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  1. fretnot

    New Crow Hill Guitar! Build thread with pics !!

    Looks killer! Congrats, enjoy that beast.
  2. fretnot

    Sold Gil Yaron Lyra Semi-Hollow w/ Brazilian board

    For sale is a Gil Yaron Lyra semi-hollow model. All options, all old growth woods, killer hand tuned gunstock maple top, Cuban mahogany, Tortoise bindng on top and fingerboard, pre-CITES Brazilian rosewood board, etc. It also has Gil's proprietary "zero finish" back. Has a full '59 neck...
  3. fretnot

    FS Vaschenko Singlecut 59 Replica

    Beauty! Good luck with the sale
  4. fretnot

    NGD. Gil Yaron Lyra

    Congrats, Tramp! I have one in the emporium sadly if anyone is interested in one.
  5. fretnot

    Sold Gil Yaron Bone 59

    Love it.
  6. fretnot

    Show your Yaron guitars...

    Sure :)
  7. fretnot

    Show your Yaron guitars...

    Yes, we are very close. :)
  8. fretnot

    How much is too much for a guitar?

    The high price I've paid for some guitars I've loved was forgotten very quickly. Plus, it's not like an expensive guitar is worth $0.00 on the resale market after you buy it, so you could always recoup some money down the road. If you can afford X and really want a guitar that costs X, go for...
  9. fretnot

    For those with more than one guitar...

    Do you have a pic of yours? I’d love to see that!
  10. fretnot

    Gibson Forcing Workers To Work During Co-Vid19

    I think everyone getting in a pissing match needs to step away from their keyboard assault rifle for a few minutes and remember that we are all stuck in this sh!thole mess TOGETHER. Arguing about death rates, toilet paper, hospital beds, etc does NOTHING to help each other. We're all stressed...
  11. fretnot

    For those with more than one guitar...

    If you had to sell all but one guitar that you currently own, which would you keep? Remember, you only get to keep 1, so don't list more than 1! We're all under lockdown together, so have fun with it. :beer
  12. fretnot

    Yaron LP

    Stunning! Gil's work is amazing.
  13. fretnot

    Band Mate’s wife won’t let him come to practice!

    I assure anyone in a band here that no one in the general public cares if you take a hiatus for a while. "First Coachella, Rage, Madonna, SXSW and Pearl Jam canceled their tours, but now I just heard that Bill's Gear Page Blues Band is on a hiatus. Oh the humanity!"
  14. fretnot

    Yaron LP

  15. fretnot

    Sold Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow Limited Edition/Brazilian Board PRS

    For sale is a 2019 Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow Limited Edition in Copperhead nitro finish. This is a limited run, with a killer 10 top and Brazilian board. Features the 24.594” scale length mahogany neck with a bound Brazilian rosewood fretboard, PRS tweaked Phase III tuners, bone...
  16. fretnot

    Beware of David Coleman aka Equator instruments

    I blame Trey. If he just played a "normal" off the rack guitar like a Strat or Les Paul, no one would have gotten ripped off. :)
  17. fretnot

    Beware of David Coleman aka Equator instruments

    Ha! Encore must include... Scents but no sounds David Blowme Backwards Down the Order Line Ruby Waves Goodbye to your Money
  18. fretnot

    Where did it go?

    The OP is real. The package was shipped. The whole situation is bizarre. I’ll never understand starting a thread to bitch about someone and then delete it soon after.
  19. fretnot

    Anyone Own Celebrity or Rockstar Owned/Played Instruments?

    I tried to buy Gilmour’s Strat but was outbid by 4 mil. Ya win some, ya lose some.
  20. fretnot

    Joe Driskill

    That's an interesting business model.