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    Anyone here ever hear Mahogany Rush live, with their "wall of sound"?

    first time I heard the term "wall of sound" was while watching this tv show (seriously), back when I was 15 yrs old...
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    Flangers: Your Vote For Best Use In A Song

    hell yeah. Let's listen...
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    60s-70s Country Rock - what are your favorite tunes?

    for sure, this is beyond cool...
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    'Heart' ~ Just How Many Other Artist's Songs Did They Re-Cycle

    The whole "Barracuda" concept was obviously ripped off from (below). Same year (1977) which probably proves it.
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    Didja ever notice....

    I predict this strat player will be pretty good one day...
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    New Bryan Adams single-Jeff Lynne produced .

    Good song. Great guitar. Superlative dress.
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    Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

    One of the most grooving rhythm sections ever. Innovative and incredibly tasteful guitarist. Three (!) outstanding and distinctive vocalists. Lyrical and intelligent songwriting. Outstanding production values. What's not to like about this band?
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    Can "Jerry" become "Bobby?"

    Sorry about your loss, Jon. I think your wife has very good advice. Good luck man!
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    Dead and Company... Mayer confirmed?

    funny discussion, which guitarslinger to stick into what has become a Grateful Dead cover band. Why bother? The soul of the Dead has left this world, he can't be replaced. To me Mayer plays fine but is pretty much an anti-Jerry vibewise, and none of the other excellent guitarists mentioned are...
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    John Mayer Feedback for Fans or Not...

    yep, yep, yep. He plays well enough, but his (to me) cheesy singing and songwriting make him unlistenable... so what? Enjoy it if you like it, that's fine, but meanwhile OP why not give it a rest or get a room or something...
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    where were you..July 27, 1973]

    6th Fleet, sailing around out there somewhere on a carrier...
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    Recommend some Eric Gales...

    Pinnick Gales Pridgen - great album
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    Suggest Me Some Euro Stoner/Blues/Doom-Rock

    these guys always get mentioned in the same breath as Graveyard, I like both bands:
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    John Mayer......why the hate on TGP?

    talented for sure, here's a live version where he really is playing while singing. The lyrics, as in all his songs, come across cheesy/cutesy/self-congratulatory to me, ymmv, but a solid performance so I can see why some folks dig him. "Am I the one who plays the quiet songs, Is He the one who...
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    Your top 5 favorite bands when.....

    1969 Saw these faves live at Woodstock: Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Johnny Winter. Fell asleep and missed Jefferson Airplane, The Who. Lessee, how many is that? Anyway never saw the other two, Cream and Stones.
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    Neil Young's new album, The Monsanto Years, Coming June 29th

    Well, the article you linked was written by a nonscientist, and no less propaganda. Here's one written by a practicing scientist, about GMOs and science. I know because I wrote it, fwiw.
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    70's Disco Haters. Are there any dicso songs you like?

    ...and one disco song that I never liked, from a band I always loved... (EDIT, too late, Jon already posted this one. Oh well, I do dig Miss You)
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    I was about to buy a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET until...

    Mike's stuff is solid as can be. I've owned many Fulltone pedals. I've had excellent experiences with his customer service.
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    Eric Clapton and the Grateful Dead

    "Circa '68, Cream was at the top of its game internationally and the Grateful Dead (and other San Fran bands like Airplane, Big Brother, Country Joe and the Fish, etc.) were literally learning their trade." Well, we're all continually learning our trade (until at some point we start forgetting...
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    Songs with Morse code. What you got?

    Wild Thing. Duh Duh, Duh Duh, Duh Duh Duh, Duh Duh. Which spells out "I IS I". Which is existential though perhaps somewhat trivial. All Day and All of the Night. Duh, Duh Duh, Duh Duh Duh, Duh. Similar pattern, spelling out "E IS E" which is correct but also trivial and less existential.
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    Giving up on the Band Thang

    Great post, this nails it. I'm same age as OP (though didn't play in a band until I was 16), just walked away from my most recent one, "fun meter" was low. Finally bought the acoustic of my dreams, time to turn the page (for now anyway). Like the man says, no rules. But Larry Coryell, holy...