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  1. tonedaddy

    A New Perspective on David Lee Roth

    A friend of mine that pointed this article out said they had read an interview with Diamond Dave once where he said, "It's not having money itself that's important, it's the experiences that money buys you." If that is true, it explains a lot in this article. It's a long read, but I learned...
  2. tonedaddy

    Mayer & Urban played "Don't Let Me Down"

    Even money it was at Jonathan's house in Laurel Canyon, the site of many legendary jams (with a deep/wide cast of characters including Robinson) for a few years.
  3. tonedaddy

    Are these Tim Shaw pups?

    Welcome to The Gear Page! I suggest you post your question in the Guitars in General forum: (Sorry if you already know the info below, just trying to make sure you have instructions on how to use the search function in the forums.)...
  4. tonedaddy

    Wife and I bought our Macca tickets for Fenway in Boston … EXPENSIVE!

    $800 for 3 hours of McCartney? That's about the price of couple of airline tickets alone just to get away for a few days with your wife? 30+ years from now when you have kids/grandkids, do you think you'll spend time thinking/talk/reminiscing about that 3 hour airline flight? I...
  5. tonedaddy

    Hey, I bought me a Guitar Store!

    Congrats! Great products on your website, best of luck!
  6. tonedaddy

    What Speaker for 1961 Fender Deluxe Brownface?

    I've had two brownface Deluxes, still have one. I've settled on the Altec alnico 417-8H, and have used several of them in both Deluxes (as well as other cabs) over the years (since 1976). The first 417s I had came out of an early '70s Ampeg VT-22 twin, but picked up others along the way. 417s...
  7. tonedaddy

    Lentz Tele (Incoming)

    For quick and dirty pic posting, there's a super easy online pic resizing site here: Just resize the landscape/portrait style pic to the largest standard size (you can even crop after that.) Once it's resized, just right-click, and chose "copy image URL". Glad...
  8. tonedaddy

    Any love for Stepen Stills??

    Big Stills fan, saw him several times from the '74 CSNY tour through the '90s-'00s. Each time through the '90s he was on fire, hit or miss after that. I recently came across a pic I'd never seen before....Buffalo Springfield jamming at Stills' Laurel Canyon house. A lot more low key than...
  9. tonedaddy

    'Running on Empty'/David Lindley tone quest

    Fairchild 670's can go for $30-40k+ these days, depending on condition. There's a faithful repro that sells for $18k. Even a clone PCB for $400 and other hardware required will cost about $3k.
  10. tonedaddy

    Building small practice space/guitar room...anyone have anything to recommend?

    My gear room is an unused bedroom, so looks was irrelevant. I went for functionality with shelves I'll never have to worry about supporting/sagging. I bought black heavy-duty wire racks (6'H x 4'W x 18"D) deep, 250 lbs support per shelf, found on sale at Target). Added heavy duty locking...
  11. tonedaddy

    would you pay $500,000 for this guitar?

    I'd pay $499,000, but not a penny more.
  12. tonedaddy

    George Harrison's tele on the Beatles' Rooftop Concert

    A few more notes on the rosewood Tele from the auction house where Delaney sold it:
  13. tonedaddy

    Would you play a pink guitar onstage?

    I agree, here's an early sixties-style Revelator shell pink greenguard w/ Brazilian, lightly relic'd. It's a very tough color to photograph accurately. It changes depending on the amount, angle and type of light. You can see the changes in the pictures taken over 15 minutes next to a shaded...
  14. tonedaddy

    Heavyweight Clash: Stratocaster or Telecaster and your reason(s) why.

    Easy answer. If you're lying in bed and hear an intruder enter your house, come up the stairs and slowly start to open your bedroom door, are you going to reach for a Strat or a Tele? Obviously, you're going for the Telecaster. Because as a personal defense weapon, nothing, and I mean...
  15. tonedaddy

    Don Felder solo album. Road To Forever.

    Glad to see him creating new music and sharing his gifts and talent.
  16. tonedaddy

    That guy who makes GVCG guitars

    According to the DAG website, they're still taking orders. Give Cliff a call to confirm:
  17. tonedaddy

    Why do bands use a PA system?

    There are two parts to your comment: 1. "I don't get" I'd venture that's because you simply haven't been to enough shows in different genres in different sized venues to experience what staging/lighting can contribute to a concert experience. If you can't attend in person, start...
  18. tonedaddy

    Sherman Hemsley: Prog Rock Fanboi

    I had never heard of his love for prog. As a huge Nektar fan back in the day, he had excellent taste. :D Check out this article from 2009:
  19. tonedaddy

    Anyone ever meet Mike McCready? (or Pearl Jam)

    I think this is the initial article here:,5
  20. tonedaddy

    I'd fire our old drummer if we could hire this young guy......

    zyWaEHZjeUs 6 years old, self taught
  21. tonedaddy

    Foo Fighters Vh1 Documentary.

    What a great format and model for a band documentary. In that sense, one of the best I've ever seen. The whole package, lots of history from before the band to today, honesty/inclusion/interviews with every single person that's been in FF, the long/hard work of touring, concert clips...
  22. tonedaddy

    Saw Poco live last night

    Yep, they're all based out of Nashville now. He did one of his songs off his solo album, World Wide Webb, and they're selling it on the Poco website: The guy is not only an amazing musician, he's brings a lot of energy and smiles to the band...
  23. tonedaddy

    Pete Thorn's GUITAR NERD... listen to 4 songs here!

    Sounds great, I'm anxious to get the CD! :aok
  24. tonedaddy

    Saw Poco live last night

    One of my favorite bands growing up, and it was kind of coming full circle as Poco opened up at the very first concert I ever attended in 1972. They came through town about every year from '72-77, so I saw them 6-7 times back then. Rusty Young is the only remaining original member. Hard to...
  25. tonedaddy

    What do you guys think of this?

    Welcome to TGP, shreddster! As much as it's not my style, I'm glad there are guys like you doing it and doing it very well. Good job, and it's good to have you here.