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    Anyone in touch with Ron Thorn?

    Thanks all. Am trying again! :) Will resort to PMs if all else fails.
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    Anyone in touch with Ron Thorn?

    Have been trying to get in touch with Ron by email for a week or so. Getting no joy - maybe an anti-spam filter is getting in the way. Can't so easily pick up the phone due the time difference. So I'm just wondering if any forum buddies have a better email address than the one on the Thorn...
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    Recommend custom pickup maker?

    First - thanks for all of those recommendations. Been away for a couple of days and really appreciate the pointers - I'm going to work through them one by one. To answer a couple of Qs: * yup - I know the original PAF was not position specific, but I will be using it in the neck because... *...
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    Recommend custom pickup maker?

    I have a '59 PAF (originally a neck pickup) and I'd like to get a matching custom-made humbucker for it. It would be a custom wind and the cover would need to be gently aged to more-or-less match the original PAF's worn cover. Does anyone know of a small-scale pick up maker in the USA...
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    Parts is parts?...(Vintage Parts content)

    True. But it's not about tone - it's about value. A vintage LP lacking such parts is worth less (and is harder to sell) than the same guitar with them. If the value difference is greater than the asking price of the vintage correct parts - and you have the money to buy - it is illogical NOT to...
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    Edwards copy of Gibson's Vee

    It has been alleged (Tokai Forum) that Edwards woodwork is subcontracted out to a Chinese factory and it's shipped to Japan for assembly. Enough of a %age of the work is done in Japan to allow "Made in Japan" status. I still love that block inlay V. :)
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    Parts is parts?...(Vintage Parts content)

    A dealer paying top dollar? Now I've seen everything...
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    Anyone play guitar through studio monitors instead of an amp?

    Cranked Marshall into Palmer PDI-03 into Lex stereo reverb into cheap and cheerful stereo monitorig. Works great here :) Feels different to 50W of stack, of course.
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    Fender Superchamp amp ..... I bought one back in the 80s ....

    I'm having a big amp clear out at the moment, and the Super Champ is one of those amp's that's definitely staying. Still haven't got around to adding the speaker out socket - really must do that...
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    Axe-Fx vs. real tube amp (clip inside)

    Didn't like any of the three tones! Oh well...
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    help me identify these marshall cabs please!

    I have a pair like the ones on the right - with the original G12M 20W ceramic greenbacks. Each speaker is 16-ohm making two cabs that can be connected to the amp to make a 16-ohm overall load. Or you could rewire the cabs to make them 8-ohms each (4-ohm overall load). Sound just fine for...
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    Q for Gustavsson owners

    I should find out more about these Wolfetones...
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    My Thorn SFC is Complete

    Like an eejut, I'm desperately trying to stroke the back of that neck on my screen. Looks like it'll be one super-smooth player. :)
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    Oldest Guitar you own?

    '55 all-gold LP. Currently away being refretted. Can't wait :)
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    HELP! How to ship an amp cheap from the UK

    I have used p2go a few times. They don't offer side-by-side comparisons, I think they use FedEx only? If so, make sure to closely read the small print re insurance cover. Last time I looked it was full of get-out clauses.
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    HELP! How to ship an amp cheap from the UK

    Seems high to me - is that some monster combo? I use to get a quick round up of competitive costs. It's usually more expensive to ship amps/etc to the USA; last week I sent a Marshall to the USA for £88 (insured for £750) via UPS and it arrived in 4 days. It would have been...
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    Passive compact DI/speaker sim box

    Those two clips are quite different. #2 is more to my taste, but it is about taste and for recording/PA it's a simple matter to EQ to taste. After all, an engineer using mics who doesn't use EQ to get the best possible tone is slacking. :)
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    Passive compact DI/speaker sim box

    Another option is the Pro version of the H&K Red Box (it's passive unlike the normal Red Box).
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    Dummy load?

    Yes - they have speaker-emulation outputs and load boxes. The Marshall SE-100 also has the same combination, as does the Groove Tubes SE-something. I have the Palmer PDI-03, 04, 09, the H&K Red Box and an SE-100 (they all followed me home, honest!). My favourite is still the PDI-03 (although...
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    Dummy load?

    Yes - choose a Hot Plate to match the amp impedance (you may have a choice with your amp - 4, 8, or 16). In this setup, it simply dissipates the amp's power output - electrical energy - as heat. OK, you can use the Hot Plate line out to connect to PA/recorder, BUT - this will sound nasty and...
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    Dummy load?

    Yes - you DO need a suitable load for the amp. The Red Box has a 'Thru' socket, so plug a MASS/HotPlate/etc set to full attenuation/load into that jack socket.
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    amps built from kits

    If you go for the rectangular type (like Hiwatts or mid-'60s Marshalls) try Weber - also has a page on logos. Local trophy engraving places can do this on ready-made stock (gold on black, red on white, etc, etc). Alternatively, if you have a metal fabrication...
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    Anyone add power scaling to an amp?

    No, I'm not Bruce. :) I think he was one of the first to do a Super Lead implementation. It was tricky then, but it is now easier. I do have a Power Scaled amp (a London Power Studio), which is how I know that it works. There are an increasing number of amp builders (commercial and hobbyists)...
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    Q for Gustavsson owners

    Thanks all... except: You're sooo not helping! That's exactly what the little devil on my shoulder told me to do. :) Reading the testimonials at the JG site was a bad idea, too. But I'm trying hard to get more out of the guitars I've already got. jaimo - sounds like I ought to at least give...
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    Show THE best looking guitar you own

    My Cherry Obsession: