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    Take every gig you can?

    I play for free all the time, however I get paid for transporting myself & my equipment to the gig!
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    Take every gig you can?

    Depends on many factors and where you are in your career. After 25 years of playing gigs, it is extremely rare for me to feel nervous onstage, I know how to relax and just get in the zone.... I think until someone gets to that point in their development, taking every gig possible is important...
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    The Blues are for hacks

    The Blues is the hardest music there is to play. The things in life you have to go through (or the extreme level of empathy one must have if they haven't gone through them) just to be able to understand the Blues, to play with the correct feel, is monumental. And that is before you even pick...
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    Trucks, Gary Clark, Jeff Beck or ZZ Top

    Tedeschi Trucks Band would be the only one I'd even remotely want to see out of that group
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    Matte featured in April 2014 Guitar Player magazine!

    Thought that was Tag? Never seen Matte be like that Anyways congrats Matte! Extremely well deserved. Dude is a ferocious guitar talent and musical operator
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    G&L Teles?

    I like 'em but they sound weird
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    Full Time Musicians: how do you generate income?

    Wear lots of hats: Performer, Promoter, Booking Agent, Studio Musician, Teacher
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    Honesty test: Name the first guitar player that comes to you head...

    David Thorn David Thorn David Thorn David Thorn David Thorn (I was just listening to his music, so, honestly, his name was the first to come up... don't think the type of guitar matters, perhaps he might agree)
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    Fatter neck, fatter tone??

    Sometimes, not always, maybe
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    Facebook Messaging for booking bands?

    I've booked several shows through Facebook, both as a performer & as a promoter booking bands....pretty easy/hassle free
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    What's the WORST piece of playing advice you've heard?

    By far the worst advice I've ever heard is that in order to play the Blues you need to study the scales and triads that accompany the chords of the song....
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    Anybody ever play a farmers market?

    I have. Made some loose change, 2 carrots and a potato
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    My constant struggle with blues...

    That is the first problem right there. No, he most certainly did not!
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    Amazing How Changing Pickups Alone can Totally Change Your Relationship with an Axe!!

    yep changing pickups, changing the height of pickups, changing the action/setup of a guitar, changing the brand or size of strings.... all of that can really give a different perspective on a guitar And then there is changing amps/tubes/speakers!
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    Bloomfield... I just don't get it.

    It all depends on one's perspective and taste. Some love Bloomfield, some don't. Some who have studied or listened to a very extensive amount of Blues from the 40's & 50's from Chicago aren't all that amazed by Bloomfield. Some are... it happens
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    Is "Americana/Bluegrass/Old Timey Music" a trend in your area?

    I wish! More really bad Blues-Rock bands, white guys trying to sing Blues, occasionally amazing original rock bands, a small pocket of very skilled Jazz musicians and really tacky Pop Country bands around here
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    John Mayer Trio - New LP/ Late Night with Seth Meyers February 27th

    That is indeed pretty freakin' unreal phrasing & playing by Jerry However, I'm still able to enjoy what John played too
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    Fender Limited Edition Custom Shop Nocaster Pickups (Price Reduced)

    These pickups are from a 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Fender Nocaster....great sounding pickups and the neck pickup is something special Wanna hear how they sound? These are the exact Pickups that are in this guitar that Greg is playing in the YouTube video. I bought that guitar last...
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    John Mayer Trio - New LP/ Late Night with Seth Meyers February 27th

    I thought it was pretty cool....his Blues is getting deeper as he gets older..... I can hear him taking his time more than when he was younger..... Chick Corea was killin' it
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    Derek freakin' Trucks!

    cool I dig it

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