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  1. tms13pin

    Your thoughts on Carvin

    Carvin has been dumped on for years. I’ve always had good experiences with my Carvin gear. Now that they’ve fragmented and spun off their guitars under Kiesel, I dunno. I’m not digging the guitar direction and the prices have gone way up but the 7 and 8 string fans seem to dig them, and the...
  2. tms13pin

    What kind of audio quality did most people have access to in the 70s?

    Not much audiophile quality in my home back in the 70's. Big console stereo with the 8-track and turntable as well as the radio. Most of it was an empty cabinet, the electronics weren't that big. But, I spun my vinyl on it all the time. Never had many 8-tracks. We had a cheap mono cassette...
  3. tms13pin

    Are others putting off gear searches and possibly purchases because of the pandemic?

    Around the New Year this year I took a look at my music spaces at home and there was just too much clutter. Lots of stuff that I hadn't used in awhile, so I started taking stock and moving some stuff. Then with the whole Covid thing, I thought it would be hard to sell things but I did OK...
  4. tms13pin

    Different waveforms on oscilloscope and Audacity

    MikeMcK has it right. Also MP3's are in and of themselves compressed and lossy versions of the original signal, so some of the info is thrown away. The YT vids aren't generally of high quality. OP, do you have a fuzz box of your own? Try the experiment of putting your own distortion pedal...
  5. tms13pin

    Turn my iPad into a passable portable studio

    OP, you said you had a mini (Thunderbolt), not a newer Pro (USB-C), correct?
  6. tms13pin

    Jeff Beck

    One of my all-time faves. Only time I got to see him live was on the Guitar Shop tour with SRV about a week before Stevie’s death. Beck is still lookin good and still bringing it. —Tom
  7. tms13pin

    Blue Oyster Cult - First New album in 19 years

    Who is left in the band? Always dug BOC. My 16 year old is the only one of my 5 kids into his old man’s rock and has some BOC in his playlists. —Tom
  8. tms13pin

    Old guys, what was BOSTON when they came on the scene?

    Oh yeah, the gold top LP was laying on one of the guy’s lab benches as he was testing one of his circuits. He pointed to it and told me “this guitar has been around the world!”. —Tom
  9. tms13pin

    Old guys, what was BOSTON when they came on the scene?

    This came up on my FB feed last night. I’ve read a lot of Boston/Scholz articles as I was 13 when the first Boston album came out and I was floored. Being into electronics since age 9 and knowing that whatever I did...
  10. tms13pin

    iPad Pro Interface for Garageband - recommendations

    Very intrigued by this unit. Anyone tried the XtonePro on a Windows laptop via USB-C? I've got a new iPad Pro on order (due any day now) and I'm looking for a simple interface that I can use a mic and a guitar with that I can use on either my new iPad Pro (using Garageband or ???, open to...
  11. tms13pin

    UA Arrow

    My Dell laptop has both USB 3.1 and TB3 connectors, so my UA Apollo Twin works with it. The iPad is listed as USB-C though, so probably not. --Tom
  12. tms13pin

    UA Arrow

    Thanks much, I'll look into it. Didn't see much initially on the UA site yesterday when I looked. I'll scour around some more. --Tom
  13. tms13pin

    UA Arrow

    Has anyone tried to use an Arrow with a recent gen iPad (that has TB3/USB-C)? With PT on a W10 laptop with USB-C? Thanks. --Tom
  14. tms13pin

    Looking for hotter bridge pickup to pair with Fralin Blues Specials in a strat.

    Thanks. Yeah, I suggested that he just contact Lindy and ask him and that maybe they'd wind something for him.
  15. tms13pin

    Looking for USB powered interface that PT will recognize.

    I'd like to sit on my back porch with a guitar and laptop and fool around with some recordings. My current interfaces all have to plug into the wall, so I'm looking for something small and simple that can take like a mic/line and a guitar in that is powered by the USB port. Doesn't have to be...
  16. tms13pin

    Looking for hotter bridge pickup to pair with Fralin Blues Specials in a strat.

    My buddy has a custom strat build by a local luthier that he had a set of Blues Specials put into. He really likes the pickups, but he'd like something with a bit more output in the bridge to drive harder when soloing, but he'd still like it to sound good with the neck/middle pups. He'd like...
  17. tms13pin

    Aldo Nova Quarantine Performance

    I admit it, I was an Aldo fan. I liked the Subject: album the most. "Monkey On His Back" was a cool tune. I used to listen to that LP all the time. --Tom
  18. tms13pin

    Vintage rack gear

    My 90's rig was an ADA MP2 into a BOSS SE-50 (multi-f/x)/NS-50(noise suppressor) into a Marshall 8008 Valvestate SS power amp (I really loved how this amp sounded, for a SS amp), and then into my own home-built cabs with Celestion G12T-75's. I think I got a really nice stereo sound and it was...
  19. tms13pin

    Santana's "Winning"

    I saw Santana on this tour (spring '81). Great show, almost 3 hours long. His singer played a strat (doing rhythm stuff). I was a senior in HS then and not really keeping much of an eye on all of the gear so I don't remember what Carlos played live on Winning, but they did play it (it was all...
  20. tms13pin

    Steely Dan - Deacon Blues

    This album was one of the go-to stereo test albums of the high-end audio system stores back in the day. I was in 9th grade when this album came out and I didn't really appreciate it until a couple years later. My band in HS (11th/12th grade) played a few Dan songs. All the 70's Dan stuff is...
  21. tms13pin

    The Best Damn Female Guitarists The World Has to offer!

    ER was quite respected in the Berklee circles while I lived in Boston from 86-88. I knew she gave master classes in towns while she did her gig circuit. What a huge loss. —Tom
  22. tms13pin

    POLL: Your favorite Motorhead album?

    So many good ones. I think I have to go with Ace because that’s the one that got me into MH but No Sleep is great too. The “Lemmy” documentary is great (IMO). —Tom
  23. tms13pin

    Tommy Bolin - Flying Fingers (Outtakes)

    I like both Teaser and Private Eyes. PE is more mellow but I think if you’re a TB fan it grows on you. He was also hitting the drugs pretty heavily at that time. Touched By Magic is a good read if you’re a Tommy fan. Mostly his life told by those who surrounded him. OP, I’m not sure of the...
  24. tms13pin

    The Best Damn Female Guitarists The World Has to offer!

    Julien Baker is pretty cool too. Went to MTSU where I taught for a year from 97-98 (though she was there much later). As well as doing her own stuff, she's also in a band called Boygenius with a couple other very talented ladies. --Tom

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