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  1. tonefreak

    Anyone else have no interest in boutique gear whatsoever?

    MXR... have any of you heard of a guy named Jeorge Tripps? MXR maybe mass produced, but they were smart bringing Jeorge on board. Their pedals sound great. Boutique or not Boutique... who truly knows today. It was different like 10 years ago when there was a clear distinction. But more...
  2. tonefreak

    Magic amps Vibro Prince

    Mike has been building amps for as long as I can remember. The first Magic Amp I played was like 10 years ago... and I had just discovered them, but my friend swore by them and actually owned that one for a couple years. An acquaintance of mine, Bob Hartry, has used various Magic Amps for years.
  3. tonefreak

    Magic Amps Vibro Prince........Any New Impressions/Reviews?

    Since you own a Magic Amps Crossroads, you know how special these amps are. I've played Magic's VOX type amps... what an amazing chime. I suspect that you will also love the Vibro Prince. Mike's been at this for a long time... if I were in the market for a Princeton and Magic was a choice, I...
  4. tonefreak

    JRT 9/15 vs Spitfire

    I'm sorry OP, but I too have not tried the Spitfire, but I have owned several of Fred's amps and they are some of my favorites ever. IMO, you can go wrong with a Divided by 13... there is a reason why so many people love them.
  5. tonefreak

    Magic amps Vibro Prince

    Magic Amps are great. I've played a few and owned a 1x12 from Magic Amps. One of the nicest people you will ever meet as well. Congrats on a purchase that will inspire you every time you plug in. What other Magic Amp are you thinking of getting?
  6. tonefreak

    Tone Freak's Naked OD..any users?

    None of the above. The Naked OD was designed to drive a Marshall '68 Plexi, specifically, but will work on all Marshall style amps generally... like the Friedman amps. Dave Friedman and I worked on this circuit. '68 Plexi's are sweet amps... you want to drive them harder without taking away from...
  7. tonefreak

    Is there going to be a Strymon social before the end of the year?

    I happen to think power supplies and euroracks are very exciting!
  8. tonefreak

    Clean preamp pedal with high headroom - Takes distortion well

    Ethos Clean... lots of headroom with that one.
  9. tonefreak

    If you buy a Boss pedal do you always choose Waza version over standard?

    I have a CE-2 that I modded. Otherwise, I would prefer the WAZA Craft stuff.
  10. tonefreak

    Reverb -> Delay ? or Delay -> Reverb ?

    Try both and see which one YOU like best. You're going to get responses from both sides, so eventually it will come to your preferences.
  11. tonefreak

    The new Boss CE-2W Waza Chorus pedals have arrived!

    Nice... looking forward to trying this one out for myself!
  12. tonefreak

    Good fuzz for bass?

    IMO, any good bass fuzz will have a mix control. My bass playing friends have found this feature crucial.
  13. tonefreak

    Les Paul + Muff - Good, Bad, or Ugly?

    Muffs can get too smooth depending on the version. You lose the ability to palm mute and string articulation is not there. I guess that's the appeal of the Muff. Luckily, many manufacturers and builders have modded the circuit, so that you can dial back the gain and get more crunch from that...
  14. tonefreak

    Michael Landau's current pedals/amps

    Killer rig no doubt! But what of the Fender ML Hot Rod??
  15. tonefreak

    TC Polytune Clip... can it replace my floorboard tuner?

    Consider this... the mic on the clip version is really sensitive. From what I hear from some users, too sensitive, but TC could have made some improvements on this. Also, be careful of the clip, it will damage the finish of your guitar head if not used very, very carefully. Again, the latest TC...
  16. tonefreak

    Be honest: how many klone users have played a Klon?

    As long as you use the Klon or pedals like the Klon as it was intended, then it is a very special pedal. It's not a drive pedal... it was never intended to be a drive pedal. It's a boost and adds something nice to your signal. I have also used it after my favorite drive to get more with that...
  17. tonefreak

    What do you think is the best boost pedal?

    It depends on the amp. AC30 loves the old Boss FA-1. My Naked OD was designed to boost a Marshall. ZVex's Super Hard On adds a nice sparkle to the boosted signal to my Deluxe. Then there's the transistor based boosts like the Peter Cornish stuff... I build one for myself and it's about as...
  18. tonefreak

    Suhr no longer going public

    I refuse to speculate the "why"... it doesn't matter and distracts from the great news that John and his company are going in a direction that makes him and his family happy.
  19. tonefreak

    Which custom strat?

    This is excellent advice! Currently, I play a MIM Fender with Lollar, Fralin and Suhr pickups in a SSH configuration. Upgraded the tuners to Hipshot. Plays and sounds awesome, and I don't have to worry about dinging a guitar with a furniture finish. I can relic this one with age, instead of one...
  20. tonefreak

    What is the BEST analog delay??

    Yes, I know, but the best I've heard all around... digital or otherwise. Same with the TC2290. However, I did get off track as the OP didn't want digital.
  21. tonefreak

    What is the BEST analog delay??

    Lexicon PCM41 and PCM42. Outside of that... BOSS Waza Craft DM-2W is one I'm really keen on.
  22. tonefreak

    should i sell my 100watt 78' NMV Marshall JMP

    Do. Not. Sell. Period.
  23. tonefreak

    What sort of volume (numbers) are we talking for boutique builders?

    Bro, you always pick up when I call... thanks so much for listening to my crazy ideas and rants. I've been a fan of your stuff way before we got to know each other on a more personal level. Stay cool!
  24. tonefreak

    What sort of volume (numbers) are we talking for boutique builders?

    Thanks Mark... I'll be around as long as my hands will allow me. This will always be a part of my life.