7/EF86 modes. 20 watts, 2xEL84 tubes, power scaling. "Normal" or "brilliant" voicing. In my opinion, the ultimate "grab and go" lightweight head. Never gigged, never left my smoke-free...
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    Sold Fender Custom Shop '63 Reissue NOS Tele Sonic Blue--Nice!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** I've owned this beautiful Fender Custom Shop '63 Tele for the last 17 years. It has spent most of the time in the case as I'm primarily a collector. The guitar is a killer Tele, with a big, full-throated sound. 9.5" radius round-lam...
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    Sold Friedman BE-OD Pedal

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** I bought this pedal a few years ago but never used it. The first time I opened the box was to take the pics in the listing. As such, it is in perfect condition. Price $SOLD shipped/PayPal'd to CONUS addresses only.
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    Sold Metropoulos 12XXX 100-Watt Plexi Amp Head...NICE!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** Up for sale is my much-loved Metropoulos 12XXX series plexi head. This amp just rips! This amp was built by George Metropoulos and represents his "ideal" vision of a '68 Plexi Super Lead. In addition, this amp was ordered with George's...
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    Sold Morgan SW100R Amp...Minty!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** A high headroom monster! Fantastic condition Morgan SW100R in the (discontinued) smoke chilewich tolex. This amp is Joe Morgan's take on a Dumble clean sound. Fat, percussive, with lots of sustain and sweet shimmering reverb. Huge blackface...
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    Sold Tom Holmes H455/H450 PAF Pickups with Covers--NEW, Never Installed!!!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** I bought this pair of Tom Holmes PAF pickups brand new from Tom back in 2000. Believe it or not, they have been sitting in my closet for 19 years. Never installed, as new, with the brushed "antique" covers. Why wait 9+ months for a new...
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    Marshall 1959 HW "Volume?"

    I run my 1959hw through the PRX150-DAG. Sounds great, although I’ve never used the line out function. I will repeat what others have really have to use the amp with M-magnet Celestions (or equivalent) to make it more manageable. I replaced the G12H30s in my HW 4x12 and it made a...
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    The Firebird Thread

    The Slash Firebird is my favorite--with full-size humbuckers and an ABR1/stoptail configuration, what's not to love?
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    Gibson custom shop with granite top.

    Well, that finally solves the Firebird neck-dive problem.
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    Sold Weber Legacy 12F 8ohm 65watt (Celestion G12H 55hz clone) NEW

    I bought this back in 2011 and never used it (sold the amp I bought it for). It's been sitting in my closet since then. Here are the specs: Cone Style--55hz Dustcap--British Impedance--8 Ohms Magnet Type--50oz Power--65 watts Cleaning stuff out and it's time for it to go to a new home. $100...
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    Sold Suhr Classic Antique HSS Olympic White Rosewood 2016 MINT!!!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** Killer 2016 Suhr Classic Antique with UPGRADED HARD CASE in mint, perfect, NEW condition! This will sell fast at this price, so you snooze, you lose... I bought this Suhr Classic Antique late-2016. It has about 15 minutes of playing time on...
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    Sold TheGigRig Remote Loopy 2 Bundle...UNUSED!

    I bought this great TheGigRig Remote Loopy 2 for a board that never got put together. It is in NEW, UNUSED condition. Adds a whole bunch of additional flexibility by letting you remotely control two different loops (without having to deal with tone sucking long cable runs). Top-notch...
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    R0 Club

    2013 R0..."Catalog Burst"...the actual R0 in the Gibson catalog and marketing materials for 2013-2014
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    Sold Glendale Groovy 60s Intone Compensated Saddles...MINT!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** The "Groovy 60s" Intone Cutting Edge threaded compensated saddles set are 1/4" cold rolled steel (un-plated). I bought these for a Tele that I subsequently sold. About 1 hour total playing time on them (possibly less). As close to new as...
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    Sold Retro-Sonic Chorus 1st (and best) Version Mono RARE! MINT!

    ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** ***NO TRADES*** This is the first version of the great Retro-Sonic Chorus. It just simply slays all the other versions (and I've owned them all). It runs at 12V AC, which may explain why it sounds so different. Fuller (more highs and lows), and wayyyy more...