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  1. bluesbreaker59

    WTB Germino 4x12 red (greenbacks or empty)

    Not looking for black, red Levant only please. Preferably Greenback loaded cab. Bonus if it’s in the Midwest and I can drive to pick it up. PM me please
  2. bluesbreaker59

    Creamback H75 speaker opinions..

    I recently switched out my Scumback H75 in favor of a Creamback H75 in my Louis Electric Baby Bluesbreaker. Had an outdoor gig and my amp was getting buried in the mix onstage. I know Celestions rarely suffer from this. So as much as I love Jim and his speakers I had to make a switch. and...
  3. bluesbreaker59

    OD and Distortion pedals that work well with a Vox?

    Red Snapper, older early 90’s Rat, Hotcake
  4. bluesbreaker59

    Any complaints about the MXR Phase 95(before I order one)

    I found it harsh, especially with overdrive. The pulsing light was annoying too. I got the old school ‘74 reissue and had Analogman mod for true bypass, led and dc jack. It’s smooth and lush.
  5. bluesbreaker59

    VOX AC30 VINTAGE'63〜'64 ! What's the best transformer ? '63〜'64

    I have an earlier ‘63 Super Twin made by Westrex with Albions and it’s got wide, massive 3D cleans, and breaks up around 1-2 o’clock on the volume. It’s probably the best amp I’ve ever heard. I added a top boost to this one that is switchable into or out of the circuit. Then I have a late ‘63...
  6. bluesbreaker59

    Little help on determining pedal used - Chris Knight “River Road”

    Sounds like a fuzz of some sort maybe? Guitarists credited on the album were Kenny Greenberg and Pat Buchanan if that helps any. Just some really wicked tones on this album in my opinion
  7. bluesbreaker59

    tweed speakers

    Pretty sure that Keith uses the Classic Lead 80’s as well in his tweed twins. I use them in my Louis Electric 80 watt tweed Twin head. They sound absolutely phenomenal!
  8. bluesbreaker59

    tweed speakers

    Classic Lead 80’s
  9. bluesbreaker59

    Amps Above 30 Watts?

    again good amplifiers have many different settings than “cranked”. I rarely use my amps running flat out. Usually I prefer above half volume. Also some of us (when not under COVID restrictions) aren’t playing many “bar and club shows or coffee houses”. Lots of my band’s gigs are outdoor...
  10. bluesbreaker59

    Amps Above 30 Watts?

    @Jimbo99, in that situation as a solo musician, I’d bring an acoustic and K&K preamp and a small powered PA. If i was playing in support of a singer / songwriter at this type of venue I’d take a Tele, compressor, Green Rhino and a Princeton Reverb
  11. bluesbreaker59

    Amps Above 30 Watts?

  12. bluesbreaker59

    Amps Above 30 Watts?

    stand on stage next to a drummer that hits real drums with real sticks, I’ll bet he’s at 105 dB without breaking a sweat. Now add in a bass player pushing that low end. Now a utility player maybe keys or pedal steel guitar, those guys are always loud with big amps. guess what 86 dB ain’t...
  13. bluesbreaker59

    Amps Above 30 Watts?

    Because I ****ing want to. threads like this are stupid
  14. bluesbreaker59

    Vox 1995 ac30/6tbx vs 2003 ac30hw

    ok, well I see threads on here all the time about people asking “how to get their HW to sound like the real deal”, Or asking “how close a HW is to a real JMI era AC30“... I’ve owned 2 AC30 HW one head and one combo, I compared them directly. While they don’t sound bad, they’re don’t sound any...
  15. bluesbreaker59

    Vox 1995 ac30/6tbx vs 2003 ac30hw

    Sure I’ll break it down: $1300 plus $100 shipping. $299 for a NCM head cab. Found a used NCM 2x12 cab $450 shipped, sold the 2 Greenbacks for $180, so net $270 on the cab. Got 2 Celestion Blues used for about $375 total. Check over and a few small repairs and fan install and 2 1/4” jacks...
  16. bluesbreaker59

    Vox 1995 ac30/6tbx vs 2003 ac30hw

    buy it from UK, and have it shipped. They’re cheaper there because they’re plentiful. I’ve seen a number of them on Facebook vintage Vox groups for 1000-1500 pounds. Shipping for a head or chassis was pretty damn cheap.
  17. bluesbreaker59

    Vox 1995 ac30/6tbx vs 2003 ac30hw

    Save your money and wait for a real old copper panel AC30. Nothing touches them and they’re classics for a reason. They aren’t much more than the silly prices for TBX and HW Korean amps. I own 2 - ‘63 AC30’s and they were a couple of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Both had all original...
  18. bluesbreaker59

    Anyone tried out the new 2020 Gibson Banner J45 or Southern Jumbo?

    Profit you say??!!! Perish the thought!
  19. bluesbreaker59

    FS 2019 Gibson Les Paul Junior

    These are absolutely incredible guitars

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